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Don't Heal the Others
Chapter 395 Energy

Chapter 395 Energy

“The Pioneer Camp of the Dark Legion has appeared! All on the battlefield in front of City of Gloom! Its soldiers have exceeded 30 million!”

Outside the city, dozens of huge Transmission Formations have stopped brushing soldiers. The sea of white Skeleton Army is endless. Midsummer Leaf reported to Liu Qiangwei solemnly.

“Has the level distribution of the Skeleton Soldiers been detected?” Liu Qiangwei asked.

“It has been passed back. Most of them are mainly low-level soldiers. There are more than 25 million soldiers that are creeps from level 30 to level 45. This is also in line with the style of Undead Soul army. The elite soldiers that are over level 50 only have about 5 million, which is also the main force of this Pioneer Camp. Even the usual soldiers are basically elite. Among them, there are mixed with a large number of BOSS, but these are not big problems. Because the number of players who come to participate in this quest and the players of Southern League has been three times the total strength of this Pioneer Camp. It can be said that the creeps of this Pioneer Camp are not enough for players to kill.”

Midsummer Leaf said looking at the two distinct armies. The undead corps which was the Pioneer Camp looked like a white and boundless ocean. However, at this time, the players who came to participate in the quest had moved outside the City of Gloom. Looking over, it was black and grand, more magnificent than the Skeleton Army.

It could show that in the game, it was true that adventurers could save Land of God. The player base was big, no matter how many the creeps were, players were much more than creeps. If NPC came to guard, there would be only a few million soldiers even if dispatched all the troops in Terran Empire. It was really a big gap.

“Is the real threat still the BOSS of the Dark Legion?” Liu Qiangwei said to herself.

“Yes, Golden-level BOSS can be dealt with the number of players. But Faerie-level BOSS is definitely a walking nuclear bomb in this kind of battle. Not to mention that there are 5 or 6 Faerie-level BOSS. Let alone the headed BOSS, it seems to be myth-level.” Midsummer Leaf, who was also worried, looked at Liu Qiangwei. He opened his mouth and wanted to say something, but finally kept silence.

Because Liu Qiangwei didn’t tell him about many of the arrangements, such as how to deal with the BOSS of the Dark Legion this time.

But he could be sure that this was beyond the capabilities of Midsummer Guild. In other words, it had beyond the capabilities of the players at the current stage. This war couldn’t win with players’ power. Even if all the players came to fight, it would only fail, not to mention Midsummer Guild.

In this case, if they wanted to deal with the BOSS of the Dark Legion, they could only rely on other powers. And this power, even like Midsummer Leaf, the vice president, was unable to contact.

As the previous president and current vice president of Midsummer Guild, Midsummer Leaf was also the principal who was in charge of the guild affairs of Midsummer Guild. His position was only lower than Liu Qiangwei in Midsummer Guild. He was the second person in the guild. However, even with such a high status, he still couldn’t touch the power behind Midsummer Guild. Because Liu Qiangwei, who had always been the president, was solely responsible for that.

However, Midsummer Leaf was already smart enough, plus his identity and he could occasionally come into contact with some things, he could roughly guess out the man behind Midsummer Guild relying on his experience.

The identity of the supporter behind Treasure Pavilion had been semi-open. Now Treasure Pavilion had reached an indestructible strategic alliance with Midsummer Guild, it must also be related to the supporter behind it. All the clues showed that the supporters of Treasure Pavilion and Midsummer Guild were the same.

And the supporter behind it was the first person in Huaxia District, Master Healer!

There were too many legendary deeds left by Master Healer. Although he had disappeared for a month, his first rank in Celebrity List couldn’t be shaken. The players of Huaxia District still discussed his invincible combat power and terrifying influence. The more they knew how much fame points Master Healer had in this game world, the more they would know how scary Master Healer’s power was.

And this kind of power could create a huge force in this game world!

Midsummer Guild and Treasure Pavilion were products of this power!

One was the southern hegemon and the second ranked in guild list in Huaxia District, which had a player base over 1 billion!

The other was the first chamber of commerce in Huaxia District, whose market had covered all the empires of Huaxia District. Moreover, it set chamber of commerce in all popular main cities of Huaxia District!

No one could question the power of Master Healer. Ordinary players might only talk about the peerless combat power of Master Healer, but those players who had high status knew how powerful Master Healer’s influence was.

However, what made Midsummer Leaf hesitant was this.

He had already guessed that Master Healer was the supporter of Midsummer Guild, so he knew clearly that no matter what, he naturally couldn’t contact Master Healer with his identity.

For example, during the second Encampment Defensive War of Midsummer Guild, in the last time of BOSS’s attack, he blocked the strongest BOSS alone. For example, when opening the trail mission of a level-25 instance zone, he led Midsummer Guild get the first pass and so on.

