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Dawning Skye
Chapter 90

90 Distractions

*** WARNING: This Chapter Has Extremely Descriptive And Graphic Sexual Content. Viewer Discretion Is Advised***

Skye was in a bind. She had wanted to make the shoulder guards for Tidas before she gave him the armor. There hadn’t been enough time to at the hot spring to complete the set. Depending on when they reached the capital, however; she might still have time to find a blacksmith to collaborate with her.

Knowing the full process the leather took to become armor would make the entire process far quicker and easier. A smith would have proper equipment to protect her as well. Skye never wanted to experience that kind of pain again. Thinking back on the whole endeavor made Skye’s hands shake slightly, and Tidas noticed her shift in nature.

“Skye, what were you doing, and where were you?” her husband’s voice was stern as he questioned her.

“I... We, Maevis and I, were..just training,” Skye sputtered her reply; she hated lying.

Tidas stared at his wife flatly, not believing her in the slightest. He knew she wasn’t one to lie, and not just because of how bad she was at it. Skye didn’t think there was any real purpose to lie to those you loved. She’d always believed loving someone meant honesty was natural.

It would break Skye’s heart every time her parents would say that they’d be home in time for her birthday or Yuletide, but then never show. Sometimes it would be an entire week from their original date, before they’d actually show up. After so many times, Skye had given up on their promises. She’d learned her lesson: they would rarely, if ever; be honest.

The constant lies had impacted Skye to the point of nearly hating people who did it. Tidas knew first hand how hurt and angry Skye got when lied to. When they were little, the prince had stolen her favorite doll. He told Skye that he’d thrown it into the garbage, and that she’d never see it again. When she told Peggy what had happened, the old servant informed his father.

King Magnus lectured Tidas for two straight hours on the proper manners for a royal, as well as how to treat women as a man. While he was somewhat old fashioned, Tidas had learned a great deal from his father. The king had three wives in total over his years, and Magnus had truly loved and respected each one while they had lived.


When Tidas tried to return the doll to Skye, she’d refused to take it. She had yelled and screamed at him, saying that it was gone forever. When he tried to force her to take it back, she’d told him that she’d never accept anything from him again; because he was a liar. It took a full two weeks of daily visits and apologizes to convince Skye that he’d never do it again.

Thinking she was being clever, the now-princess had tried to trick the prince into lying; to test him. She’d intentionally left his favorite kind of cookies out on a day that she knew the prince would come to visit. He’d eaten them; like she figured he would. But when confronted about it, he’d not only admitted it straight away, but wound up sending her a box from the capital of the ‘best cookies in the kingdom’.

From that day on; Skye had rarely doubted Tidas, and she never maliciously deceived him again. Even though the armor was a surprise meant for him; Skye hated lying to her husband regardless. Her original plan was to use the armor to sooth him, but now a better, funner option had popped into her head.

Skye could smell her husband’s natural scent from where she laid on her bed. He’d probably been sweating from a combination of stress and exertion. She couldn’t deny the tiny thrill that had run up her spine when Tidas had tossed her onto the bed. With the dim lamps at his front, and the fireplace at his back; the lighting made her husband very alluring to Skye.

Tidas had seen the shift in his wife, and couldn’t help but laugh to himself. She really was an honest person who always had her heart on her sleeve. Any emotion she felt could be seen plainly on her features. It was both adorable, and troubling to him. Some of her everyday expressions were far too charming, and it irritated him to know other men would see them; especially those at court.

Chasing other men’s wives and women were practically an unofficial sport. It wasn’t that Tidas feared Skye being unfaithful, rather he feared for her conscience. He worried that the vultures at court would pick at Skye’s good nature, turning her bitter or worse; cynical, like most of them.

It hadn’t always been that way. As his father aged, more nobles flocked to Marco; the next in line to the throne. The many of the younger nobles attempted to emulate him in everything; regardless of how twisted his ideals were.

Marco had never been faithful to his wife, either. He used his position as an excuse to do whatever he felt like, with whomever he felt like. And Tidas had always gotten the feeling that once his father did pass away, Marco would decimate everything he and their father had accomplished.

Skye saw her husband’s eye brows furrow as he started to become lost in his thoughts. She rolled to her side and shifted her weight onto her left elbow. She then placed her hand on his back, and called him back; “Out yer head, husband... This is where you belong.”

