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Don't Heal the Others
Chapter 392 Don’t Worry

Chapter 392 Don’t Worry

𝗶𝚗𝘯re𝐚d. 𝑐𝗼𝙢

“Some players triggered a new phase of the main mission. The Dark Legion has started to counterattack and will attack City of Gloom in two hours. The system announcement has been released.” Liu Qiangwei said.

“So urgent?”

Xiao Feng stopped the movement of picking up equipment everywhere. He said quite unexpectedly. He knew that the Dark Legion would definitely launch a large-scale attack, but he did not expect the time to be so urgent. Because according to the levels of creeps and BOSS in the Dark Legion and the Light Coalition were all above level 50, he estimated that the war would not erupt until the players’ level reached 50 or more.

Although due to Xiao Feng, the progress of the main mission had been accelerated, it should not be so fast.

Because Xiao Feng had not been online for a month, the main mission should be delayed, but now the progress had not slowed down. There must be another player who had triggered a new phase.

“This is not a general attack, just a counterattack from the Pioneer Camp of the Dark Legion. The progress is not fast. Within this month of your disappearance, almost all players in Huaxia District are doing the main mission, wiping out the stronghold of the Dark Legion everywhere. It’s normal to trigger the plot of the counterattack.” Liu Qiangwei explained.

“If it’s the Pioneer Camp, you should have no problem defending, right?” Xiao Feng nodded and asked.

“Although the Dark Legion’s goal is City of Gloom, the system has already issued defensive quest. There are system rewards, so there are many players who come to assist, not to mention the Southern League. In terms of military strength, we occupy the absolute advantage, but...” Liu Qiangwei hesitated.

“Is there any problem?” Xiao Feng asked.

“Although the attack is only from the Pioneer Camp of the Dark Legion, there must be advanced BOSS, which has the level greater than 50. We have no effective way to deal with this kind of BOSS. You know the destructive power of advanced BOSS in team fight. We’re okay if there’re only ordinary BOSS and elite BOSS, and we can use huge-crowd strategy to kill them. However, once golden BOSS and faerie BOSS appear, it is definitely a disaster. One faerie BOSS can already ignore the number of people, slaughter the way through the crowds of people and directly enter City of Gloom.” Liu Qiangwei said.

“Didn’t the NPC forces participate in the defensive war? What about the Army of the Empire and the Light Temple?” Xiao Feng asked strangely.

“I haven’t seen any traces so far. It should be related to the player who triggered the counterattack quest, but that player did not bring the NPC forces to City of Gloom. We don’t know who that player is.” Liu Qiangwei shook her head. This was really the reason why she hurried to find Xiao Feng. She needed Xiao Feng’s fame points among the NPC forces to help, “City of Gloom has not yet owned its own NPC troops. Although Master Ni Wu said that he can help defend the city, and his level has also reached level 50, our NPC forces are still weak. Master Di Wuya and Master Dilu had little combat power. The only combat power was Archbishop Renault and a few of his NPC men in the Light Temple. However, without you, we could not mobilize them at all.”

“Oh, I forgot about this matter. City of Gloom has the function of recruiting NPC guards, but only I can use this function, you can’t use it. I forgot to tell you. Also, the level of guards recruited cannot exceed my level. I think those low-level guards are expensive and useless. I planned to recruit NPC guards when my level is higher, but I forgot that after being offline for a month.” Xiao Feng thought of this and said.

The same was true for the player’s guild encampment. As long as the encampment level increased to the level of the main city, there would be the function of recruiting NPC guards. However, the recruitment conditions were relatively complicated. Not to mention spending money and materials, there were also level restrictions, which cannot exceed the level of the lord of the city or the guild president. Xiao Feng knew that after getting City of Gloom. He just never bothered to use it since it was troublesome. Plus wasting so much money to recruit low-level NPC guards was also a loss, so Xiao Feng did not tell Liu Qiangwei and others.

“You, you should have said that earlier! I thought the main city given by the system does not have this function!” Liu Qiangwei was speechless. As the president of the guild, she must know the function of recruiting NPC guards. That was also the reason why presidents of each major guild didn’t let their levels fall behind.

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This was also the reason why Liu Qiangwei did not give up the encampment of Midsummer Guild on the Vast Plain. She still thought that City of Gloom did not have this function, so she was still developing the encampment of Midsummer Guild. She was waiting to recruit NPC guards and transfer them to City of Gloom after developing the encampment into a main city. However, Xiao Feng just told her that he forgot.

“That is to say, among all the NPCs, only Ni Wu can be sure to help defend the city?” Xiao Feng quickly changed the subject and asked. Although Ni Wu was a faerie-level BOSS, and his level had also been restored to 50, it was not enough to fight against the Dark Legion. Even if it was a pioneer camp, there were certainly many faerie-level BOSSES above level 50. This could be seen from the temple in the Sunset Canyon behind Xiao Feng. Even the temple in the Sunset Canyon had more than 5 faerie-level BOSS. The number in the Pioneer Camp of the Dark Legion would definitely be more.

“Yes, so I want to ask you to log in and come to City of Gloom quickly.” Liu Qiangwei said. As the president of the Southern Overlord Guilds, the forces under her were also amazing. There were very few things she couldn’t solve.

