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Dawning Skye
Chapter 83

83 Honeymoon Haul

Skye and Maevis stared at Nicolas as he attempted to gain control over himself. Standing up; the elder Fae dusted off his red robes before flapping his wings, and rejoining Maevis in flight. She rolled her eyes at him before asking; “Did you finally get some sense knocked into you?!”

“Nope! Haha! Who knew dragons could defend themselves while still in their eggs.. But then again, that just might be exclusive to the child of Lazarus,” Nicolas stroked his long white beard as he’d contemplated.

“Why would did ye say she was protecting her mother?” Skye inquired.

“Because she was protecting you.. Zazzy, was it? Well, Zazzy thought I was trying to attack you with magic, that’s why she sent me flying.. Dragons are Far smarter than most humans and Fae. Their memories are imprinted into the next generation; allowing them to basically be born with all the knowledge of every dragon that came before them. She knows that you’re not her biological mother, but she’s bonded to you like one. So in her eyes, that’s who you are,” Nicolas barely removed his eyes from the egg as he’d spoken.

Maevis had begun inspecting the bundles of unfamiliar leather as Nicolas was speaking. When she ran her hand over a piece that was protruding, Maevis was actually scanning the chemical composition. While she was an earth mage; her trait still allowed her to identify the differences between organic and inorganic materials. She wouldn’t be able to do much with the leather herself, but the lass could do almost anything she wanted to with it; due to her multiple traits.

Skye and Nicolas were discussing the journals that she and Tidas had found when Maevis interrupted them; “What kind of leather is this?!”

“That’d be dragon leather..” Skye replied matter-of-factly.

“What?! But how?! Who-What dragon?!” Nicolas questioned in a flummoxed tone.

Skye’s exterior became solemn before she’d spoken; ” Lazarus..”


Shock covered the two’s faces. They understood what it’d meant; what Snare had to have done and gone through to extract and preserve the hide and bone. A heavy sadness filled the room as the group couldn’t help but imagine the pain Roland must’ve gone through to create it. Skye shifted Zazzy to one arm, then grabbed the journal that she’d begun to read with Tidas.

The group thumbed through it, but didn’t read the details of how Snare had processed it. Instead, they went straight to the section on working with the finished product. Skye knew she’d have to go back through it and study the full process. The thought made her stomach feel cold and heavy, but the knowledge was required to work it into armor for Tidas. If she didn’t, the quality would be affected, and might not hold up against strong magical attacks; putting his life at risk.

They read about how to shape the leather with concentrated steam and heat. Maevis looked to Skye with a knowing smile. She knew the lass probably planned on using the hot spring they’d created. Wondering what exactly she wanted to make, Maevis asked outright.

“Ima gonna make Tidas and me self some armor. It won’t look as nice as his royal armor, but it will protect him the best. Most small or low-grade magical attacks should be deflected. And nothing with a blade can pierce it.. Well, except our own swords,” Skye finished as she slid one of the short swords out of the leather bundle to show her.

The two Fae marveled at the craftsmanship of the blade. It was as black as the egg, and shimmered just as brightly in the light. As they looked at it, the group realized that the hilt wasn’t just connected, it was a part of the blade, just blunted and wrapped in softened leather that had been treated with dye. It was beautifully made, and was most likely the strongest sword on the continent. That one and the other three.

Peggy had disappeared while the three discussed the swords and such. She finished the last touches to her lady’s bath, then came to retrieve Skye. She’d fussed like a child a moment, but followed after her servant once Maevis chided her.

“Don’t be greedy and wasteful, lass. There’s plenty of folk out there that would kill for your privileges..”

Feeling slightly ashamed, Skye apologized to Peggy before the two disappeared; with Zazzy still in tow. Maevis and Nicolas waited until they could hear the two talking about her honeymoon before they began talking amongst themselves.

“I don’t like it Nic... There hasn’t been a dragon involved in human affairs for well over a thousand years;m, but Skye finds and instantly bonds with one?! I mean what are the bloody chances of that?!” Maevis was straining to keep her voice and emotions under control.

Nicolas played with his beard a moment in deliberation before speaking: “I don’t think we can deny it anymore, Mae... Skye is the Catalyst. Her traits and abilities are growing far faster and greater than anyone we’ve ever seen.. I think it’s time we warn her.”

“The King of the Sync Kingdom has three traits,” Maevis argued.

“But not elemental! That kind of connection to the Source has never been! Not even the Empress has multiple elemental traits! I know you’re attached to Skye, Mae. But shouldn’t that make you want to be honest with her?”

