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Dawning Skye
Chapter 71

Chapter 71: Other Hard Things

*** WARNING: This Chapter Has Extremely Descriptive And Graphic Sexual Content. Viewer Discretion Is Advised***

Skye purred as she leaned into Tidas for another kiss. Her breasts pressed against his hard chest as her hips ground down on his hard cock. She was wet and ready for her husband, but decided to play with him a wee bit instead. The throbbing between her legs was intense, but bearable.

Lifting herself up; Skye moved slowly down her husband’s body, trailing kisses and tiny nips all the way down. She’d stopped with her face hovering right above Tidas’ manhood. With a sensuous grin, Skye quickly slipped her mouth around her husband’s member. The instant warmth had elicited a groan from him, followed by a hardy grunt as she worked his other bits with her hands.

Tidas’ head spun as his wife’s mouth and hands worked him. It was faster and more erratic than their previous time. Skye would occasionally glance at her husband’s expressions, causing her own lust to rise. Recalling how he’d reacted the last time she’d played with herself, a devilish idea popped into her head.

Skye released him from her mouth to tell her husband to stand at the side of the bed. With a quirked eyebrow, Tidas complied; moving to where his wife was pointing. It was near the top of the bed, in front of the nightstand. Once he positioned himself, Skye laid flat on her back with her head even and facing Tidas’ manhood.

Reaching over with her right hand, Skye pulled him into her mouth again. She then reached down with her left hand, and begun to stimulate her bud. She flicked at him with her tongue in time with her hand, while moving her right hand up and down his length.

Tidas’ eyes feasted upon the erotic beauty that was his wife. He couldn’t believe she’d thought to give him a show while suckling on him. He figured she’d done it earlier out of curiosity, but now she was intentionally doing it; for him. A surge of affection caused the prince to begin to move his hips in time with his wife’s hands.


The way Tidas stared at her while she gave him pleasure sent a surge of euphoria throughout her body. His looks, affections, need; Skye wanted everything he had to give. Just so she could return it tenfold. She felt her crest building, and fought with herself on whether to stop or not.

When Tidas saw Skye restraining her head from thrashing about, he knew she was ready. He pulled himself out of her mouth, and flipped her sideways, so her legs opened and dangled off the bed at her knees. In one swift motion, like their first time; Tidas slammed into Skye. Causing her to cry out at the sudden fullness.

Instead of moving slowly, Tidas began to piston her over and over; grinding on her jewel as he leaned over her. Skye had kept her legs down and spread while gripping the bedsheet for extra stability. She moaned and gasped with every thrust; letting her crest overtake her multiple times in quick succession.

Tidas grabbed one of her taunt, pink nipples and pinched it hard as he said; “I want more, Skye.. All of you!”

Skye’s mind was fuzzy and clouded as she found herself in Tidas’ arms. She’d instinctively wrapped her arms around his neck as he put his arms under her legs, and lifted he off of the bed. He turned about and pinned her against the wall as he drove deeper into her than he ever had. She screamed his name out as a massive wave of ecstasy carried her away into an ocean of stars and colors.

Tidas felt himself hitting his own peak as his wife’s hot sheath tightened and contracted. He yelled out as he hammered Skye against the wall, reaching his own fulfillment. Feeling like he was going to drop her, Tidas moved Skye and himself back to the bed.

The prince placed his wife in the middle of the bed, then slid in next to her and covered them. She could barely keep her eyes open as Tidas folded a loose curl back behind her ear. He smiled gently at the beautiful vixen that was his wife.

‘She’s sensual, but sweet. Exotic, but familiar and comfortable.. A pain in the arse, but the only thing that can soothe me..’

“What are you, wife?” Tidas asked out loud without meaning to.

Skye looked at her husband sleepily before responding; “Ima just.. Me.”

The prince chuckled at his wife’s simple answer. She had no idea how marvelous she was to him. Not just her body or magic, but her mind and personality. Her caring nature drew people to her, and her intelligence made her fun and challenging. He could either talk or make love all day and night; so long as it was with Skye. He wanted to know everything about her, and felt the need to share everything with her. As Tidas laid in bed staring at his wife, he slipped into a deep, restful sleep..


Skye was running through darkness. It felt like she lost a layer of skin every time her feet hit the floor, it was so cold. The ground crunched like snow as she ran in an undetermined direction. Her head whipped about in the darkness as she desperately looked for a way out.

