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Don't Heal the Others
Chapter 394 Threat?

Chapter 394 Threat?

“It turns out to be President Qin Hao. I have long desired to know you.”

Liu Qiangwei nodded politely to this handsome young player. Qin Hao was the character name of this player, and also the president of Iron Cross.

“Haha, this City of Gloom is really magnificent. The encampment of our Iron Cross is a small town, whose scale is less than 1% of this place. It is worthy of being a second-level main city. Presumably President Rose paid a lot for this, right?” Qin Hao looked at the majestic scale of City of Gloom with admiration.

“Not so much as you thought. After all, it is a ready-made second-level main city. Midsummer Guild got a great deal and saved a lot of investment on the existing basis.” When referring to City of Gloom, Liu Qiangwei’s eyes inevitably showed pride. She overlooked the giant city and said.

“However, how did I hear that it is a little difficult for City of Gloom to fight against the counterattack of City of Gloom? If City of Gloom is lost, Midsummer Guild would get a fatal blow, right? Maybe it will get a great loss and lose all its glory and status.” Qin Hao turned to look at Liu Qiangwei with admiring eyes and said.

“President Qin Hao, you needn’t to bother that. City of Gloom will never lose its ground.” Liu Qiangwei’s tone was plain, but full of strong confidence.

“I know that with system quest, there are countless players participating in this city defense battle. Plus the appeal of Midsummer Guild, maybe the number of players can easily exceed 100 million. It is easy to fight against the army of the Dark Legion. You can even overwhelm them with the number of players.” Qin Hao said, “However, for the BOSS of the Dark Legion, I don’t know how will you City of Gloom deal with it? I heard that there are more than 20 Golden BOSSES above level 50 in command hierarchy of Dark Legion’s Pioneer Camp. Any of them can easily kill tens of thousands of players, so horrible they are. Let alone there are over five Faerie-level BOSSES. You have to be clear that 50-level can equate with the third profession transfer. In this level, the current players can’t deal with such Faerie BOSS. The number of players is nothing to them. If they focus their hatred on City of Gloom, even if all the players of Huaxia District come here, we can’t stop them.”

“Moreover, I also heard that the Commander in Chief of the Dark Legion’s Pioneer Camp seems to be one level higher than the Faerie-level BOSS. It is likely to be a Myth-level BOSS! What is the concept of Myth-level BOSS? President Rose should know clearly. The loss of City of Gloom may happen in an instant. Not only that, all players who participate in the activity of guarding the city would be killed.” Qin Hao’s tone was very indifferent, but his words were not exaggerated at all.

“The Pioneer Camp of the Dark Legion has not yet appeared. How do you know this information?” Liu Qiangwei finally looked at Qin Hao with sharp light in her eyes.

“The source of information belongs to the internal secret of our Iron Cross, please forgive that I have to keep it.” Qin Hao smiled. With a handsome appearance, he looked very charming.

“Relax, no matter how many BOSS the Dark Legion has, City of Gloom has enough strength to defend and will send BOSS of the same level to deal with it.” Liu Qiangwei said.

“Really? But I heard that the NPC Coalition responsible for the defensive quest seems to have no news yet. I am afraid that there is no NPC of the same level in City of Gloom to resist the BOSS?” Qin Hao questioned.

“It seems that the internal information of Iron Cross is really extensive. Do you have any other news to share with me?” Liu Qiangwei said indifferently.

“President Rose, thanks for your praise. It’s that my men accidentally encountered a lost NPC Coalition. Maybe it was the NPC Coalition who is responsible for the defensive quest, but my men had forgotten the position.” Qin Hao smiled pleasantly.

“Oh? Really, I think the information that President Qin Hao wants to share is not only includes this lost holy coalition, right?” Liu Qiangwei’s voice was plain and couldn’t tell her emotions.

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“Haha, President Rose is not only beautiful in appearance, but also smart in mind. You are right. I have one last piece of information. I believe it is useful for President Rose.” Qin Hao laughed.

“Say it.” Liu Qiangwei remained calm.

“The existence of City of Gloom has made many big forces jealous. As the saying goes, woods show in the forest, the wind will destroy them. Because of City of Gloom, Midsummer Guild must have attracted many forces’ attention. I heard that some forces are ready to fight against City of Gloom in the siege. At that time, you will not only have to deal with the irresistible high-level BOSS, but also have to guard against the players who want to make a mess. In this situation, City of Gloom’s loss will be accelerated, right?” Qin Hao smiled.

“Is Iron Cross in those certain forces?” Liu Qiangwei asked.

Their words had revealed a lot. In this point, if Liu Qiangwei still couldn’t understand, that would be really stupid.

It was really a big trouble to be sieged by a group of high-level BOSS as well as being sneaking attacked by players inside the city. However, the attackers couldn’t damage the buildings of City of Gloom because the players didn’t declare war.

