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Dawning Skye
Chapter 67

Chapter 67: Hard Truths(Part One)

***Warning: This Chapter Contains Trigger Material. Viewer Discretion Is Advised***

Skye cradled the dragon egg in her arms all the way back to the cottage. She’d giggled every so often, astonished by their find. She could sense the tiny dragon inside it’s shell, and knew it was happy to be with another living being again. The only things Skye wished she knew was when it was supposed to hatch, and what to feed it.

No one really knew much about dragons, except tidbits left behind from their remains. There were two known dragons in the world technically, but they hadn’t been seen for a couple of centuries now. Leading most to believe that they’d perished, or maybe never even existed in the first place. Skye only knew of that from Mei.

Dragons are revered in the Sai Kingdom as sacred, as well as being considered symbols of power. Statues, murals, and other works of art depicting dragons were commonplace to see in Sai. Once they got back to Moonstone Castle, Skye decided she would write Mei pertaining to her knowledge on the matter. She wouldn’t tell her friend about her new companion right away, but would say that she has a surprise to show her the next time they’d meet.

While Skye cradled the egg, Tidas had taken out one of the short swords, and was hacking a clear pathway. He carried the swords and books with him, but the bundles of dragon leather were still back at the cave. The prince decided that he would escort Skye to their cottage, then use his magic to speed back, and grab the rest.

It was why he was chopping away at the foliage now; to make the trip safer and quicker. Branches smacking you at thirty miles and hour left gashes, not scratches.. Skye had agreed to him going, so long as he didn’t speed down the make-shift stairway. She didn’t know if it could withstand the force her husband created when using his magic.

After reaching their temporary home, Skye wrapped the egg in a blanket. She then immediately tried to go after the books. When Tidas clasped her hand, the look he gave her made Skye a little nervous.


“I know you wish to read Skye, but we need to talk. There are several things we must discuss about the capital and the Highlands.. I know how easily you get drawn into your books, so no reading while we talk, please,” Tidas eyes were stern when he’d said the last part.

Skye nodded in agreement, but her stomach flopped about as she tried to think of what to say. Tidas wasn’t saying anything either; his mind drawing a blank on how exactly to word himself. The two stared at each other a moment before Tidas broke the silence by saying; “I’m going to go grab the leather, then come straight back.”

“If you have any questions about the capital, or anything else: please have them ready for when I return..” Tidas’ expression was strained as he’d quickly kissed the top of her head, and then sped out the door.

Skye was confused as to her husband’s obvious fluster, but was grateful for the temporary reprieve. She needed to figure out exact questions to ask him. Ones he couldn’t avoid, and that would offer her the most information. Tidas was a prince, after all; avoiding things he didn’t wish to answer was part of his education growing up.

Tidas used his magic until he reached the entrance to the real Snare Cottage. Heeding his wife’s warning, he gingerly walked down the newly made staircase. Once he hit the bottom, he took him time walking over and gathering the bundles of leather. The prince was figuring out what to say, but then decided to just start from the beginning of it all. From the night he night he’d left her, up until she’d seen him at her first wedding. Even the one thing he dreaded most..

Skye had tucked Zazzy in, then gone to begin the preparations for a bath. She filled the large container, then dragged it over to the fire she’d stared. While struggling to put it on top of the fire; Tidas had returned and found her in the middle of her task. He leaned against the doorframe that lead out to the small courtyard area that Skye was in. He watched her with his arms crossed a few undisturbed minutes, amused by her.

The efforts his sweet, wee Water mage of a wife was putting in brought a large grin to his face. She had removed her dress again to avoid tripping over her skirts. She’d put on a pair of underwear and a shirt that he didn’t recognize. She huffed and grunted with her efforts while in a squatting position, causing the prince to snicker loudly at her state.

Skye whipped her head around at the sound of his voice. She glared hard at him before yelling; “Don’t just laugh at me, ye fool! Help! Ima about to drop it!”

Tidas continued to laugh at her as he sauntered over to his wife. He grabbed the overfilled tub with one hand, and lifted it up effortlessly onto the fire pit’s grate to heat. Skye was breathing hard as she continued to glare at her husband, who was still laughing. Feeling her ire rising, Tidas said; “I’m sorry, love.. I just find it funny you didn’t just use your magic..”

