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Dawning Skye
Chapter 80

80 Vixen

*** WARNING: This Chapter Has Extremely Descriptive And Graphic Sexual Content. Viewer Discretion Is Advised***

As soon as Tidas and Skye approached, the coachman came around to help take their horses. Mr. Snare was no where to be seen, making the couple wonder where they should leave their horses. The coachman explained that Mr. Snare had stopped by just a little bit ago to drop off some things, and to leave instructions. He asked the driver to tie the horses’ reins to the tree next to the cottage, and that he would be back to retrieve them shortly.

“Good day my prince, princess! I hope you’re honeymoon was pleasant.. There’s a basket under the seat with a late luncheon for ye two, from Mrs. Snare. I also put a blanket next to it with some odd new pillows I found in the market. They’re supposedly made for traveling, so I thought ye two might find then useful. I hope you enjoy them,” the coachman had bowed deeply as he’d spoke, then opened the door for the royal couple.

Skye thanked the driver with a dazzling smile, causing him to blush slightly. Tidas smiled at his wife’s effortless charm. It did annoy him slightly that men reacted so strongly to his wife, but he trusted her completely. And she was strong enough to defend herself against most.

After the couple got comfortable; the driver closed up the door, and began their journey back to Moonstone Castle. It would take hours to get there, but that was perfectly fine with Tidas and Skye. They snuggled together under the blanket as the chatted about various things. The first subject had been about Zazzy. She was packed away in a trunk of clothes to keep her safe and hidden.

Tidas was concerned about the amount of magic she consumed from Skye. They’d packed up the journals as well, so they couldn’t look anything up while traveling. Skye had wanted to keep a book or two out for reading. But with how bumpy the ride got around the half-way point, she’d decided that the less in the coach, the better.

The next thing they’d talked about was their arrival at the capital. Tidas explained that the crowds at Dragonhorn where nothing compared to the bombardment they’d get in the city. Skye wasn’t a fan of large crowds or being in the spotlight, but she’d prepared for it. Growing up knowing she would marry a prince had forced her to adapt.

They talked on formal etiquette, as well as Skye’s tendency to slip into her common tongue. Tidas found it charming, but the nobility would mock her for it, should they hear it. He didn’t care, but didn’t want them to hurt her feelings.


Skye laughed loudly before replying; “Don’t worry, husband. I know when, how, and where it is appropriate to speak, and what is appropriate to say. Don’t fret,” Skye chided her husband gently as she ran her hand up and down his chest in circular motions.

“Aye; I know how good you are at controlling that tongue of yours...” Tidas had tilted Skye’s head up to look her in her eyes as he’d spoken.

A surge of need rippled through her as Skye lost herself in her husband’s eyes. His emerald green irises had tiny flecks of both white and black in them. They reminded her of the polar lights she’d seen as a child. Vivid and sparkling; like they’d been created from stardust.

Tidas placed his hand on Skye’s cheek, then leaned down slightly to kiss her. It was soft and sweet, and not nearly enough for him. As he deepened it; Skye initiated their fencing for the first time. She mimicked how he’d always kissed her, but when they began to break the kiss; Skye flicked at the tip of his tongue with hers. Her bold move provoked a lusty groan from her prince.

Skye purred at her husband’s vocality. Hearing his reactions to her lovings was one of her favorite things. To see and hear the pleasure in his expression heightened her own, and drove her to be more daring. She ran her hand down to where his manhood rested. He was already getting hard, and Skye barely had to touch him to bring him to be fully erect.

Unbuckling his pants; Skye exposed her husband’s manhood, in all of it’s glory. She could see his veins pulsating as she ran her index finger up and down him at a torturously slow pace. He clenched his jawline, and occasionally sucked in a quick breath whenever she lingered on his head; applying extra pressure every time.

When Skye wrapped her hand around his member, Tidas moaned in a strained tone. With a wicked smile on her lips; she bent down, and took her husband into her mouth. She suckled on him with vigor, causing his hand to instinctively grab her head.

Entwining his fingers into her golden curls; Tidas moved his hand to her pace. Occasionally he’d push her head down to take more of him in, but only until she’d resisted. He was enjoying his wife’s efforts, but decided it was her turn..

Tidas pulled Skye back by her hair, looked her in her eyes, and told her; “Lift your skirts, wife... I want to taste you..”

