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Don't Heal the Others
Chapter 391 A Field Littered With Corpses

Chapter 391 A Field Littered With Corpses

This was a tragic holocaust. The two Light Dragons were faerie-level BOSS, and the level had exceeded 50, which was definitely a disaster for players at this stage.

Just one Light Dragon was enough to clean up the tens of thousands of players present. Not to mention the huge body of the Light Dragon. He could kill a bunch of players with just one claw, plus his ability to fly, and the dragon himself was also a special type of BOSS that was extremely difficult to deal with. If you wanted to deal with one, maybe hundreds of thousands of elite players were needed. The players of the Empire of the Galaldur presented were simply not enough.

Chaos, screaming, panic, fleeing. This time they were not pretending. It was happening in reality. Two Light Dragons hovered over the crowd, with every breath, every dive, every slap, there were countless players being killed. Hence the two Light Dragons killed players from the periphery to the center. They did not give any player a chance to escape!

Tens of thousands of players seemed to be crowded, but the number of people was decreasing every moment, and the speed was very fast. Pieces of corpses turned into white light and returned to the city to resurrect.

Some players were also organizing to fight back against the two Light Dragons, but they immediately found that it had no effect at all. Not only did the attack not break the defense, but even the control skills were immune to the dragons under their unique magic resistance.

“You! Where did you find these two BOSSES! You already knew this was a trap, right?”

Satan looked at the tragic and chaotic scene of the holocaust around him in shock and turned to Xiao Feng in disbelief.

“I think I don’t need to tell you.” Xiao Feng was still in the sealing magic formation. He looked calm, and was watching bunches of players being killed in seconds with admiring gaze.

“Since you already knew it was a trap! Why did you follow me?” Li Xianyun gritted her teeth and looked at Xiao Feng with complexity in her eyes.

“If I don’t come, how do I know if it is a friend or a trap waiting for me?” Xiao Feng smiled.

“I...” Li Xianyun was speechless immediately, biting her lip and couldn’t say anything.

“You deserve being the No. 1 player in Huaxia District. Sure enough, it’s not in name only. You really have some ability, but did you forget something?” Satan laughed suddenly.

“What?” Xiao Feng said strangely.

“Although I don’t know where the BOSSES come from and they actually help you block the skills, now these two BOSSES have been pulled away by my people.” Satan was not worried.

“Do you call this pulling away the BOSS?” Xiao Feng pointed at the tragic holocaust around him and looked at Satan in amazement.

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“Anyway, BOSSES have been pulled away. And you are still trapped here!” Satan didn’t answer Xiao Feng’s words.

“Oh?” Xiao Feng showed curiosity.

“Although the price paid is a bit higher, the original plan has not been affected. Although these two BOSSES are powerful, it takes at least 10 minutes to clean up my tens of thousands of guild members. Within 10 minutes, although it’s not enough for me to kill you and make you go back to Novice Village, I can still kill you and remove you from the level list! One didn’t expect that the No. 1 player in Huaxia District would end up in our Hangul District. There is an idiom in the Huaxia District. What to say, yes! Hero’s end!” Satan said after thinking for a while, looking at Xiao Feng with pity, “Soon, the most famous man in Huaxia District will become history.”

“Do you have top masters in Hangul District? Players who participated in the last battle in the server-wide Treasure Hunt?” Xiao Feng suddenly asked.

“Huh! I know you are a top master, but how about that? Want to show off? Even if you are a top master! No equipment, no level, still in the sealing magic formation! No matter how strong the master is, he will die!” Satan looked bad, because Xiao Feng mentioned his sore spot that there was really no top master in Hangul District.

Even if there were a lot of great players, including Kim Jonghan, the strongest player in the Hangul District. In reality, he was a Taekwondo master. He was known as the No. 1 person in Hangul taekwondo. His performance in the game was worthy of the name of master, but there was still a distance from him being the top master.

The real top players were God of Thunder in North American District and Blademaster in Huaxia District. Their levels were extremely high. Although the No. 1 player in Hangul District, Kim Jonghan, was also a great master player, in the last server-wide Treasure Hunt, he was killed by God of Thunder when he just came to face-to-face with God of Thunder. He was not qualified to be included in the ranks of top masters.

Satan heard something about the news of the last battle at the end of the server-wide Treasure Hunt. Although the top masters in the major theaters were taboo and rarely mentioned, Satan was the president of the No. 1 guild in the Hangul District. He was still qualified to learn a few words.

Headed by God of Thunder, the top masters in the major theaters with more than 30 people ganked the top masters in Huaxia District. However, in the end, they came back and seemed to be wiped out.

This also made Satan look closely at Xiao Feng. He knew that Xiao Feng was the No. 1 player in Huaxia District. He was definitely among the top Huaxia masters in the siege at that time, but he was not qualified to know the details of that battle. Everything could only be guessed.

