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Dawning Skye
Chapter 76

Chapter 76: Honesty And Gratitude

*** WARNING: This Chapter Has Extremely Descriptive And Graphic Sexual Content. Viewer Discretion Is Advised***

The four stood in silence as they watched the Cu Sith vanish, leaving a trail of beautiful flowers in it’s wake. The group looked at each other before they exhaled in exhaustion. The day had been long, and full of oddities. Skye’s mind went over every detail of her encounter with the Cu Sith in her head. She didn’t want to forget any details for when she saw Peggy and Maevis tomorrow.

The four talked a few minutes before deciding to head their separate ways. Zas and Klaus promised not to destroy any of the forest again, and would warn people about going in. It wasn’t protected in any way, so people could go in whenever they liked. Tidas decided to broach the subject of a protective order with his father. With Zas backing him, he knew that the king would agree to it. Not to mention how excited Magnus would be when they told him why.

Tidas and Skye headed off to their cottage for their final night alone before they needed to leave for the capital. They would stay at Moonstone castle one final night tomorrow. To make sure everything with the Northern Fae settlement was in order, then they would head for the capital. Most of Skye’s things would be packed already, thanks to Peggy’s diligence.

Skye was honestly scared to go back and see her parents; mainly her father. She was heartbroken and angry at him for essentially giving her to a man like Jacob Fowler. She understood that for their marriage contract to be valid, and her father to gain access to the Fowler family books, Skye would’ve had to have consummated the marriage. The thought sent a deep pain to her heart, causing her to sigh sadly.

“What’s wrong? Do you feel ok? We can stop a moment if you need to,” Tidas asked sincerely.

“No, Ima fine.. Ima just tryin to think of what to say to me father tomorrow when I see him. I don’t know what to feel, honestly. I’m unbelievably angry and heartbroken he’d let me suffer through.. that, with Jacob. But at the same time, I can’t say I’d do differently if I were him.. Maybe if he’d told me why; told me of the slaves and everything.. I could’ve worked with him and-”


“You would’ve wound up scared of the man you were meant to marry.. It would’ve shown, and your father’s plan might’ve even been exposed if Jacob...” Tidas trailed off; he didn’t want to say what he thought to Skye.

“If Jacob, what?!” Skye’s voice was slightly strained as she fought with her emotions.

Tidas pulled his horse to a stop, and jumped down. He stood waiting for Skye to do the same. After a momentary stand off; Skye huffed in irritation before dismounting her horse.

She didn’t want to stop; it was cold and the sun had set. The moonlight was mostly hid by sporadic clouds that were growing in number. She just wanted to get back to the cottage, and enjoy their last night alone before their lives became complicated. Tidas would be gone most of the day due to his RMC and princely duties. Skye would be training and studying whenever she could, so their time together was limited and precious.

Walking over to her husband, Skye repeated; “If Jacob, what? Tidas?!”

The prince took out the bread and blueberry jam Mary had given them earlier. He ripped off a small chunk, dipped it in the jam, and then popped it into his mouth. Skye’s stomach grumbled loudly out of jealousy at the smell and sight. Using her magic in the forest had drained her somewhat. Not nearly as bad if she would’ve had to use her Shaman trait more; like if Zas had been injured.

Skye grunted in displeasure at her traitorous stomach as she stalked over to Tidas. She snatched the bread from his hand rudely, but Tidas hadn’t resisted. He knew she was in emotional turmoil, and didn’t want to add to her stress.

Tidas offered her the jam with a concerned expression, making her feel bad for yanking the bread from his hand a moment ago. She apologized before beginning to mimic her husband’s eating habit; dipping the bread. They split the loaf evenly, then took turns dipping the bread until it was gone.

After a moment, Tidas began to speak in a serious tone; “Skye; if Jacob had felt you knew something he should know... There are ways men can treat their wives that are not accepted by society, but are still considered legal. As you’ve told me; women don’t normally have rights of any kind in a marriage.”

“I feel Jacob is the type that would’ve read over the contract, then asked you about the clause pertaining to your father’s involvement in their business..” Tidas wished Skye would understand, but he knew she would press him more.

“Ye mean like what he did to Felicia?” Skye asked with a horrified look in her eyes.