Skye complied; lifting up her dress before sitting. Tidas ran kisses and tiny nips up the inside of her thigh. He rubbed at her from the outside of her underwear as he worked his lips towards his goal. Once at the edge of her undergarment; Tidas slowly pulled it down to rest about her ankles.

Skye pulled one foot free from her underwear, but kept it around her other ankle. She didn’t want to lose another pair, like the last two. Tidas leaned up and kissed Skye passionately before moving back down to her most sensitive place.

Instead of going slow, like Skye had at first; Tidas wrapped his lips around his wife’s little bud, and suckled on it hard. The unexpected sensation caused Skye to cry out; much louder than she would’ve liked. She arched her back and turned her head side to side in ecstasy as her husband began to flick at her with his tongue.

“Tidas stop! Ima gonna...” Skye trailed of as her first peak began to claim her.

“Cum for me, Skye!” Tidas practically yelled as he begun to lick vigorously at her exposed bud with building fervor.

Colors melted together before exploding into a countless array of stars behind Skye’s eyelids. She screamed out her husband’s name as he thrusted deeply into her. He didn’t even need to leave his knees; the coach seat was the perfect height. She wrapped her legs about him, to bring him closer. They were both using their hands to stabilize themselves, but Skye wanted more.

Placing her hand on Tidas’ chest; Skye stopped him. The look on his face was both amusing and painful to his wife to see. But she knew he’d be happy again in a moment.. Skye grinned broadly before simply telling him; “Sit.”

Without a word; Tidas pulled out and sat when Skye stood. The coach was too short for him to stand completely straight inside it, but Skye was much shorter. She could not only stand up straight in the stagecoach, but didn’t have as difficult a time discarding her dress as she thought she would’ve.

After removing her obstacle; Skye mounted her husband without restraint. The sensation she’d felt from him sliding into her wetness had instantly made her gasp and moan at the pleasure of it. Tidas pinched her right nipple hard before telling his wife; “Ride me hard, Skye... I want to see what my sweet, wee wife is capable of..”

A kind of sensuous smile Tidas had never seen before crept onto his wife’s features. As she began to move her hips up and down, the smile grew. She gripped her husband’s shoulders before saying; “I hope ye don’t mind I have help..”

As the words left Skye’s lips, they hit a large bump in the road. She nearly flew off of her husband’s lap, but he held her hips in place enough to stop her. She slammed back down, causing them to groan in unison at the thrill of it. Skye chuckled lightly at the confusion that spread over Tidas’ face.

“I thought I could use the bumps in the road to me advantage...” Skye’s words sent a wave of lust throughout her husband’s body.

The fact that his wife had kept track of their travels to such an extent, for such a reason; made Tidas beam with excitement. Skye was clearly turning out to be a very sexual lover. And he was the only one to experience her; to have her. No other person would know the kind of Vixen she was, and the thought brought a begrudging grin to his face.

The prince never wanted to be the possessive type. He had promised himself never to be, but Skye was special to him in every way. Her smile, her kindness, her determination, and especially how she reacted to pleasure.. A dark part of the prince wanted to lock her away, and keep her all to himself. But he could never hurt his love like that..

Skye had lost herself to the rhythm of the road. She bounced in time nearly perfectly as the driver hit the potholes in the road. Due the the rain before; there were more bumps now then when they’d first road to DragonSnare Cottage. Skye kept ahold of her husband’s shoulders as he kept his hands on her hips. She slammed down onto him with every jostle that the coach experienced.

Tidas didn’t want their little love-bout to end, but he was at his limit. Sky had reached her climax at least three times in total. She was finishing her third peak when Tidas held her in place a moment; before having her grind on him. She moved her hips back and forth as she gasped for air.

Tidas yelled out as he found his release, but Skye didn’t slow down. She rode him until his legs twitched and he lurched forward; nearly knocking her off of him. He’d never experienced such fulfillment, and squeezed his wife in his arms as he tried to catch his breath.

Skye let her head rest on his shoulder as she tried to calm her own breathing. Once she’d gotten herself under control, Skye leaned back slightly and smiled at her husband before giggling. When he asked her what was so funny, she replied; “Do ye think the driver heard us?”

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Dawning Skye Chapter 80