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Dawning Skye
Chapter 69

Chapter 69: Hard Truths(Part Three)

***Warning: This Chapter Contains Trigger Material. Viewer Discretion Is Advised***

The couple sat in silence for a while, simply holding each other. Skye was grateful Tidas had told her what had happened to him. When she’d told him as much, he’d explained how every time Angela saw him after her incarceration, she’d throw herself at him. He denied her every time; whether they had been in public or not. He felt Skye needed to know everything in case she made a scene in front of her.

To Skye: the Angela girl seemed the type to try and use her prior connection to her husband as a wedge. She clearly hadn’t given up on her feelings for him, even after multiple refusals and even punishment. She seemed obsessed with Tidas, and in a dangerous way. Skye knew she’d have to deal with her eventually, but right now; Tidas was her priority.

“Is there anything I can do?” Skye asked in a caring voice.

“I’m not sure how I feel about all of this.. It’s odd, to say the least. It’d never occurred to me that what she did was rape.. I thought I must’ve done something-”

“YOU did nothing wrong. Ye made yer stance clear, she just didn’t accept it. I’ve seen it happen to women often. Do not blame yer self, Tidas. She drugged ye, and took advantage of ye while ye slept. If yer genders were reversed, she’d be dead by now..”

Tida contemplated Skye’s words. He knew it wasn’t his fault, but still felt guilt for some reason. The whole situation made him think about all the people that he had rescued or saved from being sold. And the ones he’d been too late to save. He now had a better understanding of the actions taken by his best friend’s love.


The prince had been doing more than just training and hunting his uncle the past three years. He’d also been busy breaking down almost the entirety of the black market of people trafficking in Alcon. He’d saved the lives of hundreds directly; thousands by nearly ending the evil trade. Every time he left the palace, people swarmed him. Thanking him for saving a friend or a relative.

Skye and her husband talked on his training and time away from her. He told her of his first time in the Highlands. The conditions, terrain, wildlife(which was scarce), and most importantly; his run-ins with Murdoc.

As Tidas talked about him, Skye got the distinct impression that her husband admired his enemy. He spoke of Murdoc’s strategies, fighting skills, and even the man’s sense of honor. He smiled while speaking, making Skye feel as though their discussion from earlier wasn’t going to affect him or their relationship negatively.

A small feeling of peace began to grow where her anger had flourished before. Their relationship was beyond rock-solid now. Any issues Tidas might’ve had were solved with Skye’s acceptance of him. She still hated Angela for what the bitch had done to her husband. As long as he loved her, she felt they could work through any painful times. So long as he was as open as she was..

The couple talked together about the details of Tidas’ training for a while afterwards. First with Ralph, then Zas for his power training. He and Shasta had trained together under one of the previous Pillars for their speed. When he spoke specifically about Shasta, Skye had listened almost intensely to him. She’d heard Tidas mention her name before, and figured she must be the third Pillar.

When she posed her suspicion to Tidas, he smiled and said: “Correct, but do you know our rank order?”

Skye bit the tip of her thumb, thinking deeply before replying; “Well I know Zas is a general, so Ima gonna say Zas, you, then Shasta?”

“Are you asking or telling me?”

“Final answer!” Skye said with a smile and a bubbly attitude.

“Errrrr! Wrong. Technically; it goes Me, Shasta, then Zas. I’m the Commander of the RMC, Shasta is my Vice Commander, and Zas holds the third highest rank of Master General. The only two people who have higher authority in the military than me is my father and brother Marco, but that’s to be expected.”

Skye stared wide-eyed at Tidas from the moment his rank left his lips. She knew he would hold a high rank, but she didn’t think it’d be the highest! He holds even more sway than his second older brother, or either of the queens. But the way he worded himself confused her.

“Why do ye say ‘technically’ ye are the Commander? Is it not a title ye hold?” Skye questioned while still chewing on her thumb tip.

Tidas always thought Skye looked alluring whenever she bit her thumb like she was doing. It was distracting, but he was making a serious attempt to explain things to her. He looked away, cleared his throat, then turned back. It hadn’t helped much, but enough for him to continue.

“My father decided that Zas would be known as the Commander General to throw my uncle off, as well as the Sync Kingdom. Best to keep them guessing, I suppose. Zas didn’t care, so long as he didn’t have to deal with the excessive responsibilities that came with the title. He handles my paperwork, and Shasta does most of the training. Zas doesn’t have the most legible writing, but at least he’s better at it than Shasta,” Tidas decided to pour himself one more glass of whiskey to distract himself from his wife.

