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Dawning Skye
Chapter 70

Chapter 70: Hard Truths(Part Four)

***WARNING: This Chapter Has Extremely Descriptive And Graphic Sexual Content. Viewer Discretion Is Advised***

“You already agreed to wait until next year’s trials, Skye! Are you seriously going to go back on your word to me AND Maevis?!” Tidas practically hollered at his wife.

“I know what I said, but it depends on you! If yer tryin’ to do the raid this year, then I have to participate this year!” Skye yelled back.

“I don’t control When it’ll happen, Skye! It’s just when the opportunity will present itself! If I get concrete evidence that my uncle is somewhere specific, I have to move then. It’s not about anything other than that!” Tidas was gripping the sides of the bathtub in anger; denting the metal and leaving hand markings as he spoke.

Skye stood up from the bath water and turned to face her husband. She was furious he hadn’t even let her explain her plan. He’d instantly snapped at her declaration to enter the Mage Trials. She knew that he wouldn’t be happy about it, but she felt she had no choice.

“Ye could get word of yer uncle’s whereabouts any day.. If Ima not part of the RMC, it’ll be impossible to convince yer father to allow me to go! I need to at least attempt it, Tidas!” Skye persisted.

“Why?! You won’t win, and all it will do is convince my father you Shouldn’t go at all!” Tidas countered while trying to avoid looking at his wife’s flushed sensual body.


“How could ye possibly know that?! I have THREE traits! One I can use both offensively and defensively, another I can use well enough, and the third I am rapidly becoming very skilled at.. Did ye honestly think I wouldn’t be sore after me first time?! I’ve been healin’ me self all day!”

Tidas stood up from the water as he replied; “Aye, you can heal yourself. But you have to take damage first! Who says you’ll be conscious TO heal yourself? What if you get knocked out?! Your teammates will leave you behind! And there’s no guarantee there will even Be water on the track..”

“You can barely use your Earth magic right now. Maevis herself said so! How can you even think of entering yet?!” Tidas ran his hands through his wet hair as he’d spoken.

“Because it’s the only way to guarantee I can go with ye to the Highlands!” Skye’s voice bounced off the walls of the bathroom as she nearly screamed at her husband.

“WHY do you HAVE to go?!” Tidas was flat-out screaming at Skye now.

“Because if ye go without me, YOU’LL DIE!” Skye’s voice wavered as raw emotion overtook it.

Confusion and shock covered the prince’s face at his wife’s outburst. His mind immediately went to the irrationality of the notion, but it was Skye who’d said it. She looked like she was ready to cry. Tidas wasn’t sure if it was due to what she’d said or his yelling, either way, he felt responsible for it.

Concern overtaking his expression; Tidas asked Skye in a gentle voice: “Why do you think I’m going to die?”

Skye thought a moment; debating with herself on whether to tell Tidas of her dream or not. He was going to call her ridiculous, or make fun of her in some way; she knew it. But the dreams she’d been having were beginning to make too much sense for her to write off any longer..

“I-I’ve been having odd dreams since ye came back.. Mostly about a dark, cold place...I wander until I find a single room with a skylight. Sometimes the moon is out, sometimes it’s the sun. But the light always shines down on an old, creepy-looking spear. It scares me because it calls to me..”

“It turns black as a man I can’t see takes it and points it at me.. And you... You’re standing in front of me, but I can’t touch you! I try to stand in front of ye, but nothing affects me.. He kills ye, Tidas... And there’s nothin I can do...” Skye sobbed as she let her stress go.

Tidas wrapped his arms around Skye as she cried into her hands. He held her softly; making sure to leave room for when she wanted to move her hands. They stood in the bath water a few minutes before Tidas felt chilled. He grabbed a large towel that had been set on a rack near the bath. It was most likely left by the owner when he emptied their water from before.

The prince was shocked that his wife had kept her bad dreams a secret from him, but that didn’t matter now. All that mattered was making his wife feel better again. He scooped her up in his arms, and carried her over to their bed. When he laid her down, she looked up at him and questioned why he had put her there.

“Because sweet wife, you need to eat and relax before we finish speaking. Then, I’m going to make love to you. The hour grows late, and I have yet to have my fill of you..” Tidas replied as he walked over and grabbed the basket with their leftovers in it.