But City of Gloom didn’t have NPC guards. Usually, members of Midsummer Guild were responsible to maintain the order in the city. Now, the members of Midsummer Guild were all guarding the city. If there were players attacked at this time, it would be troublesome.

“President Rose, you misunderstood. Iron Cross respected the identity of Midsummer Guild as the southern overlord. How could we do such a thing?” Qin Hao’s smile was even brighter.

“President Qin Hao, are you threatening me?” Liu Qiangwei’s tone finally cooled down, without any emotion.

“No, no, I have long been in love with President Rose, how could I do such a thing.” Qin Hao denied.

“What does President Qin Hao mean?” Liu Qiangwei’s tone was still cold.

“I just heard something about President Rose, so I wanted to reach a cooperative relationship with you.” Qin Hao’s smile became playful.

“Something? What’s it?” Liu Qiangwei asked.

“I heard that President Rose especially likes to make friends with powerful men. First, you reached a secret deal with Master Healer after knowing he is powerful and used the influence of Master Healer to develop Midsummer Guild. Then, after Master Healer disappeared or his value was squeezed out, you had an ambiguous scandal with master Night Cooer, whom was used by you to defeat Blademaster, and finally defeated Antiquity, becoming the southern hegemon. With all, you get the current Midsummer Guild.” Qin Hao looked at Liu Qiangwei with strange eyes.

“What do you want to say?” Liu Qiangwei said indifferently.

“What I want to say is that I am also a powerful man, not only owning the Iron Cross, but also just being able to survive Midsummer Guild at stake. Such as I can find the lost NPC Coalition and prevent other players from making troubles in the city. It only needs you, the first beauty in Huaxia District, to reach some ‘cooperative’ relationship with me.” Qin Hao smiled wildly.

“President Qin Hao, if these words are heard by a man, you will bring disaster to you and your Iron Cross.” Liu Qiangwei shook her head. Her tone did not change because of Qin Hao’s brazen words.

“Oh? Is that Crown Prince you are talking about? Is it...” Qin Hao’s tone was more discourteous.

“President Qin Hao, I have to be busy keeping things on guarding the city, so I have to go now. Please help yourself. Moreover, since Midsummer Guild can reach this status, we’re never afraid of any challenges.” Liu Qiangwei no longer wasted time, just turned around and left.

“Interesting. I hope you can still be confident after an hour. I can’t help to know how gorgeous appearance this woman has.”

Looking at Liu Qiangwei’s flawless back, Qin Hao muttered to himself.

“Qin Hao! You bastard! Damn it! I finally catch you!”

But at this moment, a loud curse suddenly sounded behind Qin Hao.

Qin Hao looked back, finding that it was an archer in novice cloth gown with a character name, Han Feng over his head. Without hesitation, he made a Triple Shot to Qin Hao directly. The three arrows were shot in an arc, and then turned in the air toward Qin Hao.

“Damn! It’s you slut again! Haven’t you enjoyed enough in Novice Village?”

Qin Hao cursed, then turned around and was about to leave. His level and equipment were very high, but he had no combat experience. Even if Han Feng was with novice equipment, he might not be able to win, and he might be killed.

“President! The Dark Legion has begun to brush soldiers!”

Liu Qiangwei didn’t notice the noise in the back, because she was attracted by the movement outside the city.

On the front of the City of Gloom, the vast Dark Land, dozens of huge Transmission Formations suddenly lighted up without warning, and then a large army of Undead Soul emerged from it, like a sea of white Skeleton Army spreading rapidly!

This Dark Legion’s Pioneer Camp was actually all Undead Soul! Every time the Transmission Formation flashed at the same time. There would increase hundreds of thousands of troops! In just a few minutes, it broke through billion and became boundless!

“How is the reconnaissance result?”

Liu Qiangwei asked seriously looking at the twinkling Transmission Formation and the rapidly growing Undead Soul army.

“BOSS has appeared, and now the creeps are instantly increasing. The numbers of the creeps are unknown. But in the group of BOSS, there are over 20 Golden BOSS of level 50, 5 or 6 Faerie BOSS of level 50. What’s more, the header of the BOSS is a lich king. We can’t scout its grade. But it’s very likely to be in myth level!”

Si Yejing appeared at Liu Qiangwei’s side. Her voice was low, but full of dignity. The assassin squad responsible for reconnaissance had sent her the news.

“It’s okay. I believe Xiao Feng’s arrangement.” Liu Qiangwei exhaled slightly.

“Well, by the way, I have recorded the words of that damn guy of Iron Cross. After the bastard man comes back, the damn man of Iron Cross will be done.” Si Yejing snorted.

“Huh.” Liu Qiangwei nodded, not saying much.

Now that she had become a woman of Xiao Feng, she should use some privileges which she should enjoy. Liu Qiangwei was never that kind of person to eat dirt.

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Don't Heal the Others Chapter 394 Threat?