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Dawning Skye
Chapter 78

Chapter 78: Departure Issues

Tidas sat in deep contemplation after Skye had told him about her dream. He was astonished by what she’d said; nearly not believing her. But his wife wasn’t one to lie, or devise such a tall tale. The prince knew she was telling the truth; and it frightened him to no limit.

“And I saw land! On the horizon; there was land I’d never seen! That no one has seen! Can ye imagine?! Whole new continents; just waiting to be explored....” Skye trailed off as her exhaustion and imagination ran away with her.

Tidas squeezed his wife’s shoulders gently before saying; “I thought you wanted to join the RMC?”

“Well, aye! But that be today’s goal. Tomorrow’s could be the horizon...” Skye broke off the conversation again with a distant stare, and dreamy eyes.

The prince felt a new type of panic in his gut at Skye’s enthusiasm. He didn’t want his wife to sail off to the edge of the world. In truth; he didn’t even want her in the trials, but it was the better option to her sailing off to the ends of the earth.

Standing up from the cold ground; Tidas asked his wife; “Why do you think you were shown that?”

“I don’t know, but when the voice said ‘Catalyst’... I don’t know why, but me gut twisted. It’s like I recognized the term, but I can’t put me finger on it,” Skye’s eyebrows furrowed as she’d spoken.


Tidas had gotten knots in his stomach as well. He knew it had something to do with a story Genie had told them as children. But he didn’t want to say anything to Skye. He wanted to either remember it himself, or send a message to Genie inquiring upon it. The prince decided that if he couldn’t remember by the time they’d reached the capital; he would send word to Genie.

“Come, wife.. You need sleep,” Tidas’ words were barely heard before he scooped her up.

“Wait! What about Zazzy?! She’d gotta stay warm,” Skye looked at the shiny egg in her hands.

“Since she’s still in her egg; she can sleep with us,” Tidas replied as he walked back into their room.

Right as Tidas reached the bed, Skye’s stomach grumbled loudly. He chuckled boisterously before setting his blushing bride down, and heading to the basket left over from dinner. There was still a bit of bread left, so the prince put some jam on it for his wife, and gave it to her.

Skye’d slipped off Tidas’ shirt, and was snuggling down into the bed. She wedged Zazzy between the pillows near the headboard to keep her safe while they slept. She practically purred at her husband’s consideration, and happily accepted the snack. Tidas watched her inhale the bread and jam before stating, “You always seem hungry lately... We need to work on your control over your magic a bit.”

“Aye, Ima in agreement with ye there. But I won’t be able to do much until I can speak with another Shaman or Earth mage at length. Maevis can help me with me earth trait, but I’ll need to talk, and study with a Shaman user, once we get to the capital,” Skye replied as Tidas climbed into the bed, and pulled her into his arms.

“Whatever you want, love. I’ll do whatever I can, to help.. Just don’t push yourself too hard. And I suggest always carrying a snack with you; you’re too impulsive,” Tidas chided Skye out of love.

“Wouldn’t it be funny if I were to get a Tank trait? Haha! Then you could teach me to do your boost thing!” Skye’s tone was playful as she’d spoken.

Tidas chortled a little harder at his wife’s comment then she would’ve liked. When she stared at him flatly, he’d stopped abruptly, cleared his throat, then kissed her shoulder and neck in an attempted apology. Not really being angry; Skye allowed him to. When the prince nipped at his wife’s earlobe, however; she pinched her ear to her shoulder to stop him.

“Don’t go startin’ something we canna finish, husband.. Tis cruel, and we need sleep for our journey,” Skye reluctantly stated as she relaxed her shoulder.

“Aye, wife; forgive me. I’ll simply collect on the way home tomorrow...” Tidas whispered into his wife’s ear in a low, deep tone; sending a wave of anticipation through her.

The young couple slept; embraced by each other until they were awoken to banging on the front door. The owner of the cottage greeted them with their morning meal; after waiting a moment for the two to get dressed. When he entered the cottage, another familiar face followed in behind him. Jonathan took off an old looking newsboy hat and bowed before speaking.

“I just wanted to stop by before ye two left, and thank ye properly for everything ye did for me and Dragonhorn.. The people are already singing tales of yer kindness and bravery.. Did ye really see a Cu Sith?! I thought they were just fairytales..”

“No, just a Fae...” Skye had spoken so quietly, only Tidas could hear her.

The prince smiled at his wife’s quip before asking; “So word has already spread about the forest then? Good. I will convince my father to declare the Cu Sith’s territory protected. That way no one with bother it.”

