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Devil Slave (Satan system)
Chapter 456 Lenny Vs Jungle Heads 3

Chapter 456 Lenny Vs Jungle Heads 3

Croc head's eyes widened in surprise. Lenny was actually sitting on his neck.

Lenny smiled as he waved his hands, and two knives appeared from thin air.

Instantly, he brought them down on Croc head's face.

This mutated human had his head shaped like that of a crocodile.

This meant that he had a long face and all.

Unfortunately, he also had a stiff neck.

Croc head tried to clamp upward, but it was no use.

Lenny's blades sank into the weakest point he could find on the creature, and that was naturally the eyes.

Like a table fork piercing into a freshly boiled egg, the knives slid into his eyes, their wide width expanding the edges of the penetration as Lenny applied more force to the shoving.

"AHHH!!! MY EYES!" Croc screamed as he used his claws on Lenny's abdomen.

Lenny GROANED at the revenge of the mutated human, but he did not relent in the focus of his assault.

At this moment, Lenny could not help but regret that he was not able to access his magic power.

After all, if he could, then killing this opponent would have been a million times easier.

By now, he would have sent white flames through the blades and into Croc head's brain.

However, with only his blades, reaching the brain was proving to be very difficult as the skull was obstructing the blades advance.

Apparently, the eyes were much narrower than Lenny had thought they would be.

Nevertheless, he was not going to back down now.

He was too close to give up.

Lenny suddenly pulled out the blades, and with them came a jet of blood and the spitting of two punctured eye balls.

Croc heads screeched again, this time louder than before.

His scream naturally grabbed the attention of his brothers, whose sense of hearing had been muffed by Lenny's earlier explosions.

"Damn it! I need better weapons!" Lenny complained, but he still attacked again as he changed the knives for two very long needles.

Once more, through the pain, he brought them down for the now-emptied eye sockets.

This time around, the entry was smooth.

And just in time too, as Rhino head and Hippo head were rushing over.

Lenny could see them leap from the height they were back into the arena.

However, it was too late, as Lenny's needles, like a snake striking an unsuspecting prey, dove straight for Croc head's brain.

The exterior may be hard as a result of mutation, but the insides were still as soft as any other creature.

The long, thick needles went through the eye sockets and into the frontal lobe, striking deep into the brain.

At the same time, Rhino head's punch from above reached Lenny.

Lenny was not able to dodge in time, only lifting his hands to block in front of his face on defense.


The punch sent him flying as he tumbled in the air before crash-landing to the ground.


Lenny heard the bones in his hands crack a bit, but even still, he used the rolling momentum on the ground to rush to his feet as he kicked against the ground, and once more, he rushed into the audience stand and disappeared again into the dark.

Hippo head and Rhino head rushed for their brother.

Croc head kept shaking on the ground, unable to scream for the pain he was now suffering.

Hippo head immediately removed the long, thick needles from his brother's eye socket.

"Croc head! Croc head!! Talk to me, brother."

Vine and Agnes were watching the events unfold as they sat, one not far from the other.

"That one is finished!" Vine commented.

Agnes nodded in agreement. "Normally, that wouldn't be the case. Mutated humans are a very tenacious bunch, even capable of healing the most deadly wounds, but this time around, those wounds..." She sighed.

"Rhino head!" Hippo head turned to his brother, "Why is he not responding? Croc head has the greatest healing ability amongst all of us. He should be able to heal this, right? Why is he not responding?"

Rhino head was in just as much confusion as Hippo head, who also did not understand nor knew how to respond.

However, they suddenly heard Lenny's voice as it echoed throughout the arena.

"I guess you three grew up in the backwater world. So let me enlighten you a bit..."

As he talked, so did Agnes, as she explained what she believed had happened.

After Lenny used the Bazooka on the brothers, he immediately identified that Croc had a much weaker defense.

But at the same time, he could see that the wounds he delivered to the mutated human's body were quick to heal.

This, for Lenny, was not good news.

This meant that no matter the attack he delivered, Croc Head could still heal from it.

However, Lenny had extensive knowledge about the inner anatomy of the human body.

He had also gotten the opportunity to be a gladiator in the arena and had killed his fair share of reptoids. Those were half-borns that were part reptilian in nature.

Although there was a difference between demons and mutated humans, Lenny could easily see the similarities.

Especially in the healing factor.

Also, he was an assassin. His specialty was not at all in face-to-face combat in comparison to strength.

His specialty was locating the weak point of an opponent and striking it as quickly and efficiently as possible.

For this reason, Lenny targeted Croc head in such a manner.

Firstly, he isolated the target away from his brothers, who served as stronger defense while dulling their senses with constant explosions, and then he also further dulled the senses of his target.

After which, he came for the finishing blow from an angle that he was sure Croc Head was not going to be able to easily deal with him.

And then he attacked one of the most vulnerable organs in the body.

Normally, Croc head should still be able to heal a wound to the brain too, but the biology of Lenny's attack was calculated with precision.

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Devil Slave (Satan system) Chapter 456 Lenny Vs Jungle Heads 3