Skye smiled at her husband as he walked across the room. She marveled at his naked body, sending a rush of attraction through her that she was surprised to feel at that moment. He was beautiful to her in every way, which was an odd way to think of a man, but that was the best word she could think of to describe him.

Skye’d felt ridiculous for crying over her dreams, but they seemed so real to her. Every time she’d woken up from them, she’d gone back to sleep. But it’d be a restless sleep; always leaving her feeling tired the next day. Her Shaman trait was helping quite a bit, but now she constantly felt hungry. She imagined it was close to how Tidas must feel constantly since he always had his magic active.

Setting the basket in the middle of the bed; Tidas hopped on, and flipped the lid open eagerly. Skye realized he must’ve still been hungry as well, based on how fast he was eating. They ate quietly at first, then Tidas asked; “The dreams started when I came back? So you’ve been having them this whole time?”

“Aye.. I didn’t want to tell ye, but Maevis suggested I do so. I didn’t tell her what they were about, just that they concerned you. She told me it would be the only way to stop them...”

Tidas paused a moment before adding; “If you’re still having them, will you please tell me?”

“Of course; I plan on holding nothing back from ye anymore, husband. Just don’t complain when it becomes too much for ye,” Skye retorted with a cheeky grin.

Tidas smirked before saying; “I seriously doubt that, wife.. As far as I can tell, it’ll take ten lifetimes together before I get sick of ye..”

Skye smiled lovingly at her husband before she got up on her knees to kiss him. He grabbed her and attempted to pull her on top of himself, but she’d stopped him. Leaning back, Skye put her hands on her hips before she said; “NOT until we are done talking, Tidas MacArthur!”

Tidas pouted like a child denied dessert before he nodded to Skye for her to speak; “I figured me chances of passing the Mage Trials were slim, but I did have another plan so yer father might allow me to accompany ye to the Highlands.. I can do in the capital what I did in Dragonhorn!”

It took a moment for it to register what Skye meant, so Tidas asked; “Do you mean you would go around to the hospitals and use your Shaman trait?”

“Aye! I will prove to the king that at the least, I should go as a healer,” Skye replied with confidence.

Tidas instantly liked the idea. It was way better than her being on the actual battlefield, which was Tidas’ whole issue to begin with. He didn’t want her to have to experience a full battle, ever. It wasn’t that the prince thought she was weak, he just didn’t want someone he loved to have to deal with taking another life. Even though it was something Skye was already familiar with. Plus he didn’t want her to see how he was when in the thick of battle..

The couple agreed to Skye’s plan, then talked for a while about various subjects. From the full story of her gaining her powers, to the capital. Tidas had spoken on the worst part of it, now he needed to warn Skye of his brother. It surprised him to learn that Skye knew Marco would follow her around the castle. He would even chat with her about books or politics whenever he found her alone. But he’d always leave once Peggy approached. It was like he knew she was coming, and it always made her skin crawl.

Tidas was angry that his brother was making advances on Skye back then. The man hadn’t even made an effort to know his own wife, but had asked Skye’s interests and even studied up on them. He could feel his fury building as more instances came to mind. But the moment Skye placed her hand on his, he came back to her.

“Out yer head, love... Yer place is here, with me..” Skye leaned over and kissed Tidas’ breath away.

Skye had instantly stirred her husband’s desires as her tongue sought his. They fenced as their breathing became heavy and uneven. Tidas reached his arm up and used it to pin his wife against himself. She sighed into him.

Breaking the kiss, Tidas moved Skye’s legs so she would straddle him. He moved his mouth to her right nipple, and suckled upon it while pinching her other. He then switched sides after a few minutes, causing Skye to rotate her hips against his hard cock. Tidas groaned into Skye’s breast before breaking away to lock eyes with her.

Scooting up to the top of the bed, Tidas kept his wife in place on his lap. He hadn’t entered her yet, but the wetness he felt from her let him know that she was ready. He propped the pillows behind his back so he could sit up and have better access to his wife’s upper body.

Maintaining their eye contact the whole time, Tidas said to Skye: “Show me what you’ve been holding back, love..”

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Dawning Skye Chapter 70