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Don't Heal the Others
Chapter 2 A Little Girl with Golden Hair and Blue Eyes

Chapter 2 A Little Girl with Golden Hair and Blue Eyes

“Are you crazy? You are courting death by rushing to them like this! Hold them up and wait for us to revive...”

Wang Qiang was still screaming, but the sound came to an abrupt end. Not only him, but all of them gazed at the screen unbelievably.

Su Tingting’s Alleria had killed a lot of people, and the equipment and grades were not bad. In Xiaofeng’s hands, it seemed to have the soul and become alive. It rushed into the five-member team of the USTC and showed them a gorgeous feast!

Dancing, dancing, still dancing! This was the essence of this hero. It was shuttling, jumping and it did not stop. It seemed that this was not a battle, but a performance. But the five dancers as opponents fell one by one.

“His operation was too threatening!”

“Double kill! Triple kill!”

“Oh my God! Quadra kill!”

“What the fuck! Penta kill! It’s impossible!”

While Tingting and the other four people were in astonishment and sluggishness, Alleria elegantly and incomparably killed the 5 people by himself. And then he used the teleport to arrive quickly at the USTC base and destroyed their base immediately. He easily won the game.

Looking at the word Victory in the screen, Su Tingting’s beautiful eyes became round. She felt that it was unbelievable and she was opening her pink mouth but failed to make any sound.

Wang Qiang and the other four people were also deeply shocked. They couldn’t speak for a long time. When they finally realized, Xiaofeng had already left his seat and they could not find him at the reception desk.

“Oh my God! He’s so amazing! “Penta kill! We change the result and we win! Haha!”

“Tingting, Do you know who this Internet administrator is? He is so skilled.”

Girls with freckles on her face looked inside the Internet bar and she did not find where Xiaofeng was. She carefully asked Su Tingting.

“I don’t know... I was defeated by him when I played the game here. I thought he was just skilled. I didn’t expect that he was so strong!”

Su Tingting also searched for Xiaofeng in the Internet Bar with astonishment.

“I can’t believe this! Do you think the team fight is familiar?”

Bai Xiaopang pushed his glasses and his face showed that he was puzzled.

“What do you mean? It’s normal that who plays Alleria well can get the Penta kill. Many streamers have uploaded their videos and there’s nothing strange. He just knows some techniques.”

Wang Qiang was angry and his attitudes indicated that he still looked down on Xiaofeng.

“I feel that it was a little strange. The team fight reminds me of the world finals held five years ago. Is it my imagination?”

Bai Xiapang was still whispering, but Wang Qiang did not pay any attention to what he said.

“Tingting, the USTC sent us a message and said that they would admit defeat in the forum. Let’s come back and have a see.”

“Alright, then let’s go.”

Su Tingting searched the Internet bar, but she did not find Xiaofeng. She had no other choice but to nod her head and leave with the other people.

“Xiaofeng, it’s rare that you are smoking.”

The back door of Gold Medal Internet Bar was facing the bustling commercial street. Xiaofeng, who was leaning against the wall, snuffed out the cigarette butt in his hand and looked at the mature woman who was walking towards him and smiled.

“I haven’t seen you for a few days and Sister Hong becomes more beautiful.”

“Oh, stop it. Do you want another cigarette?”

This was a very attractive woman, who had the charm of a mature woman, which made people ignore her age. She had a lady cigarette in her hand and took a sip. She opened the long cigarette box and was about to give him another cigarette.

“No, I can’t explain to my sister if the smoke is too obvious. You come here to check the account, right? I’ve prepared the account book. ”

Xiaofeng smiled and refused the cigarette. This mature woman called Sister Hong was the boss of the Gold Medal Internet Bar.

“I come here not for the account book. I’m gonna close this Internet bar and it will be sold out today.”

Sister Hong shook her head and opened the sliding door to go to the Gold Medal Internet Bar. There was a cigarette holder in her red lips and her charming face was shrouded in thin smoke, which was full of temptation.

“Shut down?”

Xiaofeng looked inside the Internet bar, Su Tingting and other people had already left. Then he looked at Sister Hong with surprise and said, “Although the business of Internet bar is not very good in recent times, it’s not necessary to...”

“No, don’t you follow the news? You don’t even know the worldwide advertisements... Not only our Internet bars, but the Internet cafes across the world and the industries involved in games will be shut down since today.” 𝗶𝚗𝙣𝘳𝐞𝑎𝒅. 𝐜om

Sister Hong looked at Xiaofeng with resignation.

“Hey, don’t you know the game Myth?”

Sister Hong was more helpless when she realized that Xiaofeng was still confused.

“I have some impression. It seems to be a game, right? There are advertisements on the streets.”

“Myth is more than an ordinary game. It is the second world of human being jointly developed by several major economic powers in the world. They choose virtual games as a carrier! The game helmets have been on sale since a month ago, and it will be in open beta tonight! You don’t even know this?”

Sister Hong looked at Xiaofeng as if he was an alien.

“...Virtual games? They said that it was not perfect when the second virtual world was developed two years ago, right?”

Xiaofeng remembered something and he smiled and asked.

“Now it has been improved, and the result is the virtual game Myth! As the second world to alleviate the pressure of global population and resources, it has been jointly launched by various countries. In order to develop this game, countries have invested a lot of energy. It has a vivid game environment and interesting game system to attract players. In addition, different countries also issue policies to encourage and force their citizens to play this game. For example, they cancel all the industries related to the game to let people who love games have no other choices but Myth!” Sister Hong explained.