“Then what exactly earned ye the rank?” Skye asked flat out.

“My power.. I’m stronger and faster than both Zas and Shasta. Although Shasta comes close on occasion,” Tidas replied cockily.

They talked about the RMC for a bit before Tidas shot up off of the bed and yelled; “Shit! The water! I completely forgot!”

The prince took off through the door leading through the bathroom, and out to the courtyard. Skye went to grab her tumbler glass when she heard Tidas yell out in pain. She ran to him in a panic, thinking he must’ve scalded himself. When she entered the bathroom, he was standing near the tub that had freshly poured hot water in it.

The strongest man in the kingdom held up his pointer finger, and with the look of an injured child on his face said; “I burned myself..”

Skye immediately burst out in laughter at the scene. She bent over, holding her stomach like she was in pain from it. Her cheeks flushed prettily from her laughter and the alcohol. Tidas’ expression shifted to exasperated as his wife’s voice bounced around the small room. After a solid minute of her fits, Skye managed to say; “I thought ye, hahaha, actually hurt yer self! It’s just a wee dot! Strongest man, Hahahahaha!”

Skye blinked, and Tidas was standing directly in front of her. He had a devilish grin on his face as he looked down at his tiny wife. Skye quit her laughing and locked eyes with her husband before saying; “I’d apologize but it was really funny.”

“Ha. Will you please heal this so we can get in the water?” Tidas asked huffily.

Skye smiled at Tidas as she took his hand. It only took her a second to use her Shaman trait and heal it, then they began to undress at get into the water. Tidas had hoped to seduce his wife in the tub, but Skye was more interested in getting clean. She entered the water first, and began to wash herself like it was her sole mission.

Once she finished her body, Skye looked to Tidas and asked; “Have ye ever washed someone’s hair before my prince?”

Tidas scoffed before replying; “No, but it’s hair...can’t be too hard.”

Almost half an hour had passed before Tidas had declared himself finished with his task. Skye had to basically guide him the whole time, due to the amount of hair she had. As pretty as she thought her hair was, she’d always wanted to cut it. It was so thick and curly; managing it had come to be more hassle than it was worth.

“What would ye say if I wanted to chop my hair off?” Skye questioned out loud without realizing it.

As Tidas slipped into the water behind her, he answered; “I’d ask if you liked it, and that would be my answer.”

“That’s not what I meant..”

“I know, but it’s what I did. As long as you are happy with yourself, I’m happy. You’re beautiful to me in many ways, Skye. If your hair makes you unhappy, then change it. I’ll still want you.... Like now.”

Tidas moved his hand to cup Skye’s breast, but she grabbed his wrist before he could reach it. She leaned to the side so she could make eye contact with him before stating; “Not happenin’ until our discussions are over, husband.”

Tidas grimaced at his wife before sighing in defeat. He knew she was right, but she was so tempting to him. Her warm, naked body fit perfectly against his in the tub. He so very badly wanted to grab her, place her on top of him, and have her ride him until they both screamed out in bliss.

Skye reached behind herself and smacked his shoulder. She could feel him growing hard against her backside, and it was beginning to cause her own passions to stir. The alcohol encouraged her to give in, but their talk needed to be finished first. Skye still hadn’t told him of her choices, and he still wanted to speak on the state of the capital as well.

“Our needs will have to wait a wee bit longer, husband... Ye know we have things that must be discussed first. And Ima hungry again...” Skye stated as she began to wash Tidas’ arms.

“Ack! Fine...” Tidas’ voice was sultry as he whispered into Skye’s ear; “But afterwards, you are mine, wife..”.

A tantalizing shiver ran up Skye’s back at her husband’s promise. She wasn’t sure he’d want to be intimate with her again tonight; considering their earlier discussion. But if he wanted her, she would give herself over to him gladly. Anything to make him feel loved and accepted by her; she would do it.

Finishing washing down her husband, Skye realized that the owner must’ve dumped their tub water from earlier. While chuckling, she told Tidas of her thoughts. He smiled and said he would make sure to leave extra money for the man’s generosity to them.

Skye nodded in agreement, but then her expression turned serious as she looked at Tidas and said; “We need to speak on my part in the Highland raid... Ima going, Tidas.. And I’ll be going as a fully-fledged RMC member. I Will participate in the Mage Trials this year.”

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Dawning Skye Chapter 69