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Don't Heal the Others
Chapter 14 Naughty Boy

Chapter 14 Naughty Boy

“Xiao Ling, you skipped class again.”

When he opened the door, he saw the game console on the coffee table and the petite figure sleeping on the sofa.

Xiaofeng signed with resignation and put the ingredients in the kitchen, and then took the clothes back to their respective rooms.

“You are so wordy...”

Xiao Ling was woken up and she rubbed her blue sleepy eyes. She secretly hid the game console under the sofa, but suddenly her nice nose wrinkled and she stared at Xiaofeng sharply.

“What’s the matter?”

Xiaofeng was about to put on the apron and make lunch for them. At the same time, Xiao Ling walked toward with doubt.

“Why can I smell the perfume on your body? What did you do? ”

Xiao Ling clung to Xiaofeng like a cat and smelled him. Her pretty face showed vigilance.

“I’ve told you this morning. I fought with someone.”

Xiaofeng put on the apron and washed the vegetables.

“Don’t talk nonsense! How can you have women’s perfume in your body after fighting?”

Xiao Ling was like a little beak with pointed teeth and she stared at Xiaofeng with doubts and asked.

“I didn’t expect that she’s a girl. Maybe she touched me when we were fighting.”

“What? Fighting with a girl? Are you sure you were not dating?”

Xiao Ling voice increased a bit.

“Not dating. We just fought. But I didn’t strike back because she’s a girl.”

“Suspicious! You bought so many snacks to bribe me! Did you hang out with an unscrupulous woman?”

Xiao Ling didn’t believe in him.

“No! I just went out for two hours, what else can I do?” Xiaofeng had a headache.

“I don’t believe! Take off your clothes and let me check you!”

“Hey! Don’t take off my trousers!”

He explained for a long time and finally convinced Xiao Ling. Xiaofeng was embarrassed. He should have taken a shower before coming back. The little guy was becoming more and more sensitive.

After lunch, he watched TV with her. And when she took her afternoon nap, Xiaofeng returned to his room and put on the game helmet to log in.


The place he chose to log in was the refresh point of black wolves. A black wolf happened to be near him and rushed over when Xiaofeng appeared.

Average players would choose to go offline in the safe area, because it was too dangerous for them to log in suddenly in the wild.

But it was nothing to Xiaofeng. He waved his wolf bone staff and knocked on the head of the black wolf. It was killed easily by the crit.

“-128! Crit!”

There were crowds of players around the refresh point of black wolves and they were shocked by the sudden scarlet damage figure. One of them, who was attracted by Xiaofeng was bitten by a black wolf and sent back to the Novice Village.

Xiaofeng ignored them and left after picking up the copper coins dropped by the black wolf.

He opened his task list and found that the light of the only task of Hunter Ma was still on, which meant that Xiao Ma was still alive and he didn’t fail in this commission.

Xiaofeng, who was gonna leave, immediately turned and continued to walk deeper into the forest.

Behind the refresh point of black wolves was the strange area of the violent bear. Last time, he went there without attacking. Now he entered again and because he could use the scouting, he saw the attributes of the violent bear.

Advanced scouting: it can detect the information of the target whose level doesn’t exceed that of the players by 15. It is more detailed than intermediate scouting.

Violent bear

Level: 7

Grade: ordinary

Health Points: 100

ATN: 20

DNF: 9

Skill: violent punch

Introduction: Beast born naturally, having violent temper.

Feature: high defence, slow, afraid of mana attack.

It was worthy of its name and it was much better than the primary scouting. Xiaofeng was very satisfied.

He walked through the refresh point of the violent bear. With his current equipment, he could kill the tough bear easily and it wasn’t a barrier to him at all.

“Where did the naughty boy go?”

Xiaofeng went through the strange area of the violent bear, but he found nothing. He frowned and could only continue to walk forward.

The next place was the territory of the 8th-level monsters. Xiaofeng found nothing after he had searched around the place.




“Give me my clothes!”

Night Cooer was also online. Maybe she found that Xiaofeng logged in, so she sent him several messages. Xiaofeng blocked them directly.

“No one?”

Xiaofeng became a little impatient. Now he entered the territory of the 9th-level bloodthirsty ape. It was a huge monkey with red eyes. It had strong attack ability and was fast. Xiaofeng needed to knock on it three times to kill it. Unluckily, the refresh rate of this kind of monkeys was high and they appeared in large numbers, which was a barrier to him.

Xiaofeng already reached the deep forest. There was no player and even the sky was obscured by the forest. Xiaofeng felt that he was standing in the horrible forest at night.

But Xiaofeng still did not find the trace of the naughty boy. He frowned and thought that maybe he walked in the wrong direction.

Rustling sound.

Xiaofeng killed a group of bloodthirsty ape which had been attracted by him and he planned to find the boy in another place. However, after he picked up the copper coin on the ground, he heard the rustling sound coming from the bushes behind him.

He jerked back, and immediately, a npc youth who was surrounded by black air appeared and ran towards him.

“Warrior! Save me!”

The name on his head showed that he was Xiao Ma. He was the naughty boy whom Xiaofeng had looked for a long time.


There was horrible snoring behind Xiao Ma, which was accompanied by the creaking of the chain, as if something was chasing him.

“Come here!”

Xiaofeng quickly stepped forward to welcome him. Xiao Ma was as fast as the rabbit. Although the clothes were ragged he was unhurt. But he was surrounded by the black gas, which seemed abnormal.

“Warrior! Great, please send me back to the Novice Village and my father will thank you!”

Xiao Ma ran over excitedly and said, “Let’s go! There is a terrible thing chasing me!”

“Step aside.”

Xiaofeng clenched the wolf bone staff and stared at the bushes. Soon, a zombie with rusty chains on his limbs appeared.

Secret cave zombie

Level: 10

Grade: elite

Health Points: 300

ATN: 40

Defence: 18

Skill: corpse poison, infection

Introduction: The guard of a secret cave died and changed into a zombie, and it is powerful.

Feature: attack with infection, high damage, fear of light, fire

It was a 9th-level monster! And it was the elite!

Xiaofeng was stunned. The 10th level in Myth was the boundary. Players could go to the main city at level 10, and the monsters had qualitative changes at level 10.

Monsters below level 10 did not have level suppression and hidden attributes such as crit dodge. After level 10 the monsters would have these improvements.


Secret cave zombie was rotten and disgusting. It was huge and could move fast. It focused on Xiaofeng after walking out of the bushes. It waved its arms and the chain wrapped around it slammed into Xiaofeng.

The attack distance actually reached 3 meters!


Xiaofeng escaped and the chain missed, but a few disgusting drops on the chain sprinkled on him.

“Hey! You are affected by the skill corpse poison, and your Health Points will be reduced by 5 per second and this process will last for 10 seconds.”

His status bar showed that he was poisoned immediately and his face darkened.

His health points were reduced by 50 because of the corpse poison! This equipment only had 165 Health Points and it would drop by a third!

It was definitely the 10th-level monster! Ordinary players who didn’t have the skills of transferring professions could not deal with it! They could not cross this watershed!

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Don't Heal the Others Chapter 14 Naughty Boy