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Dawning Skye
Chapter 77

Chapter 77: Different Dream

*** WARNING: This Chapter Has Extremely Descriptive And Graphic Sexual Content. Viewer Discretion Is Advised***

Skye moaned noisily, unfettered by anyone hearing them. It was the last night of their honeymoon, and Skye wasn’t going to hold back. Every time Tidas thrust into her, she made some kind of noise. It made the prince harder with every little groan she made.

Tidas began to make a game of it, to see how loud he might get her to be before they finished. He started slow, but hard; plunging as deeply as he could. Skye pulled at his legs to go faster, but he kept to his torturous pace. When he did begin to speed up, his depth had let up. Skye decided to slam herself against him, but he grabbed her hips to stop her.

The build within her was so great, it was painful. Skye had finally had enough of her husband’s games, and decided to take control. She pulled away from him, and crawled to the other side of the bed. When he climbed on to grab at his wife, Tidas was shocked when she pounced on him instead.

The prince caught his wife gently by falling backwards; both being careful of where there various limbs were. When she lifted herself up, he assumed she was climbing off of him. Instead, Skye stood above Tidas and his erect manhood, then lowered herself down onto him. He moaned loudly at the sensation of her as she began to ride him hard.

Tidas was so deep inside her, Skye thought she might explode if she moved. But he felt too good inside, and she began to slowly rotate her hips in a circular motion. She cried out as her head fell backwards, and her body moved on it’s own accord. She held her leg with one hand, and gripped her own hair with the other as her rotation began to speed up.

Tidas watched Skye lose herself in their passion. She moaned unrestrained, and occasionally bucked her hips to stop herself from reaching her peak. She was the most sensual woman he’d ever seen, and she was his wife. She loved him, and wanted to be loved only by him. As she switched from rotating her hips, to grinding on him; Tidas could feel his own crest building.


Tidas pinched Skye’s nipples roughly as he felt her beginnings of release. She closed her eyes and rode him fervently as she screamed his name. Tidas moved his hands from her breasts to her hips. He pressed her hips against himself as he found his relief at the same time as his wife. They yelled out each other’s names over and over, in between their erratic breathing.

Skye collapsed onto Tidas’ chest, prompting him to immediately wrap his arms around her. She was sweating and breathing heavily. He pushed the hair from her face and forehead, then kissed her. The fire crackled as the couple laid together in silence; basking in each other’s presence.

Tidas lazily played with Skye’s hair as she drifted off to sleep on top of him. He wanted to stay how they were; having fun in the city during the day, and making incredible love at night. But the capital called to them with it’s intrigue and political bullshit.

Tidas didn’t want to take Skye there, he just wanted to run away with her. An odd instinct was telling him that, That was exactly what he should do. It came from the same place as the dread he’d felt every time he contemplated Skye’s powers. The whole situation stung at the prince. Like it was on the tip of his tongue, but his mind didn’t want him to know... or maybe his heart. As the possibilities began to fog in his mind, the prince knew he was drifting off to sleep as well. He stared at Skye another few moments before giving in, and falling into a deep sleep.


Skye was running through the darkness again. The snow on the ground was visible as bright, nearly blinding light streamed in through the windows. The long hallway was freezing to Skye; colder than when it was pitch black. She huffed with her efforts as she ran, knowing exactly where she was going.

As she came through the doorway, Skye didn’t stop as she jumped for the spear. The dark man came out of the shadows, giving off a murderous vibe. She ignored her fear as she lunged for the spear, grabbing it seconds before the dark man had. He let out a monstrous roar as Skye was pulled into the air, and out of the castle.

She floated in the air; going up and up until she could see the entirety of the planet. Skye openly gawked at the sight. She’d seen pictures of what the earth looked like, but it was so much bigger than she could’ve ever imagined. It was a humbling sight that she found herself lost in.

Suddenly; Skye saw a bright flash on the surface of the planet. A giant tear began to rip across the entire face of the planet. It made Skye’s heart ache for the people below. She wasn’t a hundred percent sure, but she was pretty positive that she was seeing a flashback of some sort. Something the Ethereal Spear wanted her to see..