Tidas stared at his wife a moment as he tried to find his words. Her eyes were filled with love and worry as she waited for him to speak. He stretched his left arm across her upper torso, forcing her to lower her arm, and return to her back. Using his right hand; Tidas cupped Skye’s cheek before he spoke.

“I know you’re lying, but it’s alright. I know you’d never do something that would cause me pain,” the prince huffed and smirked before he continued; “Well, not intentionally.. You can tell me when you want, just promise one thing, please? Promise you’ll never go anywhere unescorted again. If you can do that, then we can move on to the only good part about a fight.”

Skye quirked an eyebrow at her husband out of confusion before asking; “And what part is that?”

Tidas slide his hand from his wife’s cheek, to the gap between her cleavage as he playfully replied; “The making-up part..”

Skye’s skin warmed under her husband’s touch. He was lightly running his fingertips along the lining of her dress, across the tops of her breasts. Her heartbeat quickened and she’d started to take deeper breaths. A seductive smile spread across her face as she told her husband; “I.. I should be able to do that..”

The prince had leaned down and went straight for his wife’s ear. She sucked in sharply at the titillating sensations he was causing her. He suckled and used his tongue to flick at her earlobe. It was very similar to how he stimulated her hidden bud. She moaned softly as memories of their previous lovings flashed through her head.

Tidas moved from her ear, to her neck; gently nipping and kissing his way down. He paused a moment to leave tiny bites along her collarbone before going to the tops of her breasts. Skye made little gasping noises whenever he switched between teeth and tongue. He could feel her temperature rising as he pulled at the top of her dress to reveal her breasts fully.

The moment he saw his wife’s taunting little nipples, Tidas began to lose control. He jerked her upright so he might pull at the strings to her dress. He’d noticed how dirty she was; like she’d been out in the woods. But nothing mattered to him at that moment except gaining access to his wife’s naked body.

Becoming too eager; Tidas tapped into his magic and literally ripped the strings apart. He’d heard some small protest from Skye for damaging her dress, but the actual words hadn’t registered with him. All of his worry and anger from before had now turned into blatant lust. He yanked her dress down, then impatiently off as Skye attempted to keep up with him.

An instant later, Tidas stood before his wife; completely naked and fully erect. The sun had come up while they had argued. It streamed in, hitting the white floors that weren’t covered by rugs; illuminating everything.. Every detail of Tidas could be seen, and Skye loved the view.

Standing up; the princess sauntered over to her husband with a devilish grin. He admired her form as much as she did his. He ran his hands up and down her sides, enjoying her curves. Looking into her eyes; Tidas wrapped his arm around her waist, and used his other to firmly grasp her ass.

Maintaining her grin, Skye leaned up and whispered; “Where would you like to have me, husband?”

Tidas looked around the room a minute before his eyes landed on the small sofa that faced the windows. He returned Skye’s smirk before replying; “Sit on the couch facing the back..”

Skye nodded then walked over to the loveseat. She put her knees on the cushion, allowing her arms and breasts to hang over the back. As Tidas walked around behind her, he put his hands on her hips to raise her ass into the air more. He then ran his hands up and down her backside several times before lightly smacking her ass.

Bending down onto one knee; Tidas licked at his wife’s most sensitive places. She groaned as her toes curled from his skillful tongue. He added his fingers and mimicked his member; sliding in and out of her as he kept in time with his tongue. The second Skye started to crest, Tidas pulled away, then slammed into her hard with his cock.

Skye screamed out loudly as he filled her, not minding where they were. As her husband began to piston her, the door to Skye’s room flew open. Peggy and Nicolas rushed in half-asleep, with Peggy holding a broomstick, and Nicolas glowing. A shriek of embarrassment escaped from Skye, and a few choice words from Tidas, pertaining to their inability to knock.

The two immediately averted their eyes, apologized, and ran out the room with beet-red faces. Skye burst out laughing while Tidas looked more irritated than amused. The couple had instantly sunk down out of view as much as possible when the door had opened; separating them.

Tidas lifted Skye back up, onto the couch, positioned her, and thrusted back inside her with ease. She had managed to hit her first peak before the door had opened; leaving her incredibly wet. Tidas slid himself in and out of her at an agonizing pace. Skye tried to buck against him, but he held her hips in place firmly; keeping her to his torturous pace.

Leaning over her to whisper into her ear; Tidas teased Skye; “I’ll be taking that promise now, wife...”

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Dawning Skye Chapter 90