There was dignity on Xiaofeng’s face. From the words of Sister Hong, he immediately noticed that the game was unusual.

“All in all, the game Myth is about to sweep the world and affect all of us! Our future life will be greatly changed by it!”

Sister Hong sighed, then took out an envelope and a bag and handed it to Xiaofeng. She said, “Xiaofeng, this is your salary this month. After the Internet bar shut down, I don’t intend to run other shops, so I can’t take care of you anymore.”

“Sister Hong, this is too much!” Xiaofeng took the envelope and frowned slightly. This month was not over yet, and looking at the thickness of this envelope, he was sure that there was at least 10000 Yuan inside. It’s more than the salaries of three months in the past!

“Xiaofeng, if you still regard me as your sister, you’d better receive this. I know that you raise your younger sister all by yourself and it’s no mean feat. Besides, with the game sweeping around the world, it will be even more difficult for you to find a job.”

The corner of his mouth moved a little. Raising younger sister all by himself? It was not an easy task.

“I can’t take care of you in the future, but I have run the game industry for so many years. In my views, Myth is bound to become the second world of humanity, and the opportunities in it are enormous. With your ability, If you enter this game, you will definitely make a difference.”

Sister Hong continued to say without noticing his quirky face. And then she handed the bag in the other hand to Xiaofeng.

“This is the game helmet of Myth. It will officially open service at 12 o’clock tonight. This is the gift I give you.”


In the apartment building of the old city, Xiaofeng walked toward his home and used the mobile phone to check the information about Myth. In fact, he didn’t need to search for relevant information. The streets and alleys were covered with posters of this game. The big screen of the advertisement was full of attractive and vivid game scenes in Myth. After searching for some information on the Internet, Xiaofeng was even more determined that this game will influence the world!

Moreover, the game currency could actually exchange with the real currency. This would attract enormous players to join this game to survive or seek fortune.

“They really invest a lot! A game can actually affect the world pattern!”

Xiaofeng sighed and pulled out the key to open the door. Then he blinked and confirmed that he did not misread. After confirming the petite figure on the sofa, he said coldly,

“Xiao Ling, it’s 5 o’clock in the afternoon! Did you skip classes once again?”

“Hey! My idiot brother get off work earlier today! I didn’t expect that!”

A very beautiful petite girl curled up on the sofa. Her long hair was fluffy, soft, and of bright gold, which was very eye-catching. And her eyes were also gem-like blue. But she had a childish face of oriental beauty, which looked exquisite and moving.

The girl was only about 13 or 14 years old. She was holding a pot of potato chips in one hand and a bottle of cola in another. Her blonde hair was cluttered on the back of the sofa. She was very petite, but she wore a disproportionate wide T-shirt, and her tender shoulders slid out from the T-shirt neckline, revealing half of her white shoulder and a small area of the jade-white chest. The hem of the T-shirt was like a skirt that covered half of the thigh, and the slender legs and ankles hanged on the sofa. Her eyes fell on the TV screen, and she said with dissatisfaction after Xiaofeng entered the door.

“This is not the problem of getting off work earlier. Why do you skip classes!” Xiaofeng said with resignation.

“Hey. I don’t want my idiot brother to mind me! Leave me alone!”

The little girl who was shrinking on the sofa snorted.

“What do you want for dinner?”

Xiaofeng shook his head with resignation and put on the apron and walked into the kitchen.

“Hamburger meat and seaweed soup! I don’t want rice!” The smug voice of Xiao Ling came from the living room.

“You can’t grow tall if you don’t eat rice!” Xiaofeng said with anger.

“Don’t mind me! Brothers are always fawning on their younger sisters. I’m sure if you can get a little praise from me, you will be excited and not be able to sleep for a few days!”

“Don’t talk nonsense!”

Xiaofeng was good at cooking and he finished the dinner in just ten minutes. The only fly in the ointment was that they had to eat in the dining coffee table in front of the sofa.

“Don’t just eat meat! You can’t grow tall without vegetables!”

Xiao Ling looked at the vegetables with disgust, but Xiaofeng still put them in her bowl. He looked at her eating them like eating poison. Xiao Ling’s expression indicated that she was gonna die. She swallowed the vegetables and he nodded with satisfaction.

“Damn! Why does China have to stipulate that people under the age of 16 are not allowed to enter the game?”

Looking at the TV screen behind Xiaofeng, Xiao Ling suddenly became angry.

Xiaofeng turned around and looked, only to find that the content on TV was the propaganda of Myth!

“Xiao Ling, why do you care about this game? Please be nice and go back to school!”

“Leave me alone!” She ground her little tiger teeth and suddenly winked and looked at Xiaofeng. “Stupid brother! Please give me the nationality of other countries! Then I can play this game even if I am only 13 years old!”

“How can I change your nationality? ”

“You are... Hey, stupid brother! Forget it if you don’t want!”

Xiao Ling just said several words, but she realized that she said something wrong and stopped. She gnashed her teeth and started to focus on the hamburger meat in the bowl.

Xiaofeng was also a little stunned and he looked at the TV screen.

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Don't Heal the Others Chapter 2 A Little Girl with Golden Hair and Blue Eyes