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Dawning Skye
Chapter 66

Chapter 66: Final Find And Gift

It took the couple little time to gather up the books and weapons. Skye had been excited when she’d seen the blanket Tidas had grabbed. She’d complimented him on having the forethought to grab something to carry everything in. Tidas coughed and shook his head; accepting her false praise. He’d actually brought the blanket in case Skye’d been cold, but it was a moot point now.

Tidas wrapped up the books and swords in strips of the dragon leather, while Skye pulled the rest down and folded them to fit in the blanket. She’d been surprised at how flexible and lightweight the strips were. What surprised her the most, however; was their untouched state. Everything around them was crumbling apart except anything having to do with the dragon’s flesh.

Right as Tidas was finishing up; Skye walked over and grabbed the dagger she’d seen him pull out of his boot earlier. He’d asked what she was doing, but saw his answer as she began to stab at a piece of leather in her hand furiously. The action had startled her husband to the point of him nearly lunging at her to grab the knife from her. When she’d removed the dragon skin; there was nothing on her hand.

“I felt the pressure as I stabbed, but even then it wasn’t anything like what I should’ve felt.. It was like it absorbed the impact as well,” Skye looked at the blade of the dagger as she’d spoken.

Tidas ran his hand over Skye’s to check, but there was nothing. He did the same thing she did, getting the same unharmed result. The prince had even used his magic to boost his power, and he still barely felt it. Holding a piece up for a better look, Tidas said: “This would make unmatched armor!”

“Well; the instructions are in those books,” Skye replied in a teasing tone.

“True, but it’s going to take forever to find a skilled smith I trust enough to handle this. As well as the time they’ll need to study Snare’s techniques,” Tidas’ expression was downtrodden.


Skye chuckled at her husband’s impatience. He’d never liked waiting, even as a child. She didn’t know if it was due to his royal upbringing, or just part of his personality. But Skye found it endearing in an odd way, and begun to piece together a secret plan to surprise her husband..

Skye walked over to the leather pieces that had already been in the process of being made into armor. She examined the hardened pieces; taking in the feel, sight, and smell. The chemicals Snare had used were harsh and old. Techniques had come a long way, when it came to treating leather, but this wasn’t typical cow hide.

As Skye looked over the armor, Tidas kept looking around. He went and explored the rest of the cottage; checking the bathroom and the rest of the counter area. After circling the inside of the cottage, the prince moved on to the outside. He walked around to the back where he found the remnants of a fire pit. A large pile of moss was about three feet away from it with shards of glass scattered on and around it.

The prince assumed it had been a table at some point. He went to walk past it when his foot kicked something. Looking down, Tidas swallowed hard in discomfort as a human skull stared up at him. It wasn’t the first skull he’d ever seen, but it saddened him to know who it must be: Roland Snare.

Without saying a word; Tidas grabbed a piece of wood that looked decent, and began to dig a hole. Since it was just his bones, the prince didn’t make the hole very big or deep. Once he completed it; Tidas went back inside the cottage and grabbed a strip of leather big enough to wrap the bones in. He explained to Skye what he was doing, so she followed him outside to pay her respects.

They buried the bundle of bones, then Skye said a prayer to the gods for him to be reunited with his love and friend. Skye had been looking down at the makeshift grave when she heard a strange trill noise. She whipped her head about, trying to see the source, but there was nothing in sight. When Tidas saw her, he asked what she was doing.

“Ye don’t hear that?” she responded.

“Hear what?” Tidas repeated.

“That soft, odd squirrel trill-like sound! How do ye not hear it?” Skye asked almost incredulously.

The prince strained to listen. He even used extra magic to boost his hearing to his limit, but to no avail. Skye had an almost panicked look in her eyes as she’d take a step in one direction, then turn about and go in another. When Tidas asked her what was wrong, she’d said; “It sounds like it’s in pain...”

Skye walked in circles a moment before turning towards the moss pile Tidas had seen earlier. She walked up to it slowly, not wanting to scare whatever little critter could be hiding in it. She slowly began to gingerly lift any edges she saw; pulling back the layers of moss and wood to reveal an egg.

It was a dark grayish color, but had the same texture as the dragon bones. It wasn’t any larger than a kickball, and was just as round.

A crack on the side made Skye hesitate to touch it. Instead of just picking it up, she decided to attempt to heal it. Focusing on a picture of a perfect sphere in her mind; she began to seal the egg with her Shaman trait.

The egg began to glow with a dark purple hue as Skye poured her magic into it. The shell began to change color from the grayish shade, to a black obsidian color that matched the walls of Dragonhorn.