But once she encountered something that even she couldn’t solve, and then it must be a big problem. This kind of big problem she first thought of giving to Xiao Feng to solve, which could also see Xiao Feng’s position in Liu Qiangwei’s heart.

“Actually, I’m online. But there are some situations, I may not come back.” Xiao Feng said depressedly.

“What’s the situation? The friends list clearly shows that you are offline.” Liu Qiangwei said strangely.

“Because I’m not in the Huaxia District. I’m in the Hangul District now. There are national borders, and neither the friend function nor the call function could be used normally.”

Xiao Feng explained. At this moment, the piles of equipment on the ground were also refreshed by the system, so Xiao Feng no longer stayed, turned around and walked into the Sunset Canyon, intending to return to the temple to see if there was a way to return to Huaxia District. Since City of Gloom was in danger, he must try to go back. Maybe it’s just that Bishop Jolief and other NPCs couldn’t go back, but it’s not effective for Xiao Feng. After all, Xiao Feng himself was a player in Huaxia District, so he couldn’t let this chance pass.

“...You are in the Hangul District?” Liu Qiangwei remained silent for a long time before understanding what Xiao Feng said.

“You should soon be able to see news about me in the Hangul District Forum.” Xiao Feng said.

“...Then what about City of Gloom, even if the number of players in the Southern League has reached hundreds of millions, it is impossible to stop even one faerie-level BOSS.” Liu Qiangwei continued to remain silent, and then asked.

“Don’t worry. As long as it’s not the outbreak of the final battle, it’s not a big problem. Isn’t Xiaobai in City of Gloom?” Xiao Feng didn’t worry much and said with a relaxed tone.

“I didn’t see Xiaobai today, maybe she went to play with Ling.” Liu Qiangwei thought for a while and said.

“That’s okay, just ask Ling to come back later. With Xiaobai’s presence, we will be okay no matter how much military strength the Dark Legion has. As for the advanced BOSS, it’s a bit troublesome. If Xiaobai is not restricted by pet property, she herself can kill all the BOSSES. I will think about it later.” Xiao Feng thought and said. Xiaobai now had mythical quality. It was definitely no problem to deal with several faerie-level BOSSES, but because of the restriction of pet property, the strength was greatly weakened. However, like Xiao Feng, Xiaobai had the skills of Divine Power that she had a terrifying range damage property. Coupled with the increased damage from the Divine Power to the darkness race, it was easy to deal with the creeps.

“Then just let Duoduo go. I used to take her to creep the fame points in the Light Temple. Ask her to go to Bishop Renault, in my name. By the way, you can also take Bishop Renault to the temple in Tianlong City to find Bolton to help. Maybe you can also ask Bishop Kaiser.” Xiao Feng said, touching his chin.

“Then you can tell Duoduo directly. I’m going to the City Lord’s Palace.” Liu Qiangwei said. The three of them had planned to rest for one night without logging in, but they encountered a sudden main mission and had to log in.

“Wait a moment. I have another question to ask you.” Xiao Feng suddenly changed his tone and said.

“What?” Liu Qiangwei asked curiously.

“Well, in the game, do you feel any physical discomfort? I mean, it hurts so bad that you can’t walk.” Xiao Feng’s tone was strange.

“You... Rogue!” Liu Qiangwei paused, and then scolded with embarrassment.

“You should not feel it. After all, disability can recover in the game world.” Xiao Feng muttered.

But Liu Qiangwei didn’t want to listen to Xiao Feng’s talk anymore and hung up the phone directly.

Xiao Feng shook his head and had to call Qian Duoduo. After he connected it, he explained the matter of finding reinforcements in the Light Temple. As for the empire, Xiao Feng had not taken them to creep the fame points of the empire. They couldn’t even see the main NPC.

“Ling, where are you?”

After explaining to Qian Duoduo, Xiao Feng called Ling. Ling’s phone was rarely used, but Xiao Feng naturally knew the number.

“Is that stupid male servant? Her Highness Ling is helping Cow Maid upgrade in the Novice Village, what’s the matter?” Ling’s clear and pleasant voice quickly came from the call.

“Is Xiaobai by your side or not, put me on speaker.” Xiao Feng asked. The main reason was that he couldn’t use Facetime. Otherwise he would make the video call. After being away for so long, Xiao Feng missed Xiaobai a bit.

However, it was already very difficult to connect the phone function to the game. The video function had not yet been implemented, and it could only be relayed through the video sprite.

“Huh! You perverted young-girl fetish! You must not think weird things about Xiaobai!” Ling said with a jealous tone, and then turned on the speaker function.

“Xiaobai, are you there?” Xiao Feng shouted at the phone, ignoring Ling’s jealousy.

“Master... Master... Master...”

At a level 10 creep area at No. 9191 Novice Village, Xiaobai, who was dazed behind Ling with a blankly look on her face, suddenly heard Xiao Feng’s voice. She suddenly showed anxiety, glancing right and left in a panic, looking around for Xiao Feng. Her tone was panic and helpless.

“Don’t look for me, Xiaobai, I’m not there now. You listen to me...” Xiao Feng seemed to know Xiaobai’s behavior. He first calmed Xiaobai and began to say.

Although Xiaobai’s psychological age was very young, as a mythical pet, her intelligence was definitely not low. Xiao Feng was not worried that Xiaobai could not understand.

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Don't Heal the Others Chapter 392 Don’t Worry