A small light could be seen at the end of a long stone hallway. The rocks looked like they’d been torched, and a wet, grimy burnt smell filled her nostrils. Skye ran towards the light; already knowing what awaited her in the room. As she entered, the Ethereal Spear floated in the middle of the room, seemingly dancing in a thick ray of moonlight.

Skye glared at the inanimate object, but then a thought occurred to her. She wondered what would happen if she grabbed the spear before the creepy man did. She took two hesitant steps towards it before the dark man popped out of the shadows. He made a, “tsk, tsk,” sound before grabbing the spear.

Tidas hadn’t shown up yet, which was a change from the usual nightmare. Normally as soon as the creep grabbed the spear, Tidas would jump in front of her. But he wasn’t there, and the man was looking directly at Skye. She couldn’t see his face, but felt his eyes on her, and it made her skin crawl.

“I see you there, little lass...” the man said as he raised the spear, and pointed it at Skye.

“What do ye want?!” Skye yelled out with fear in her voice.

The man had never acknowledged her presence before, and it scared her to no end that he did now. He took two long strides towards her; keeping the spear locked onto her heart as he did so. She could see an evil grin spread across his lips as he stopped.

A split second later, he lunged towards Skye with the spear yelling, “YOU’RE MINE!”


Skye bolted upright in bed with a scream, gasping for air. She felt a massive pain coming from the place on her chest that the spear would’ve pierced; had it been real. Tears stung her eyes due to it, and even though she was snug in bed with her husband, Skye’s feet felt frozen to her bones.

Tidas had shot up in bed when Skye had screamed. He looked around the room, but saw nothing. When he looked to his wife to see what was wrong, he assumed it was a nightmare. Then, what she had told him about resurfaced, making him scoop her up in his arms to comfort her.

Skye was extremely grateful she had Tidas with her now. The nights they’d spent apart had been torturous when it came to staying asleep for her. Tidas was more than just comfort to his wife; he was her peace. She inhaled his scent and found herself falling back asleep almost as quickly as she’d woken up.

Tidas, on the other hand, was now awake and worried. To be honest; he’d thought Skye was being overly dramatic when she’d spoken about her nightmares before. The tears she’d shed were real, but he didn’t think it was this bad for her. She was flushed and sweaty, and her breathing was just beginning to even out. Except for her feet, which were oddly as cold as ice cubes; Skye’s body felt like she’d just been running for her life.

The whole situation kept Tidas awake and thinking the rest of the night. Only when the sunlight had finally begun to pierce through the darkness did the prince finally find sleep. He’d been cuddling Skye the entire time. Hoping his presence would keep her nightmares at bay. It had worked, but with one little complication: Skye couldn’t move when she finally did wake up.

The princess laid in bed similar to how the prince just was. With no way to move without disturbing him, Skye laid and thought about their talk. She still wanted to attempt the trials, but Tidas seemed too adamant about her not participating. She struggled to understand why, but other than a lack of lengthy combat experience, she felt she was ready. When she thought about it, the trials were basically just an overblown obstacle course.

Skye had never actually seen them, but she’d heard plenty about the Mage Trials from her father and friends. The course layout and challenges changed nearl every year, but three things always stayed the same: they were done in teams of five to six, the arena was where they were held, and the scoring was based off of both individual and team efforts combined.

A person could be more powerful than Tidas, but if they can’t take orders or function on a team, then that person was ultimately useless. Every aspect of a person was judged by not just the military’s analytic’s team, but the entire kingdom. The arena and the few blocks around it were said to always be packed with people the day of the trials. It was Alcon’s unofficial holiday, after all. As well as the kingdom’s chance to show off it’s power to the world..

Tidas stirred enough for Skye to release herself after a while. She wasn’t sure how long, but it was long enough to force her to sprint to the bathroom to relieve herself. When she came back out, Tidas was sprawled out on their bed; completely uncovered and naked. Skye fought the urge to go and play with him, as tempting as her husband was. Instead, she got dressed and went to check on Zazzy.

When she entered the small kitchen area, Skye had immediately gone straight for the shiny black egg. It sat wrapped in a blanket by a barely lit fire. She cooed at it and talked to it like a newborn as she cradled it in her arms. She noticed the outer shell was becoming a bit dull again, and begun to panic slightly. She placed her hand on the egg and immediately started to attempt to heal it.

As Skye poured her magic into the egg, she realized that she wasn’t ‘healing’ it. It was more like the baby dragon was absorbing her magic; like it was feeding off of it. Realization dawned on Skye as she shrieked her Epiphany; “Magic! Haha! Ye eat magic! Hah... Oh shit..”

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Dawning Skye Chapter 71