Tidas tried to stop his wife, but she’d already begun to heal it. The egg was obviously not from any animal the prince knew of. And considering Roland’s previous pet; he didn’t want Skye hatching a damn dragon egg.

Once the egg showed signs of life; Tidas bent over and clasped his wife’s shoulder before he said; “I think it’ll live now... You don’t need keep going.”

Annoyed that her concentration had been broken; Skye replied; “Aye, it’ll live now. But I won’t be sure if it’s ok until it hatches.”

Skye smiled mischievously at her husband, sending a cold chill up his spine. He knew she wanted to keep it, and he was completely against it. He shot up and threw his arms up in a defensive manner.

While grimacing, Tidas argued: “Are you crazy?! We can’t take a dragon egg! We can’t- No! Absolutely NOT. Do you not recall how Big they get?! I’m not feeding that thing!”

“Oh come now, Tidas! It’s a wee egg! We can’t just abandon it here! It’ll die if we don’t take care of it..” Skye looked solemnly at the melon-sized egg as she spoke.

“It’s been here this whole time! It’ll be fine.. I bet.. No one has seen a real dragon for centuries except wyverns. Maybe there’s a reason for that,” Tidas tried to not fan his wife’s ire, but it was too late.

“Probably due to arrogant knights such as yer self! Roland befriended Lazarus; even rode on him. I think dragons are like people; treat them well, and they won’t want to eat ye,” Skye retorted.

“People don’t eat people, Skye,” Tidas replied in an exhausted tone while rubbing his forehead.

“Clearly ye have never picked up a real history book before..” Skye quibbled.

“Oh come on, Skye! Who in their right mind would take care of a dragon egg?! Raise a dragon?! It’s insane!” Tidas put his hands in the air out of exasperation.

Skye stood gracefully, turned to her husband, and responded: “Well then call me crazy, because Ima takin’ Lazzy with me.”

“By the gods, you named it already?!” Tidas ran his hand through his hair out of frustration.

Skye sneered at her husband as she turned back and bent down to scoop up the egg. She cradled it like a baby before she glared at Tidas; daring him to do or say anything else. The prince scoffed before throwing his arms up in defeat. He knew arguing with her over it was pointless now. She’d bonded with the damn thing.

That wasn’t what concerned the prince the most.. Skye had heard the dragon when he hadn’t. Tidas was scared that his wife might be developing another aspect: a Tamer trait. Four traits would make her the most powerful magic user on the continent; putting her above even the Sync Kingdom’s King. Making the target that will already be on her back even larger.

Tidas pushed his fear down, reminding himself that he didn’t really know anything yet. Getting emotional at this point would only backfire on him. He needed to think rationally; ask questions and do research like he would with any other problem. Looking to his beautiful wife; a sad smile covered his face as he nodded to his wife.

Skye had seen the range of emotions cross her husband’s features. She assumed Tidas was worried about when the dragon would hatch; which was partially right. She felt bad about how’d she’d reacted as well, but he hadn’t felt what she did from the egg.

Taking a few steps to stand directly in front of him; Skye explained herself: “Ima sorry to snap at ye, but it was more than just a sound I heard. The moment I touched the shell; all I could fell was overwhelming loneliness..”

“It broke me heart, Tidas... I’ve never felt such a wretched feeling before. It was like when I thought I’d lost ye, but a million fold. I can’t leave this poor creature alone...I just can’t..”

Tears freely rolled down Skye cheeks as she held the egg like it was her newborn child. Tidas’ heart twisted in his chest at the sight; driving him to wrap his arms around her gently, so as not to smash the egg. She sniffled and softly cried a moment, like she was the outlet for the baby dragon’s emotions.

Tidas smiled adoringly at his wife before he said; “Alright my love. We’ll keep the dragon; I promise.”

The prince set his hand on the egg, and nearly got the wind knocked out of him. Raw, choking emotions flowed into him, nearly bringing him to his knees. The feelings Skye had just described were drowning him. When Skye saw his distress, she’d set her hand on top of his and the egg.

Tidas was suddenly overcome with a sense of tranquility and love. Skye’s presence alone had made the baby dragon calm; like a child being comforted by it’s mother. Tears welled up in the prince’s eyes due to the relief she gave. He couldn’t imagine feeling that kind of sorrow for centuries. Taking the peace Skye gave the tiny beast away would be far beyond cruel or merciless.

Tidas coughed the lump in his throat away before telling Skye, “Aye, love.. We’ll keep it..”

“Zazzy. Her name is Zazzy,” Skye corrected with a huge grin plastered on her face.

“Zazzy it is, then..” Tidas replied before giving Skye a sweet kiss.

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Dawning Skye Chapter 66