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Don't Heal the Others
Chapter 393 I’m Midsummer Rose

Chapter 393 I’m Midsummer Rose

City of Gloom had now become a high-traffic main city for players in Huaxia District. Whether the unique equipment forging system to increase equipment property or the limited rare potion to increase character property, both of them made City of Gloom become a hot spot.

In addition, City of Gloom was the first players’ main city whose level reached to two with the only second-level Light Temple in the entire Huaxia District. The experience point penalty of resurrection in City of Gloom was only 10%, which made many of forces jealous!

Not to mention the fact that City of Gloom had attracted countless well-known brand merchants and enterprises under the commercial means of Qian Duoduo, and huge advertisement banners and commercial buildings marked with well-known merchant brands were everywhere in the city.

In addition, the major guilds of Southern League had also settled in City of Gloom, and held high-quality auctions every three days with Treasure Pavilion in City of Gloom. So City of Gloom was more popular than Tianlong City and nearly as popular as imperial city. The bustling and the constant flow of players were the proof to show this main city was the most prosperous.

At this moment, the City Lord’s Palace of City of Gloom was also very lively, but it was not full of laughter, but a burst of intense disputes.

“Vice president Leaf, are you sure of this siege? If we fail, City of Gloom will be taken back by the Dark Legion! The money we spent here will be for naught, isn’t it?”

“Yes! Vice president Leaf! How exactly are you prepared for this siege battle?”

“Hasn’t President Rose come yet?”

“If the defense fails, who will be responsible for our loss?”

“Since we purchased the lot from Midsummer Guild, will you compensate us for the loss if City of Gloom is lost?”

The heads of a large group of well-known brands enclosed City Lord’s Palace, and blocked the vice president, Midsummer Leaf in it.

The identities of these people were not ordinary. All of them were the agents of the top 500 companies in the world, including agents of foreign brand companies in Huaxia. All of them had established advertising relationships with City of Gloom. With the status of City of Gloom to the players, or even in the game world, cooperating with City of Gloom was definitely better than any advertising effect.

After all, now the Second World was dominating life, no one would watch real-life advertising, and there were neither other places nor opportunities for them to advertise in the game world. Only City of Gloom, the first player’s main city in the game world, had realized to provide the place and chances to advertise. So when Qian Duoduo hit ads, these people naturally came in swarms. No matter how high the charges were, they didn’t care at all, just hoping to be able to grab a commercial lot. They also knew how fierce the competition of their peers was. Fearing after hesitation, there was no chance for them.

Qian Duoduo only cared about how much she owed. As for the management, she left it to Midsummer Guild. After all, Midsummer Guild was now the master of City of Gloom.

So the scene appeared now, which made Midsummer Leaf headache. All the agents of well-known brands blocked him, no one of their total assets lower than Midsummer Group.

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Because these people had received the news that the Dark Legion was about to counterattack City of Gloom, which made them afraid that their interests would be damaged. After all, if City of Gloom was lost, their investment would also be lost.

“President! The president is here!”

Midsummer Leaf, who was in trouble, suddenly saw Midsummer Rose walking in City Lord’s Palace as a fairy falling into the world. Midsummer Leaf had never been so moved before. He was always respectful to Midsummer Rose before when he saw Midsummer Rose, but this time, he felt she was extremely kind.

Midsummer Leaf had been middle-aged. He had led the regiment in the game world for so many years. So it was okay to ask him to continue his previous career. However, it was really a big trouble for him to deal with the business scenes.

“President Rose is here!”

“President Rose!”

A group of agents immediately shifted their targets and turned to Liu Qiangwei. However, they were frightened by Liu Qiangwei’s powerful aura and dared not to close to her, even the voice became quiet.

Although their corporate assets were not weaker than Midsummer Group, the strength of Midsummer Group in this game world could despise all of them.

“What’s the matter?” Liu Qiangwei saw this group of people getting together noisily as soon as she came into the City Lord’s Palace.

“President Rose...”

Immediately, a group of people talked about their purpose in an eloquent manner. Of course, their tone was a lot more relaxed. After all, they had to rely on Midsummer Guild to earn money. If they provoked Midsummer Guild, they would be in dilemma in this game world.

Midsummer Leaf quickly slipped out at this time. He had the important task of directing the Midsummer Guild to guard the city, so he nearly had no time to spend here. He was just forced to show up because they blocked them here.

“City of Gloom will never lose. Please rest assured.” Liu Qiangwei also spoke to everyone after understanding the ins and outs, while her tone was very plain.

“President Rose, it’s not that we don’t believe in the power of Midsummer Guild. Besides, there are system quests, and players from the whole district will help defend the city.”

