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Divine Doctor's Harem
Chapter 529 Establishing The Charges

Sikong Yun looked at Wang Chao, maintaining his smile and speaking in a polite and approachable tone, devoid of any arrogance that a Great King would typically possess.

After all, Sheng Minghui was his commanding officer.

Even if Sheng Minghui had committed a grave mistake, Sikong Yun couldn't let him lose face. He had to save Sheng Minghui.

As he spoke, he kept his gaze fixed on Wang Chao, his eyes shining brightly.

He knew that Wang Chao possessed formidable strength, capable of decapitating enemy commanders amidst a million soldiers.

Moreover, Wang Chao recognized him, indicating that he had been to the foreign battlefield as well.

Anyone who could return alive from the foreign battlefield and possess such terrifying combat prowess had to be extraordinary.

What was most frightening was that as a Great King-level expert, with boundless power, Sikong Yun couldn't see through Wang Chao even though he scrutinized him.

This indicated that Wang Chao's strength surpassed his own!

Wang Chao, holding Sheng Minghui in one hand, chuckled upon hearing Sikong Yun's words. "Lord Sikong, this Sheng Minghui allowed his subordinates to launch a massacre against me. He even bombarded me with artillery shells!"

"Now you want me to release him with just a casual word from you? What an audacious request!"

"If I may ask, why should I grant you this favor? What kind of influence do you have?"

If it were an ordinary person, Wang Chao wouldn't have thought much of it.

However, Sikong Yun, as a Great King and about to be appointed as a king, showed such blatant favoritism towards his subordinates without inquiring about their wrongdoing. This made Wang Chao somewhat angry.

As Wang Chao's words echoed, Sheng Minghui, Xiao Zhen, Li Yuming, and everyone present had expressions of great change.

Sikong Yun, who was about to be appointed as a king, possessed unimaginable strength and an awe-inspiring presence, even on the foreign battlefield. For a long time, just a word from him would make many forces on the foreign battlefield tremble.

Yet, in front of Wang Chao, the prestige of such a Great King-level expert held no weight?

Wang Chao's courage was truly remarkable!

The smiling expression on Sikong Yun's face suddenly froze, and a sharp gleam appeared in his smiling eyes. "So, you're not willing to grant me this favor?" he said.

"Is your prestige so great that I must comply?" Wang Chao's gaze turned even colder.

"Then what do you want? Do you want to go to war with our Qilin Army?" Sikong Yun said.

"Whether to go to war or not depends on you, not on me," Wang Chao said in a deep voice.

If Sikong Yun was going to support Sheng Minghui without asking for the reasons behind his actions, Wang Chao didn't mind going to war with the Qilin Army.

Furthermore, Sikong Yun was just a Great King, and if a war broke out, it wouldn't be a big deal.

Sikong Yun stared at Wang Chao and then looked at Sheng Minghui, saying in a low voice, "I understand your meaning. Release Sheng Minghui first, and I will handle everything."

"I, as a Great King, guarantee that I'll provide you with a reasonable explanation."

"That sounds more like what a leader should say."

Upon hearing this, Wang Chao coldly smiled and threw Sheng Minghui to the ground in front of Sikong Yun. "Alright, I'll let you handle this matter."

He wanted to see what actions Sikong Yun would take and whether he would act fairly and justly.

"Cough, cough, cough!!!"

After Sheng Minghui hit the ground, he finally felt like he could breathe. He coughed violently several times, inhaling fresh air in large gulps.

Sikong Yun nodded at Wang Chao and said, "Thank you for your trust."

"Enough with the idle talk. I'm waiting to see how you handle this," Wang Chao said coldly.

Sikong Yun furrowed his brows slightly.





Wang Chao's attitude was displeasing to him.

However, it wasn't the time to be displeased now.

He looked down coldly at Sheng Minghui and asked, "Sheng Minghui, what's going on here?"

Sheng Minghui, now having caught his breath, stood up despite the pain from his broken bones and gritted his teeth, "Lord Sikong, all of this is Wang Chao's fault!"

"Wang Chao is the older brother of the fugitive Guo Yuzhen. After Guo Yuzhen escaped, he found Wang Chao."

"They pretended to be captured by us, but in reality, they wanted to cause trouble in this prison."

"Especially Wang Chao, he's extremely vicious and commits all kinds of evil acts. As soon as he entered the prison, he immediately killed Meng Chang, the commanding officer of our Tiger Seal Corps."

"Then he rampaged through the prison, killing many soldiers from the Silver Corps, and even tried to release all the criminals."

"We, the Silver Corps, wanted to apprehend him, but he turned out to be so terrifying and bloodthirsty. He brought a lot of explosives and blew up the entire prison."

"Many of our soldiers from the Silver Corps were also engulfed in the explosions and died!"

"He did all of this. Immediately apprehend him and execute him!"

Upon hearing this, Wang Chao chuckled.

He knew that Sheng Minghui wouldn't surrender so easily, but he never expected that Sheng Minghui would have such thick skin and shamelessly push all the blame onto him, leaving himself clean.

"Is that true?" Sikong Yun's gaze turned cold.

"Absolutely true, Lord Sikong. I have evidence here," Sheng Minghui gritted his teeth and immediately took out his phone, showing the surveillance video.

In the video, Guo Yuzhen first accused Wang Chao of being their older brother and implicated him as a wanted criminal.

Then it showed Wang Chao being locked up in a cage and violently breaking out of the prison, nailing Meng Chang to the wall.

Seeing these two videos, Sikong Yun's expression darkened.

"Wang Chao, you bastard! How dare you give rise to trouble in our War Department and go on a killing spree, killing Meng Chang, a respected figure. Your crimes are unforgivable and deserving of death!!"

The Grand Commander of the Vermillion Army, Xiao Zhantian, after watching the video, immediately erupted in furious anger, drew his fight sword, and pointed it at Wang Chao with an overwhelming killing intent.

"Wang Chao, you have the audacity!" The Grand Commander of the Black Tortoise Army, Cheng Xiangdi, also had an icy and murderous look in his eyes.

"Daredevil, surrender now!" Lei Yehua, the Grand Commander of the Azure Dragon Army, also took out his twin guns and aimed them at Wang Chao.

The three Grand Commanders had a close relationship with Meng Chang and were like brothers. On days without battles, they would drink and chat together, truly iron brothers!

Now, seeing Meng Chang's death, they're all enraged, wishing to tear Wang Chao apart and avenge Meng Chang.


As they roared in anger, tens of thousands of Qilin Army soldiers burst into thunderous roars that filled the air, releasing an endless killing intent that swept over Wang Chao.

Not only them, but Yang Yue and Bai Yang also stared at Wang Chao with sharp eyes. They're not oblivious to the imminent danger.

Almost all the firepower and killing intent converged on Wang Chao.

The situation became extremely tense in an instant!

Sheng Minghui witnessed this scene and smirked, his eyes filled with satisfaction.

He had anticipated that powerful figures would come to hold him accountable for the destruction of the prison. He had already planned everything meticulously, framing Wang Chao for all the blame, cementing his guilt, and making him the scapegoat.

Facing the murderous intent of so many people, Wang Chao remained calm, coldly staring at Sikong Yun.

He was eager to see how Sikong Yun would act at this point!

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Divine Doctor's Harem Chapter 529 Establishing The Charges