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Don't Heal the Others
Chapter 11 The Only Task

Chapter 11 The Only Task

Xiaofeng, who had killed Night Cooer, didn’t think that he was wrong. Anyway, he had killed Night Cooer and he could do nothing else.

There was a black dress on the ground, which was the night clothes dropped by Night Cooer. Xiaofeng thought that it was a piece of good equipment and picked it up, but he was immediately attracted by it after seeing what it was.

Night clothes

Equipment type: fashionable dress

Equipment attributes: none

Equipment effect: cover the appearance of the player’s equipment, and isolate the detection effect of the primary scouting

Equipment introduction: players in the Hall of Fame is well-known, and the system gives a piece of fashionable dress to hide the identity

It turned out to be a fashionable dress.

Xiaofeng was very surprised. There were fashionable dresses in the clothing store in Myth, but it was expensive and had no attributes. Basically no one would buy it. He did not expect that Night Cooer owned one, which was also given by the system. Maybe it was the benefit of the Hall of Fame. Compared with the average players, they had one more initial fashionable dress, although it had no attribute.

“Hey! The equipment requirements are not met and cannot be equipped.”

Xiaofeng wanted to wear it. After all, the bloody wolf suit was too conspicuous and he had been surrounded like a monkey before he even entered the Novice Village. However, he didn’t expect that he couldn’t equip this fashionable dress.

“It’s so strange. Only players listed in the Hall of Fame can wear it?”

Xiaofeng was puzzled, but he could do nothing to equip it. He had to collect it in the backpack first. But now he knew that the fashionable dress could hide the appearance of the equipment and he quickly rushed to the Novice Village clothing store.

The Novice Village was still crowded, but thanks to this, only the players nearby could notice Xiaofeng because there were too many people.

“Gee! Horrible equipment!”

“Look at the master! His equipment was so horrible!”


“I can’t see him, there are so many people.”

He still caused many sensations, but under the warning of his gray name, there was no player who dare to come up and talk with him, so he arrived at the clothing store quickly.

“Warrior, please come in and have a look. Our shop is small, but every piece of clothing is of high-quality.”

The owner of the clothing store in Novice Village was an npc called Aunt Niu. She enthusiastically greeted him and invited him to come in. Her shop was not big, and there were no players here, which seemed very deserted.

Only the red name would cause the aversion of npc and Xiaofeng’s gray name did not affect the impressions of npc.

According to the initial information and introduction of Myth, novice players could learn life skills “acquisition” from this npc and the learning conditions seem to be buying something in her store.

Xiaofeng recalled while opening the store, and he nearly jumped with shock.

Remain true to your original aspiration

Price: 50 silver coins

Equipment type: fashionable dress

Equipment attributes: none

Equipment introduction: this is the favorite work of Aunt Niu in the Novice Village, and we hope that every player should not forget the happy time in the Novice Village

“50 silver coins?”

Xiaofeng was stunned. This was the first piece of clothing in this store and it was also the cheapest one, but were they kidding him by asking for such a high price?

Xiaofeng finally understood why the Novice Village was so crowded with players while there was no one else in this store. It must be an unscrupulous shop.

Xiaofeng killed the Bloody Wolf King and only got 2 gold coins and 89 silver coins as the reward for the first killing of the first wild BOSS in Myth, which equaled 289 silver coins. In addition, Xiaofeng also killed hundreds of wild wolves and only got dozens of copper coins, which were less than one silver coin. All of these showed the preciousness of the game currency.

Maybe 50 silver coins would be nothing after the system opened the currency exchange mechanism, but the value of the game currency must have multiplied several times at this stage.

So it was normal that novice players at this stage couldn’t afford the fashionable dress.

Xiaofeng swallowed and continued to look at the clothes with fear.

Night clothes

Price: 150 silver coins

Equipment type: fashionable dress

Equipment attributes: none

Equipment introduction: this is the favorite work of Aunt Niu in the Novice Village and a must-have for your daily life, travel, and fights with other players.

The second one was also the night clothes, but it lacked the hidden attribute compared to the one dropped by Night Cooer. And more importantly, the price had already reached 1.5 gold coins.

Xiaofeng didn’t dare to look at other clothes and his heart was pounding and he went straight to the last page.

Sacred robes for sacrifice

Price: 20 gold coins

Equipment type: fashionable dress

Equipment attributes: none

Equipment introduction: the most precious collection in this store. It seems that Aunt Niu picked it up from somewhere and then repaired it.

Xiaofeng didn’t want to complain or say anything and he closed the store silently. You could only use the word “astronomical” to describe the price of the fashionable dress sold by the system and only those players having mental illness would buy them.

“Warrior, what do you think? Pick one! All of them are of high-quality.”

Aunt Niu was still introducing the clothes enthusiastically. And after consideration, Xiaofeng took out 50 silver coins and bought the cheapest “Remain true to your original aspiration.”

“Warrior, you have a good eye. This dress will definitely make you outstanding.”