“Yes, we are worried that there will be a large number of high-level BOSSES on the side of the Dark Legion. Those BOSSES can’t be defeated only by the number of people. They can completely ignore the players’ defense and go directly to the city to destroy.”

“Yeah, it’s only an hour left before the start of the siege. NPC hasn’t sent senior BOSS to assist the defense. The players will be very difficult at that time and they can’t stop the BOSS’s attack.”

These agents were also players. Naturally, they knew what the biggest threat of this siege. If there was a Faerie-level BOSS, it could ignore the million players and kill them directly.

“I said, City of Gloom will win, please believe me, because I am Midsummer Rose.”

Liu Qiangwei spoke again, her tone was still dull, but the content she said was domineering, shocking a group of people present.

Yes, once mentioning Midsummer Rose, the first impression in players’ mind of Huaxia District was that she was the first beauty of goddess list in Huaxia District. However, they ignored her other identity, the president of the Midsummer Guild!

There were more than 1 billion players in Huaxia District. Under such a horrible player base, there were only 8 super powers, namely overlord-level guilds, each of which was enough to shake the Huaxia District.

In the guild list, Midsummer Guild was the second-ranked southern hegemon! Second only to the leading guild Dynasty in Huaxia District!

(When Midsummer defeated Antiquity in the Guild War, Midsummer once ranked first in the guild list, but was quickly chased back by Dynasty)

Needless to say the meaning of the southern hegemony. It was not only the second largest power in Huaxia District and could dominate the south, but also its status and influence could be mentioned in the same breath with Dynasty.

The lord of Dynasty was Crown Prince. If Crown Prince was the first person in power in Huaxia District, which had 1 billion players, then Midsummer Rose, the president of Midsummer Guild was the second person in power in Huaxia District among the over 1 billion players!

What an amazing identity she had! Moreover, she got this status as a female player!

What was more, this aspect had been neglected by people and they couldn’t react until Liu Qiangwei reminded them!

Because I was Midsummer Rose! The second person in power in Huaxia District!

“Please forgive our rude manner. We’ll go back and wait for the good news of President Rose.”

“I wish Midsummer Guild a victory!”

A group of agents left one after another. They were all frightened by Liu Qiangwei and dared not to ask more.

“Qiangwei sister, you are just domineering!”

Waiting for everyone leave, Si Yejing removed the Stealth and appeared from Liu Qiangwei’s side, saying admiringly.

“Everything I have was given by Xiao Feng.” Liu Qiangwei shook her head. She did not feel complacent, but knew this very clearly.

Midsummer Guild did not have the profound foundation like Dynasty. The reason why it could become the hegemon of the south was multifaceted, but from the beginning to the end, it was inseparable from one person.

Whether it became the current large-scale Midsummer Guild, or its solid supporter, Treasure Pavilion, including this City of Gloom, all of them were brought by Xiao Feng.

These were enough to make Midsummer Guild a hegemonic force, but they couldn’t make it as the second force of Huaxia District. All in all, the real backing of Midsummer Guild was Xiao Feng.

Liu Qiangwei even felt that if Xiao Feng had the intention, he could shake the status of Dynasty.

“That bastard, hum. Anyway, we also repaid him. It’s his honor to have you and me, and Duoduo.” Si Yejing hummed.

“Let’s go to the rampart. Ready for the siege. I wonder if Duoduo has come back or not.” Liu Qiangwei said with her cheeks slightly flushed.

On the rampart, Midsummer Leaf had begun to organize the guarding of Midsummer Guild. However, there were more players in City of Gloom came to finish the quest of stopping Dark Legion’s counterattack. There were unspecialized characters and other guilds, which was mainly the guilds of Southern League. Endless stream of players drove outside City of Gloom. It was so crowded that it looked like dark ocean, which almost drowned the City of Gloom.

“Miss, someone wants to see you.”

As soon as Liu Qiangwei came to the rampart, Midsummer Lily came to report.

“Who?” Liu Qiangwei asked.

“The president of the Iron Cross.” Midsummer Lily said seriously.

“Iron Cross?” Liu Qiangwei also felt surprised after hearing it.

Because Iron Cross was the overlord guild in the west!

“Haha, a meeting is better than fame. President Rose is worthy of being the first beauty of our goddess list in Huaxia District. Even if I only see half of your appearance, my heart becomes excited for you. It is not an exaggeration to describe you as a peerless beauty.”

As they were saying, a handsome young man had come up from under the rampart. He smiled at Liu Qiangwei with brightly shining eyes.

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Don't Heal the Others Chapter 393 I’m Midsummer Rose