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Dawning Skye
Chapter 72

Chapter 72: Quick Stop

Tidas had woken up to his wife yelling. He hadn’t heard what she’d said, but caught the ‘oh shit’ at the end. He stretched lazily before getting up, and heading into the tiny kitchen area. When he saw Skye holding the egg, he didn’t think much of it. But when he realized she was healing it again, a twinge of worry for the creature caused him to step forward and ask if it was ok.

Skye gave a hesitant, awkward grin before telling him; “Aye, ah.. For now. But we might have a wee bit of a problem later when she gets... bigger.”

Tidas yawned as he tried to process what his wife said. He scratched his head and asked her to repeat herself. She huffed before doing so, which finally got his full attention. He blinked at her, then said, “I just woke up, Skye... Speak slow and plainly, or I cannot be held responsible for miscommunications later.”

“Zazzy needs magic! I don’t know if it’s just while she’s in the egg, or if it’s a dragon’s main source of sustenance.. All I know is she’s absorbing my magic like... like she’s consuming it. Look! Her shell is getting darker again!”

The prince watched as the slightly ashy shade of black transformed into a shiny obsidian color. Curious; Tidas put his hand on the egg. When he felt something moving around inside, he smiled at Skye before stating the obvious.

Skye chuckled softly at her husband’s reaction. She smiled at the thought of Tidas as an excited, expecting father. While she was taking her birth control now, she did want children someday. Zazzy required care and love, but nothing like what was needed with a child. But she still grinned at the thought of Zazzy being the first addition to their little family.

They fawned over the egg a while longer before Skye asked; “Did ye not sleep well? Ye look tired, husband..”


Tidas hesitated with his answer as he removed his hand from the egg; “I couldn’t fall back asleep right away after your nightmare.. I’m sorry, Skye. I didn’t realize you were burdened so..”

“It’s alright; I think I might’ve figured something out last night,” Skye replied before explaining her dream to Tidas.

As he listened, the words that the dark man had used stuck out to Tidas, but he couldn’t put his finger on it. The fact that Skye had dreams about the spear before he’d told her about his uncle scared him greatly. He didn’t want Skye to have anything to do with his uncle, but fate seemed to be working against him.

After Skye finished explaining her dream, Tidas asked; “What would happen if you grabbed it before he did?”

“I don’t know.. Last night was the first time it had occurred to me to try,” Skye answered honestly with a shrug while still holding Zazzy.

Tidas put his hand on his chin and sat in quiet contemplation a few minutes before he said; “Well, it ’tis only a dream. I say grab it and run the bastard through.”

Skye giggled a moment before they heard a knock at the front door. Skye quickly tucked Zazzy away, then they both headed for the main room to dress. Skye was looking at her dress when Tidas called out to her. When she turned to look at him, she burst out in laughter. Instead of sending two sets of clothes for Tidas, Peggy had sent one set and Skye’s riding outfit.

The prince was struggling to get off Skye’s riding pants, which he’d pulled up to just past his knees before he realized something was amiss. He hopped around a few times trying to pull them off before losing his balance and falling over. Skye’s sides hurt from laughing so hard at the spectacle her husband was making. He glared at her from the floor, causing her to stop.

Feeling bad, she helped Tidas pull her pants off of him. He knew she meant nothing by it, but it had still been embarrassing for his wife to see. As he found his clothes from yesterday, Tidas pondered the possibilities of things Skye would see him do over their lifetime together.

After the couple dressed, they answered the door to find the owner standing with a basket full of delicious smelling breakfast foods. Since Skye was awake and dressed this time; Tidas invited the man in to eat with them. He’d refused at first, but when Skye asked with a polite smile, he finally agreed. It brought a smile to Tidas’ face as he shut the door. Knowing his wife worked almost like a secret weapon for the next time he was in negotiations.

The owner bowed politely before speaking; “Hello, princess. My name is Simon Snare, and Ima the owner of this cottage. I hope ye have enjoyed yer stay?”

Skye smiled brightly before replying; Oh, Aye! It’s a beautiful wee slice of paradise ye have here, sir,” Skye replied, allowing her natural speech to flow.

Mr. Snare was surprised by the princess using the commoner’s tongue, and how she was dressed. He hadn’t been aware that the Moonstones weren’t born nobility. It didn’t matter to him, though. If anything, it made him like the young couple more. The prince was well known as a champion for the common folk. But hardly anyone knew of his bride until yesterday.