Aunt Niu smiled like the flower and handed it to Xiaofeng happily. Xiaofeng put it on and his face darkened.

What the fuck! This was the novice cloth gown and novice trousers!

Xiaofeng was depressed when he found himself wearing a novice suit as if he had just entered the game. But the appearance of the wolf king suit was finally covered, and a novice suit could also help him mix into the Novice Village. So he accepted it unwillingly.

“To make a garment, you need good fabrics and fur. Warriors, you may encounter these good materials in your adventure. Do you need to learn how to collect these materials?”

Aunt Niu once again talked with Xiaofeng, and at the same time, he also heard the system tips.

“Hey! Do you learn the primary life skills ‘acquisition’?”


“Hey! You’ve learned the primary acquisition successfully.”

Xiaofeng took the 50 silver coins as the cost of learning life skills. He left the clothing store, and now Xiaofeng, who was in novice suit, was not worried about being watched by others. He immediately went to the bind of Novice Village.

He had reached level 5 and could learn the first professional skill, which was one of the reasons why he returned to the Novice Village.

Novice players had no skills when they first entered the game. Only after they reached level 5 could they find the corresponding npc to learn. Because of the existence of the novice task, players could level up quickly before the 5th level. But after the 5th level, it mainly relied on the experience of killing monsters to upgrade. At that time, skills were especially important.

Of course, in fact, most players now attacked monsters when they were still at level 0. There were too many people rushing to do novice tasks, so it was better to go out and attack monsters than to fight with others to grab the tasks. Anyway, little monster below level 5 could not actively attack the players and they were easy to be killed without skills.

After they had reached level 5, the warrior profession needed to find the guards in the entrance of the Novice Village to learn skills while priest needed to find a priest in the bind of the Novice Village to learn skills.

There were few players at the bind. The death rate in the Novice Village was not very high and Xiaofeng quickly found the priest who prayed at the statue of God in the bind square.

“Trainee priest, it’s incredible that you’ve already been so powerful.”

The priest was an old man in a white robe, and he was surprised to see Xiaofeng.

Xiaofeng got the huge experience of BOSS alone. It was estimated that he was the first player in this Novice Village who had reached level 5.

“Hello priest, I want to learn skills.”

Xiaofeng was very polite. Every npc in Myth had independent artificial intelligence, and players could not treat them as a bunch of data.

“Well, with your strength, you are qualified to accept the test of God. Go, go to the cliffs in the east of the village to collect 10 sacred and pure White spirits flowers. This is the most common decoration in the temple. I will use it to decorate the statue. But you have to be careful about the koalas on the cliffs, they are difficult to deal with.”

“Hey! Do you accept the test as a trainee priest?”

“I accept.”

He didn’t expect that he needed to do a task in order to learn the skills. After Xiaofeng accepted it, he didn’t rush to go to the cliff. Instead, he went back to the Novice Village to find Hunter Ma. The Bloody Wolf King dropped a quest item here.

“Go and collect ten feathers of pheasants. I will teach you how to identify powerful monsters.”

There were a lot of players around Hunter Ma, because he was the npc who taught scouting, which was the most practical life skill and the players who accepted and finished the tasks almost drowned him.

“Go and collect ten...”

Xiaofeng finally squeezed in, and saw Hunter Ma impatiently talking with the players. It seemed that he was bored by a large number of players.

“Wait! Hunter Ma, do you know this?”

Xiaofeng quickly interrupted him and took the quiver out.

“This! I made this quiver by myself! Warrior, where did you get it?”

Hunter Ma, who was impatient before, immediately stood up and looked at Xiaofeng with excitement, which made the surrounding players scared.

“I picked it in the forest and there was a huge Bloody Wolf King.”

“What! The damn boy! I warned him not to go to the forest! But he still went there!”

Hunter Ma was anxious and he looked at Xiaofeng and said, “Warrior, to be honest, this quiver is carried by my son Xiao Ma. He must have gone to the forest. Can you help me to find him? The forest is too dangerous for him and I hope you can bring him back!”

“Hey! Do you accept the only task: the commission of Hunter Ma?”

“I accept.”

Xiaofeng didn’t expect that it was the only task, so he accepted it without hesitation. In Myth, the only task was the rarest, because it was full of randomness and uncertainty, but the reward was much better than that of the ordinary tasks.

“Thank you, Warrior. I find that you don’t have the ability to recognize monsters, so I will pass my most proud skills on to you and hope it can help you go to the forest.”

“Hey! Do you learn the life skill ‘advanced scouting’?”

Xiaofeng was surprised. It was indeed the only task and it sent him a reward before he even started. It was the advanced scouting, which was much better than the primary scouting of the average players.


After learning the skills, Xiaofeng no longer stayed. He took the benefits, so he needed to finish the task. He went through the players and went straight to the forest. The only task was unexpected event. He dared not delay. If Xiao Ma died in the forest, he would failed in his mission.

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Don't Heal the Others Chapter 11 The Only Task