Tidas sighed deeply as he stared at the ground. He didn’t like talking about any of this particular subject on their honeymoon. About Jacob, how he could’ve gotten Skye, Lucas’ improvisational plan; any of it. He simply wanted to take Skye back to their cottage, and make love to her. But if he could give Skye the tools to repair her relationship with her father; his wife’s happiness came first.

“Skye, Jacob wouldn’t have been stupid enough to leave visible marks on you.. But there are many ways intimacy can be used to hurt someone unwilling. There are many ways and places he could’ve abused you, and no one would’ve really known..”

Tidas’ words sunk deeply into Skye’s mind and heart. She knew of a few ways a man could degrade a woman.. They were stories she’d heard from women who’d been raped and used that she’d helped in the village. It was far more common than most thought, for a noble to have their way with a servant or country lass. Skye was no stranger to the cruelty of their world.

“I get yer meaning, husband.. My father was tryin to kept me risk lower by not telling me of his plans.. But it still hurts,” Skye replied as she lowered her head to stared at the ground like Tidas.

Tidas wrapped his arms about his wife, and pulled her against himself. It was beginning to sprinkle as the moon disappeared behind the clouds for the remainder of the night. He kissed the top of her head, and told her it was time they headed back. Skye agreed; not wanting to become soaked by the rain. They quickly mounted their horses, and took off as fast as they could before the rain became a downpour. They’d been fairly close to the cottage when the couple had stopped, but they still got completely soaked before they reached their temporary home.

Entering the cottage; the newlyweds were pleasantly surprised to find another filled basket of food, a bottle of wine, and their clothes from the past two days fresh and clean. Skye was happy her wedding dress was cleaned; she wanted to save it for if she ever had a daughter.

Tidas immediately went about trying to figure out how to have a bath, but it was no use. The place the basins were heated was outside, in the rain. And the area wasn’t covered, so the fire would wind up going out before the water even got warm.

Tidas had removed his soaking wet shirt, and wrung it out. He then stood in front of the fire, attempting to dry it. Skye stared at her husband’s broad, muscular backside in admiration. It sent a familiar yearning throughout her body, causing Skye to have an idea.

Stripping from her clothes, Skye said to her husband; “I never thanked ye properly for stopping my previous marriage, did I?”

When Tidas saw Skye’s perfect, naked body; his manhood instantly stirred. He inhaled slowly and deeply before dropping his shirt, and leisurely walking over to his wife. She smiled coyly at him as she held her hands together, with her arms extended slightly behind her back; making her breasts more prominent. He slid one hand along her lower back slowly, the abruptly pulled her against him. The sudden motion had caused Skye’s breath to catch in her throat as Tidas’ cool skin pressed against her warm flesh.

Skye’s breathing was becoming more erratic as she released her hands to wrap them around her husband’s neck. She then leaned up on her tip toes, and kissed him sweetly. She pulled away, but Tidas pulled her back in to kiss her hungrily. She let a tiny moan slip, sending Tidas into a small frenzy. He slipped his tongue in and fenced with her until they both grew short of breath.

The prince bent down slightly to scoop Skye up by her thighs. She held onto him as he held her; their eyes locked on each other’s. She could feel him throbbing against her through his pants. The sensation sent a wave of lust throughout her body, and down to her toes. She pressed her body against his as much as she could and whispered in his ear; “Love me, husband..”

Tidas walked them over to their bed, and set his gorgeous wife down before saying; “Sorry Skye, but I can’t wait..”

After undoing his pants; Tidas bent down and licked at his wife’s most sensitive place. She was already wet, but he wanted to make doubly sure. After a few minutes of teasing, he had Skye flip over onto her knees. He smacked her ass lightly, sending another wave of need through her. She wriggled her rear in the air, seemingly begging Tidas to enter her.

Leaning over her, Tidas rubbed himself against his wife as he whispered in her ear; “What do you want, Skye? What do you need?”

“You, Tidas.. I need you inside me, please?!” Skye pleaded.

Tidas leaned back and slid into Skye’s hot, wet sheath as he said; “Good, because I need you just as badly, love..”

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Dawning Skye Chapter 76