The rumors he’d heard this morning at the market about the prince marrying ‘Eir’ had made his laugh. Although after interacting with her, they made more sense. Her beauty was liken to a goddess, and her kind demeanor put one at ease effortlessly. Within minutes of meeting her, Simon found himself highly approving of the young woman. And secretly wished that the couple before him were the next in line for the crown.

The three sat and chatted as they ate the wonderful breakfast made by Mrs. Snare. There were a dozen poached eggs with hollandaise sauce, a roasted chunk of elk, mixed leaf greens with a sweet vinaigrette sauce, a fruit mix, and a large bowl filled with bacon. Tidas practically jumped to grab the bowl of bacon; making a childish ‘woo hoo’ sound as he did so.

Skye and Simon laughed at the prince as he coveted the bacon. Only after eating all but six strips, did he offer the two any. They both refused; seeing how excited he’d gotten over it. While Simon just assumed Tidas loved the stuff, Skye chortled to herself at the memory of his missed bacon. And everything that had happened since that awkward morning.

“Ye know that stuff is terribly unhealthy,” Skye poked fun at her husband.

“I’d rather fully enjoy eighty years of life than live to be a hundred and missed out on the fun parts,” Tidas stated cockily.

“There is so much wrong with that statement...” Skye replied while rubbing her forehead out of exasperation.

“How long have ye two been married?” Simon asked as he sipped a glass of watered wine.

“Two days..” the two said in unison.

Simon nearly spit out his drink as a fit of laughter overtook him; “Hahahahaha! You’ll be fine, so long as ye keep that sense of humor in yer relationship, Hahahaha!”

The three finished their food, cleaned themselves up, then headed out the front door. Three horses awaited them; saddled and ready. Skye looked to her husband quizzically, but all he did was smile. He motioned to the horses, so Skye shrugged and mounted up. Tidas frowned at her lack of interest. He’d hoped to play with her a little before telling her where they were off to.

“You’re not curious where we’re going?” Tidas prodded.

“You’ll tell me quicker if I don’t ask..” Skye replied with a knowing smile.

“You’re no fun, wife... We’re going to Dragonhorn before heading for Moonstone Castle. I thought today might be easier to shop,” Tidas suggested.

“Oh, Ima doubtin’ that, me prince. Rumors of the princess’ good deeds spread far and fast. Ye both be known, now!” Simon bellowed as his horse tried to take off on him.

After reining in the unruly beast, Simon added; “Ye might have a chance if ye keep yer hoods up, but I doubt it.. I’d make a list of places ye wish to go before ye enter the city..”

“I thank ye again for yer stay! Damn it, Horse! Listen to me!” Simon called out as his horse took off without his consent.

The couple laughed at the comedic scene, then headed off in the other direction towards Dragonhorn. There were two places Skye wanted to stop: the hospital and the book store. She wanted to check and make sure no new cases of the arsenic poisoning had popped up. And she wanted to see if any books on dragons could be found. As well as poke around a bit more..

Tidas needed to stop at the gate house, and he also wanted to stop by a couple smitty shops. That had caused Skye to panic a little bit, but she reminded herself that it would take quite a while for him to even find someone willing to work with the dragon hide. Her plan required Maevis’ help, but other than that, she would attempt to make the armor for her husband herself.

The city was quiet as they came through the gates. It was about eleven o’clock or so, and everyone was busy as they went about with their daily lives. Skye looked around with her hood up; making it impossible to see her hair. She’d ripped a string from her dress so she could tie it back. No one would expect a princess to be dressed as she was, any way; but it was still good to be cautious.

Tidas kissed Skye before saying; “I’m heading to the gate house. Once I’m done there, I’ll check to see if you’re still at the hospital. If you’re not, I’ll go straight to the bookstore. Do. Not. Leave. Please?”

Skye smiled and nodded before saying; “I will, I will! Hospital, bookstore; no deviations. You either! Come get me before ye go to the smitty.”

The prince nodded, kissed Skye a final time, then steered his horse through the crowd towards the gatehouse. The hospital was close, and only took Skye minutes to reach. When she had, she saw Ronnie and Klaus outside the door. They were pacing back and forth with worried expressions.

When Skye dismounted and pulled back her hood, Ronnie yelled out her name; causing all in the immediate area to look at her as she walked up to him. People began to crowd as Ronnie frantically explained why he was there.

“Me sister! She collapsed and she won’t wake up! Please, Skye! Please! Save her!”

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Dawning Skye Chapter 72