The problem was that Midsummer Leaf remembered the relationship between Midsummer Guild and Master Healer was not very good. Not only that, in the early stage of the game, they were in a very hostile relationship. No matter Midsummer Guild listed Master Healer into slay order or Master Healer destroyed the first Encampment Defensive War of Midsummer Guild, both of them could make them as irreconcilable enemies.

However, now both of them not only released their hatred, but also that Master Healer became the supporter of Midsummer Guild. Midsummer Leaf was not stupid. He naturally guessed the things that happened.

In fact, there had been a rumor that there was an unclear relationship between the president of Midsummer Guild, the first beauty of goddess list and Master Healer. Midsummer Leaf believed this. Except the Charisma of Liu Qiangwei, he didn’t know if there were other methods to resolve the hostile relationship between Midsummer Guild and Master Healer. Besides, Master Healer was also pulled to the side of Midsummer Guild and became the supporter of Midsummer Guild.

In the contacts when the development of Midsummer Guild, Midsummer Leaf had been impressed by Liu Qiangwei’s courage. And he had admired and supported Liu Qiangwei sincerely. It was not only because that Liu Qiangwei was the chairman of Midsummer Group and the president of Midsummer Guild, but also because Midsummer Leaf had regarded Liu Qiangwei as his daughter.

So every time he thought of this, Midsummer Leaf was very complicated. As the president, Liu Qiangwei lost much for Midsummer Guild!

But he couldn’t say anything, because he didn’t have this position and identity, he could only see everything silently.

Fortunately, Midsummer Guild was stronger and Liu Qiangwei did not show any emotion of bearing humiliation. Plus Master Healer was low-key, so Midsummer Leaf was slowly relieved.

Especially now, it was rumored that Master Healer was retaliated in real world and he hadn’t logged in for a month, Midsummer Leaf was completely relieved, hoping that Liu Qiangwei’s sacrifice could be ended.

Although there were rumors of Liu Qiangwei and master Night Cooer, Midsummer Leaf knew the gender of Night Cooer, so he didn’t worry this.

And now, a group of senior BOSS soldiers of the Dark Legion were approaching the city, but the NPC Coalition hadn’t appeared. It was beyond the scope of Midsummer Guild. Midsummer Leaf had no way. However, according to Liu Qiangwei’s reaction, it was obviously that she was going to mobilize the final power behind Midsummer Guild.

Midsummer Leaf knew that this power must be related to Master Healer, so he couldn’t help thinking of the sacrifices Liu Qiangwei paid. At the same time, Midsummer Leaf was curious about how powerful this power was, so his eyes were complicated.

“Regional announcement! Pioneer Camp of Dark Legion will attack after 10 minutes! Please all players participating in the defense prepare! In this siege battle, the experience point gained will increase by 200%! The drop rate of golden coins will increase by 100%! The drop rate of equipment will increase by 100%!”

“Regional announcement! Pioneer Camp of Dark Legion will attack after 10 minutes...”

“Regional announcement! Pioneer Camp of Dark Legion will attack after 10 minutes...” 𝙞𝙣𝗻𝒓𝗲𝓪d. c𝘰m

The huge system prompt sounded over the battlefield three times in a row, which calmed down the noisy City of Gloom at this moment.

“There is only 10 minutes left, how come Duoduo hasn’t come back...” Liu Qiangwei murmured softly.

“President...” Midsummer Leaf didn’t hear clearly what Liu Qiangwei said and asked.

“Nothing, let the players participate in the quest outside the city go. Anyway, the number is already overwhelming. Our primary goal is City of Gloom. Inform them, all members of Midsummer Guild patrol and defend inside the city.” Liu Qiangwei said.

“President, do you mean that there are forces having bad ideas to City of Gloom?” Midsummer Leaf was not a simple figure with this current status. He reacted immediately and asked cautiously.

“And inform War Spirit Hall to support us in time just in case. Ignore outside the city, I will arrange it.” Liu Qiangwei said.

“Yes! I will go now.”

Midsummer Leaf was efficient and he immediately turned away.

“Qiangwei sister, that damn man of Iron Cross comes again.”

Si Yejing suddenly reminded behind Liu Qiangwei at this time, but she was still in stealth and did not show up. Liu Qiangwei turned around and saw Qin Hao coming again.

“President Rose, it’s still 10 minutes before the war. It seems that the NPC Coalition still hasn’t showed up.” Qin Hao said and smiled from a distance.

“ President Qin Hao, don’t bother to worry about that. Midsummer Guild will arrange it.” Liu Qiangwei said indifferently.

“Really? Are you still stubborn at this point? Why not consider my suggestion, President Rose? Otherwise, after City of Gloom is lost, you cannot afford it. Midsummer Guild will be destroyed and your efforts will also be in vain.” Qin Hao said with a bright smile.

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Don't Heal the Others Chapter 395 Energy