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Dawning Skye
Chapter 89

89 Honey, Ima Home

The sun was just beginning to touch the sky when the two were spotted coming up the road, heading towards Moonstone Castle. Several men at arms came out the from behind various bushes and trees as they approached. The emblems on their armor held the royal crest; a dragon’s head surrounded by a wreath of flames.

The moment Skye saw the crests, she knew Tidas would be waiting for her. Most likely furious that she didn’t tell anyone where she’d gone. She hadn’t even disturbed the sleeping stablehand when she’d gotten Thoth from his stall. The guards rapidly asked them if they were alright, or if they’d been taken against their will. When Skye’d replied no, that everything was fine, the guards exchanged confused looks amongst themselves.

The way Prince Tidas had acted had made it seem as though the princess had been in immediate danger. She soothed their worries, but they added to hers when they’d explained why they were questioning her in such a manner. Skye huffed her dismay as the soldiers either averted their eyes, or looked upon their princess with pity. They weren’t necessarily afraid of their prince, but they’d never seen him in such a panic before; even when they were on their way to stop the princess’ first wedding.

The captain of Tidas’ guards came running out from the courtyard towards them, at high speed. Instant relief covered his features as he saw that the princess was alright. The prince had been very specific with his orders for his men; notify him the second they found her. When the scouts had spotted her approaching, Ralph had immediately left to inform their prince of his wife’s return.

Coming to a stop a few feet from the horse, Ralph bowed to his princess before speaking; “Thank the Gods yer safe, princess! The prince has been quite worried..”

“Do ye know where me husband in now?” Skye pulled the reins on Thoth slightly as she’d spoke; he didn’t like being surrounded.

“In your quarters, princess.. He’s waiting for you..” Ralph’s hesitation was obvious as he refused to meet her eyes.

“Thank you, Ralph. I apologize for worrying everyone,” Skye replied as she smiled softly at the soldiers around her.

Most smiled and nodded, but a few still kept their eyes averted. The princess was beautiful in many ways. Looking at her would cause some to stare, so they kept their gazes from falling on her. Their captain had made it utterly clear that if they couldn’t guarantee respectable manners, he would beat some into them.


Skye rode into the courtyard, and let the now-awake stablehand take Thoth. She’d left the extra pieces of leather she’d brought into the forest, inside the hollow. The armor wasn’t heavy, but bulky in it’s hardened form. It would’ve created an imbalance for Thoth as he carried them. With how dark it’d still been when they left; Skye didn’t want to risk needing to dump the leather while running from bandits or nomads. So she’d left it in a safe place instead.

Maevis had been quietly sitting on Skye’s shoulder since the guards had approached them. She didn’t think the prince would’ve awakened before they’d returned. Then again; it wasn’t like she knew him all that well. Skye had quickly become a dear friend, but neither Nicolas nor herself had spent much time with the prince; aside from their walk in the woods.

Maevis likes how quick-witted Tidas is. His ancestor was the same way; highly intelligent and charismatic. It brought a warm smile to her face to see that his spirit lived on, through his descendant. But he was also related to the ones who’d betrayed them, and caused many of her friends’ deaths. Due to that animosity, Maevis felt like she may have been unfairly keeping a distance from the prince. Which was now causing complications for Skye. Any other time; Maevis would’ve insisted on informing Peggy where they’d gone off to, if not telling Tidas directly.

“I suggest we go talk to your husband-”

Skye cut Maevis off before she could finish; “Don’t worry Mae, I will go talk to Tidas now. I may need the armor as a means to soothe him.. You need to get some sleep; I’ll tell ye how it all went when ye wake.”

Maevis wanted to argue, but got the impression that Skye may have another means of apology to offer her husband; if the armor didn’t work. Seducing one’s husband was difficult to do with other people around. The old fairy smirked and winked at her friend before bidding her goodnight. As she went to fly away, Skye stopped her and said; “Thank you for yer help.. There’s no way I could’ve done that by me self.. Ima truly grateful to ye, Mae.”

Maevis smiled lovingly at her dear friend and replied; “I’ll help you anytime, lass! Just not that; Ever again.. I won’t ever look at roasted chicken the same way...”

Skye laughed hard as the elder Fae fluttered off. She was hesitant to see Tidas, but knew he had a right to be mad at her. A small part of her rebelled against the thought, but Skye fought it by imagining herself in his position. She would’ve been quite angry if she’d woken up to find him gone without a trace..

‘So the mature thing to do would be to accept his feelings, right?’