“Ye probably owe it thanks, for yer good harvests. Cu Siths are akin with nature.. So long as yer respectful of it’s forest; it should bless yer harvest each year,” Skye explained as she opened the basket, and begun to divide the food.

The group ate and chatted about the encounter, as well as Skye. Jonathan spoke about how interested the people were in Skye, and asked permission to speak about her to anyone who asked. Tidas had shifted in his seat uncomfortably, and Jonathan noticed. He knew he was being nosy, but didn’t really care. They were royals after all.. They needed to get used to it.

“Better to have a hand in what people say about you then allow rumors to run amuck, with no one in the actual know. Some don’t believe the tale, and have openly discussed going into the woods to find the creature,” Jonathan’s expression was strained as he told the young couple.

Skye immediately looked at Tidas with determination. A cold, sinking feeling filled his stomach. He knew what Skye wanted to do; go into the woods and warn the Cu Sith. The prince lowered his head slightly, took a breath, then looked his wife in her eyes and flatly said, “No.”

“What do ye mean, ‘No’?! I haven’t even said anything yet!” Skye’s voice was higher than normal.

“I know what you will say, and no. We’re not detouring to warn that living wolf-tree, thing, of stupid people. It’s probably dealt with humans like that it’s entire life..” Tidas retorted.

“And that’s an excuse to allow it to continue? It’s got just as much right to a peaceful life as any human! It’s a bloody Cu Sith! Do ye know how rare they are?! I say NO, to yer no,” Skye stood up as she’d finished speaking.

The princess hastily walked about the room; gathering up their things as she went. Tidas tried to argue, but Skye would ignore him. Becoming frustrated with his wife’s stubbornness; the prince walked over to her, stopped her, and asked, “Why does it have to be us, why not Zas?”

“..... Sometimes I wonder about ye, husband. Do ye Really think That would be a good idea?! Honestly? Do ye not recall it was Zas and Klaus that had pissed it off in the first place?!”

Tidas felt like an idiot for suggesting it, but they had to head back to Moonstone Castle today. There were other things that they needed to take care of before they left for the capital. And Skye’s little adventure would put their arrival some time at night. He didn’t like the idea, but could see Skye wasn’t going to budge on the matter.

Thinking as frantically as possible, Tidas added; “I will agree to it, so long as one of these two go with us. Someone else needs to establish a connection with the creature that’s from Dragonhorn. We can’t be rushing out here every time someone pisses it off.”

Skye and Tidas looked at the two men with deceiving grins. It sounded like a valid point, but the two men looked like they’d been struck by lightning. Mr. Snare immediately turned to Jonathan and said; “Not it.”

“Ye can’t call it like that! This isn’t grade school!” Jonathan bellowed indigenously.

“Neither is the tavern, but ye do it There, whenever it comes time to pay the tab!” the owner yelled back.

Mr. Snare’s barb had stopped Jonathan’s verbal protests; although he was still grumbling under his breath. Skye assumed that Mr. Snare had paid off enough of their tabs himself for Jonathan to feel indebted to him. Mr. Snare had a giant mocking grin on his face as he declared; “I believe Jonathan will be the beast’s caretaker.”

“Ima not it’s caretaker! Just the go-between for the townsfolk.. How Ima supposed to do this, anyways?! Can the creature speak?! That’s even scarier...”

Skye walked over to Jonathan and placed her hand on his shoulder before speaking; “He can’t speak, but he understands. Just call to him; if he’s near, he’ll hear you. I’ll show you, don’t worry. He’s kind of like General Zas; looks big and scary, but wouldn’t hurt a soul unless in defense. Just don’t do anything threatening, and ye will be fine.”

Jonathan couldn’t help but blush at the pretty lass. She was a genuine person whom seemed to care about everything. It warmed his heart to know such people existed in the world, but he was still scared of the creature. Skye had called it a Fae, but it just sounded like a monster to him.

Fighting off his fear, Jonathan nodded to the princess and said; “I owe ye a great debt, princess. I will do as ye asked.. Just don’t expect me to keep my pants clean when I see the damn thing.”

Skye chuckled at Jonathan’s joke before heading over to the bed, to grab the last thing they were taking with them. Lifting up Zazzy; Mr. Snare questioned what it was. It looked like a piece of the gate wall, but was round. Skye laughed nervously before saying; “Ahh.. would ye believe it’s me pet rock?”

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Dawning Skye Chapter 78