Skye huffed loudly at him before telling him to handle it, and then headed back inside with a reddish tint to her face. She was embarrassed that Tidas had seen her in such an idiotic state. He would probably see much worse from her over their lifetime together. Awkwardly squatting would not be the last, or worst; embarrassing thing he would see her do. And the thought caused Skye’s shoulders to slump.

Coming up from behind her, Tidas wrapped his arms around his wife’s waist. He bent his neck to place his head in the crook of hers before apologizing for his laughter and quip. Skye covered his hands with her own, and apologized for snapping at him. The two just stood; holding each other for a few uncounted minutes before Tidas sighed.

“Skye, I have many things that I need to tell you... Most I’m proud of, but there are two things that weigh heavily upon me.. Because I’m honestly afraid of how you will react to them.”

Tidas’ words sent an icy wave of fear throughout Skye’s entire being. She knew what kind of man he was, and didn’t think it would be about anything criminal or scandalous. Feeling like her heart was trying to escape from her chest, Skye asked; “Do ye love another?”

Tidas moved to stand in front of his wife and locked eyes with her before he said; “Gods, No! I love You, Skye. I’ve never felt the way I do for you, for anyone else.. You have been my reason for everything; my reason to live. There has Never been anyone else within my heart but you...”

In a flat tone, Skye retorted: “But what of yer bed, husband?”

Tidas had visibly winced at his wife’s sharp words. He didn’t want to tell her, but knew as soon as they’d gotten to the capital.. She would eventually approach Skye. She had sworn to try and ‘win’ Tidas by ‘chasing off the hussy who he was forced to marry’.

Angela Bibalow was the daughter of a local nobleman that had been loyal to the crown for generations. He’d tried to talk the king into matching Tidas with his daughter, but the contract to Lord Moonstone had already been signed long before then. Angela didn’t care, however. She knew most royals had consorts, and decided to aim for that. If she couldn’t be his wife, then she would at least be his known and ‘respected’ mistress. And any children they had would guarantee her status and wealth.

Tidas walked over to the small table near the window. A bottle of good, dark whiskey sat on top of it with a note from the owner. It said that the whiskey was a gift as thanks for staying, and that their loyalty to the crown was eternal. The prince was grateful for it as he popped the cork off, and took a mouthful straight from the bottle. He then walked over to the counter area, grabbed two tumblers, and filled them.

Once finished, Tidas handed the other cup to Skye and downed what was in his. He filled it once more, then headed over to the bed to sit. He patted the spot next to him, encouraging Skye to sit beside him for their talk. When she complied, he exhaled shakily before starting.

“When I left three years ago, it wasn’t supposed to be for so long. I know I told you I nearly died trying to beat my uncle.. But I didn’t tell you what else I’d been doing in between tracking him.”

“You heard tidbits at our wedding and in town.. But the full truth is I’ve been waging a silent war on the Sync Kingdom. Their main source of imports and exports is slaves,” Tidas sipped his whiskey; “I’ve been spending years, even before I left; taking them down. But, not just to beat Sync..”

Tidas reminded Skye of his story about his best friend and his love. He explained that upon researching who in Alcon was part of the slave trade, the Fowlers kept popping up. Tidas was helping Skye’s father to catch them in the act of selling slaves, but his false death had complicated the issue. Lucas had sent a message to General Zas asking for his support when Lucas caught the Fowlers. He’d already had knowledge of his and Tidas’ original plans, and explained that Skye’s marriage contract was to keep them on the hook.

Skye was to marry Jacob, then grant her father permission to review their books. A small loophole in her marriage contract to Jacob allowed her to ‘have knowledge of the business to better support her husband’. Lucas was then going to turn over the ledgers to General Zas, and have the marriage annulled. If Skye had gotten pregnant before the plan could be fulfilled, then she would’ve retained control of the Fowler’s holdings until her child came of age.

As Tidas explained, Skye interrupted him by asking; “So my father really was going to sacrifice me to that monster?!”

With a sad look in his eyes, Tidas replied: “I’m.. I’m sorry, Skye...”

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Dawning Skye Chapter 67