The prince was sitting on the edge of Skye’s bed with his head in his hands. His shirt was open, and his hair was tousled, like he’d been running his hands through it frequently. When his wife came into the room; he lifted his head up to look at who it was, scoffed, then stood up. He wrapped his arms around Skye and squeezed her hard enough to make her cough. She patted his shoulder blade to signal him to release her, but he didn’t. The prince barely loosened his grip, but kept his hold.

Tidas knew that when he let her go, he would lose his temper. All the fear he’d felt the past few hours had converted itself into relief, then immediately into anger. He didn’t understand why she couldn’t have at least told Peggy where she was going. The situation was made even worse because no one had known that Skye’d left the castle.

Peggy had been so enthralled in Nicolas’ stories that she hadn’t even noticed the time. If she would’ve realized how late it was when Skye’d requested Maevis’ help, she would’ve asked her bairn what for at such a late hour. The old servant felt partially responsible for her lady, but Tidas had put her at ease a bit.

He explained to her that while Skye would always be a babe in Peggy’s eyes, she was in fact, not one; “Skye is a married woman, and knows her responsibilities well. This is all her doing, Peg; not yours. She knows better than to ride at night.. Especially unescorted!”

The prince’s anger surged slightly as he’d spoken. Peggy had been a little unnerved by his stern and angry manner. She knew Tidas would never touch Skye out of anger, but the rage she saw flash in his eyes made her wish she could take the blame. Her bairn loved her husband greatly, and the old servant knew that harsh words from him would hurt her feelings.

As if reading her thoughts; Tidas added, “I’ll try not to yell too much, but Skye Must understand she can’t do these kinds of things once we reach the capital. My family has too many enemies.. That, combined with her magic will make her a walking target.. She can’t just go off by herself!”

“Tidas, I can’t breath!” Skye bellowed, bringing the prince out of his thoughts.

Pulling away from his wife, Tidas took a large breath before starting in on her; “Do you have Any idea how worried I’ve been?! I came to crawl in bed with you, and you were No where to be found! Peggy didn’t even know where you’d gone! What the hell Skye?! After every that has happened, how could you have done something so idiotic?!”

“Ima Not an idiot! I have power of me own! And, I had Maevis with me! I was on Thoth! I was perfectly fine! Ima sorry for not telling anyone, but that’s not excuse for name calling! What are you, seven?”

Skye’s words stung at her husband, prompting him to say; “I’m not saying You are stupid, just that what you did was stupid! And it doesn’t matter if Maevis was with you or not, you shouldn’t be leaving the castle at night to begin with,” Tidas’ voice was calmer, but cold.

Squaring her shoulders, Skye quipped; “I know it was wrong of me to leave without telling anyone me destination, but I thought I was a free woman? Or has me mighty husband changed his mind?”

Tidas glared at Skye for her comment. He knew she had a point, but the context was being twisted. He’d never tell her when or where she could go somewhere, and she knew it. The only thing he would ask is that she tell him where she was off to, in case something bad happened.

Tidas’ anger raised slightly at his wife’s attempt at manipulation. He didn’t think she did it maliciously, but it still irritated him to the point of action. He tapped into his magic and scooped up Skye in his arms, then dropped her on her bed. He then sat on the edge near her torso, and began to lecture her.

“You know that is not what this is about! You can go or do whatever you Damn well please! All I Ask is that you have enough respect and love to tell me, or at least Peggy; where you’re going!”

Tidas leaned back slightly before he continued; “I mean, come on, Skye?! What if I did the same thing you did? Would you really Not be angry? I know you’re capable of protecting yourself, and I know how strong Maevis is..”

Leaning back a little further, Tidas softened his voice; “But there are many ways to take out a magic user from a distance. There’s also drugs to consider.. I woke up Lucas and snapped at him. I thought he might’ve said something that offended you to the point of leaving. But he swore you two mended. I even went and checked to see if Jacob was still imprisoned..”

Skye studied her husband’s features as he’d spoken. She saw the range of emotions traverse his handsome features, helping her to realize what she’d put him through. Her lack to inform someone of her whereabouts had caused him suffering. When it could have been easily avoided with a little consideration on her part. Feeling terrible; Skye cupped her husband’s cheek before apologizing.

“Ima so sorry I caused you so much distress.. Ye be the one of the few people in this world I love; Ima sorry Tidas..”

Tidas gave a small grin in acknowledgment of his wife’s apology before replying; “Thank you, Skye.. I trust you completely; I know you wouldn’t just take off into the night for no reason. So I hope you don’t mind me asking; where did you go, exactly?”

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Dawning Skye Chapter 89