“Don’t want to delay the time! Do you think I don’t know that you are waiting for those two BOSSES to save you? It’s a pity that your idea was guessed by me! I won’t give you this opportunity! Hands on!” Satan seemed to see through Xiao Feng’s idea. He stepped back and ordered loudly.

Immediately, for the time being, some calm players in the inner area that had not been attacked by the two Light Dragons, immediately turned to Xiao Feng and attacked again. All kinds of skills such as arrows and magic were smashed down.

“I just want to say that if you have a top master in the Hangul District and participated in the last battle, then you will know that your siege has no effect on me.” Xiao Feng shook his head and a staff appeared in his hand. The type was not high. It was just an ordinary weapon.

However, this staff danced in Xiao Feng’s hands, as if he was waving a stick or a gun. The staff was rotating, and only the sound of the wind was heard. The staff shadow was blurred, and then it intersected with a bunch of skills coming down!






Arrows were pumped, fireballs were smashed. A bunch of skills were clearly smashed towards Xiao Feng’s head and face, but none of them was close to his body under the shadow of the staff. Successive judgments of blocking damage emerged from Xiao Feng’s head.

“What! How is this possible?”

Satan was dumbfounded, and his expression was horrified. Li Xianyun, who was behind him, also widened her eyes in disbelief. They couldn’t believe this scene was true.

“There is nothing impossible. It seems that you do not have top masters in Hangul District, which is really sad.” Xiao Feng shook his head. This level of attack, even Shangguan Aochen could block all of them without using skills and just relied on his sword dance, let alone Ximen Chuixue. Maybe it would be a bit useful for God of Thunder. After all, God of Thunder was a mage. Under the circumstance of the sealing skill of the sealing magic formation, it was estimated that it would be a bit dangerous. But the name of God of Thunder was not there for nothing. Even if he felt trouble, there was no real danger.

“Furthermore...” Xiao Feng continued to speak, looking at Satan and shaking his head, “Who told you that I brought only two BOSSES?”

“What!” Satan glared his eyes and was about to say something, but he saw that the sealing magic formation at the foot of Xiao Feng shattered at this moment. Then several humanoid BOSSES rushed out of the transmission formation that suddenly opened behind Xiao Feng.

“Protect Master Archbishop!”

“Kill! Kill them all!”


The last picture in Satan’s eyes was flooded by the dazzling light. Then a five-digit horror damage figure floated from his head. The world had become black and white, and he had been killed in seconds.

When he opened his eyes again, he had returned to the resurrection point of Xianri City. All around him were full of people, and all of them were the players of Empire of the Galaldur Guild who had been brought to make a trap for Xiao Feng by him. The white light was still lit up in pieces. The number of people was still increasing.

“ this happening...”

Satan was standing at the resurrection point. His face was dull, and he still couldn’t accept this result. It was clearly that he set the trap to ambush the No. 1 player in Huaxia District, why he was wiped in turn! Tens of thousands of elite players were brought there. He was afraid that none of them would survive! i𝒏𝐧𝒓ea𝚍. 𝘤𝗼𝓶

“President, are we doing something wrong and shouldn’t choose to be against him at the beginning?” Li Xianyun resurrected behind Satan. She bit her lips and said to Satan. Her tone was full of regret.

“Shut up! He is an invader who invaded our Hangul District! He must be killed! Although our Empire of the Galaldur failed today! He is about to face all the players in our entire Hangul District! There is only one dead path waiting for him!” But Satan said ruefully.

“Let’s go! Withdraw to the encampment of the guild! The people who were killed today will go back and creep back the lost experience points! In addition, notify the entire Hangul District! Announce the news of the invader on the forum! Also, in the name of Empire of the Galaldur, call up the top ten guild presidents in the Hangul District for me!”


In the Sunset Canyon, the field was littered with corpses. Apart from Xiao Feng, there was no player alive. Only piles of equipment were left.

Xiao Feng didn’t have a space ring in his hand, so he couldn’t pick up all the equipment. He could only choose roughly, mainly to pick up a few pieces of accessories and a better weapon, because he already had Blessed Faerie Suit for the armor. As long as he leveled up, it would have property.

But at this moment, Xiao Feng’s phone rang. It was not an in-game call, but an external phone bound to the game.

Xiao Feng looked at it, it’s Liu Qiangwei. So he connected it. However, not waiting for Xiao Feng to ask, Liu Qiangwei’s hurried voice came through the call.

“Xiao Feng, things are not okay! The main mission has been updated! The Dark Legion is going to counterattack City of Gloom! Take back their main city!”


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Don't Heal the Others Chapter 391 A Field Littered With Corpses