The tear was bad, but what happened next made Skye feel sick and confused. An identical planet was trying to force it’s way through the tear. Around a quarter of it began to poke out before a blinding flash of light caused Skye to turn away. When she had looked back, the planet had nearly doubled in size. It looked like two planets tried to occupy the same space, at the same time, in the same reality; causing them to mostly merge.

“Dear Gods, no...” Skye said out loud as she realized what she must’ve witnessed: the Great Shift.

Knowing how many billions of people there were when it occurred, Skye began to cry. The grief of seeing so many die at once was overwhelming for her. Not to mention others that might’ve lived on the planet that had gotten pulled into her reality. She openly sobbed as she floated in space; not knowing what to do or feel.

“You truly grieve for those ignorant primates... You have a pure heart, Catalyst,” a deep, booming voice surrounded Skye as she cried.

“Who are ye? Are ye the one who brought me here? Why show me this?!” Skye yelled at the disembodied voice.

“I did not bring you; the Ethereal Nexus did that. I am merely here to take you back,” the voice was apathetic, apparently.

“Ethereal Nexus? What the bloody hell is that?!” Skye’s voice reflected her frustration and fear.

“What you call the Ethereal Spear. It is one of two connection points to creation. It contains a fragment of the Origin; the birthplace of all matter. For each element, there is a connection to the Origin to be found. Find them, become the Catalyst, find the Keys, and create your own reality, Skye...”

“I don’t understand! Wait!” Skye pleaded with the voice, but it was too late; she was falling back to earth.

As she fell, Skye watched as the lands and oceans burned. She watched as the geographic evolution of the planet shifted. The continents disappeared, resurfaced, then broke apart; just to come back together and form the continents that she knew. A thin line of land could be seen on the edge of the horizon that Skye had no idea existed; she doubted anyone did...

Skye realized she’d just watched the entire formation of her known world and reality. It made her heart ache to watch most of the world die, but she watched as humans and other creatures slowly began to re-emerge. She saw people and Fae on dragons fighting in a gruesome war against others, and the construction of the old capital. She watched more war, but between humans on dragons. Skye’s heart then twisted as she saw one of the saddest things.. She watched Lazarus die and become the foundation of Dragonhorn... Then she watched the capital be moved.

As Skye continued to fall towards the old capital, she saw a man with the spear running inside. She watched him come and go several times, but was highly disturbed by what she started to see. He’d started out as a man, but turned into a hulking monster. Skye watched him drag several Nomads: men, women, and children; back to the abandoned castle. She could hear them screaming, then silence. As she neared the castle while still in free fall, Skye could make out the used-to-be man’s face. ‘That’s odd, but he kind of looked like Magnus...’ It was the last thought she had before closing her eyes, and bracing for impact with the old capital’s roof....


Skye shot up in bed, but stopped herself from yelling out. Tidas had stirred when she’d awoken, but he’d simply snorted, then rolled onto his side. She’d been thankful he’d stayed asleep, and that she had rolled off of him as she’d slept. Skye didn’t want her husband awake yet. She needed time to herself first; to process everything she’d seen.

As gingerly as she could; Skye slipped off of the bed, and headed straight to Zazzy without any forethought. She didn’t want to disturb Tidas, so she figured she could feed their baby dragon as she broke down all the information running through her head. Skye grabbed Tidas’ shirt and put it on before going into the tiny kitchen area.

After closing the door and adding two small logs to the fire; Skye picked up the egg, and placed it in her lap. She inspected the shell’s color and integrity before pouring her power into it. Zazzy absorbed more than usual, making Skye happy to know that she was growing.

Once finished with her magical nursing, Skye began to pick apart her dream. The size of their planet was much larger than any map suggested. She saw the edges of another land mass on the horizon of the planet as she’d plummeted. The idea that other continents might exist sent a thrill throughout Skye. She was daydreaming of adventuring to far off lands when Tidas came in.

His eyes held panic, but it left the moment they fell on his wife. The prince had been worried when he’d woken up to an empty bed. Tidas walked over to his wife and sat on the floor beside her. He wrapped an arm around her shoulders and asked if she’d had another bad dream.

Skye gave an exhausted laugh before saying; “More like informative,” and then told her husband about her dream...

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Dawning Skye Chapter 77