Nicolas’ words stung at Maevis’ conscience. She knew he was right, that Skye had every right to know of the destiny that Fate spun around her. But her need to protect her friend was clouding the old Fae’s judgment. She bickered with Nicolas to the point of them yelling, drawing the attention of Skye and Peggy.

“What’s this about a legend? Do ye know what the Catalyst is?” Skye had popped her head out through the doorway to her closet as she’d asked.

The two elder Fae froze mid-argument. They hadn’t wanted to tell Skye about it yet; not until they knew exactly what to tell her. The legend was cryptic and lengthy; not something that could be explained in minutes. But what the lass had just specifically said sent a red flag off in Maevis’ head. When they had been talking about the Catalyst, their voices weren’t loud enough for Skye to hear them then.

“Why did you say Catalyst?!” Maevis’ voice was higher than she would’ve liked when she asked.

“You said legend, and Catalyst popped into me head because of a dream I had; been having. Ever since Tidas returned,” Skye answered honestly.

“A dream? What dream? What was it about?” Nicolas inquired.

“Why did you not tell me of it?!” Maevis asked almost indigenously.

“It wasn’t a big deal at the time, but it’s gotten... Complicated,” Skye said before telling them about her dreams while disappearing back into her closet to dress.

The princess explained her original dream, then the one that she had changed by going after the spear. She told them about seeing the past, as well as the disembodied voice. Even Tidas’ reaction to it all. When she’d finished, Nicolas and Maevis quietly sat a few moments. Processing everything they’d heard.

“The voice called you the Catalyst?!” Maevis panicky voice broke the silence.

“Aye.. I recall me mentor telling Tidas and I a legend, but Ima having issues recallin’ it. It’s like me head doesn’t want me to remember..” Skye trailed off from inside the closet as she finished dressing.

“So you’ve heard of it, just don’t remember it?” Nicolas clarified.

“Aye! Tidas couldn’t remember either. Do ye two know of it? I was gonna send a message to Genie later, but if ye two know it, that just saved me the wait and effort,” Skye had exited her closet with Zazzy in tow as she walked over to the vanity area.

Skye sat down in the seat and placed Zazzy in her lap as Peggy came out to brush her hair. She got to work as the two Fae fluttered over to sit in their seats at the tiny table. The worried looks they exchanged didn’t go unnoticed by Skye, and prompted her to ask about it.

“The legend specifically states towards the end, that the Catalyst with have to make a choice: Existence or Rebirth. Philosophers have argued over every aspect of the legend, but most believe that specific section has only one meaning.. That the Catalyst will have to die..” Nicolas’ expression and tone were solemn as he’d spoken.

“Isn’t that how it always goes in books?” Skye replied nonchalantly as she stroked Zazzy’s shell with a small smile.

“Ack! Be serious now, Skye! This is no story or joke! You’re life is in danger for many reasons now..” Maevis started to rebuke the princess, but got cut off by her instead.

“Anyone can die at any time, from practically anything. The weather and temperature could kill me, or a band of Nomads might get me. I could die from a fever within a 24 hour period.. No one is guaranteed a day of this life... The only thing we can do is live our lives in a way we believe will cause the least amount of regret. And if me death comes about by savin’ the world, then I believe that to be a good death to be had..”

Skye’s speech reflected her resolve to live. She wasn’t planning on dying; no one really ever did. But she accepted it as the inevitability that it was. Most humans fought against their mortality, but Skye worked with hers instead. Attempting to gain the best perspective she could from life without letting fear hinder her. Of course she still felt fear, but she refused to allow it to make or influence her decisions past it’s cautionary purpose.

Peggy had been quietly listening the entire time. She stopped her task of arranging Skye’s curls to say; “Over me dead body, will ye be dyin’ before me!”

Skye smiled softly at Peggy before replying; “Ima not dyin’ any time soon, Peg; I swear.. I plan on enjoying me lifetime with me husband, and Fate can bite me lily-white arse if it thinks it can shorten me time!”

“Fate will have to fight me as well.. No one touches your ass but me,” Tidas stated as he entered the room.

The prince walked straight over to his wife and gave her a soft, sweet kiss and a gentle pat on her behind. The two smiled adoringly at each other, causing Maevis and Nicolas to share a grin as well. Peggy, on the other hand, told the newlyweds to: “Keep it in their pants for a few hours”.

The couple shared another grin before Tidas asked; “Care to explain why I’m threatening Fate, wife?”

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Dawning Skye Chapter 83