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Dawning Skye
Chapter 63

Chapter 63: Dessert

*** WARNING: This Chapter Has Extremely Descriptive And Graphic Sexual Content. Viewer Discretion Is Advised***

Skye took in Tidas’ naked form as he stood in the moonlight. His chest and arms were muscular, but not bulky. His waist almost went into a V shape; leading down to his legs that were thick and well shaped. A dark matting of fur obstructed her view of his complete set, but his manhood was hard; giving her eyes a feast.

She smirked at the fine specimen that was her husband. Skye may have never seen another naked man before, that didn’t stop her from understanding how physically attractive he was. Both in body and facial features. With his chiseled jawline, rounded cheekbones, and a mid-length, straight nose.. Tidas could make any woman’s heart pound with a single look.

As the prince stalked towards her with hungry eyes, Skye kicked her dress off to the side of the blanket. She spread her legs with bent knees to allow him to position himself. She still had her undergarment and stockings on, but it didn’t matter anymore. Tidas dropped to his knees inches from her, and ripped the sides of her underwear. He then threw them into the darkness before scooting back slightly to gaze at his wife.

Skye’s eyes smoldered as intensely as her husband’s. She slid her arms above her head, pulling any hair covering her breasts up with her hands to give him a better view. His breathing became heavier as he slowly raked his eyes up and down her exposed body.

Tidas licked his lips lightly at the beauty that offered herself to him. Her heart-shaped face and creamy skin glowed in the moonlight. Her full breasts and taunt nipples seemed to be begging him to tease her more. He could see goosebumps all over her skin, and wondered if they were due to him or the cold air.

As his eyes traveled; Tidas took in the hourglass curves of her waist, and then her shapely legs. He ran his hands down her thighs, stopping at the junction of her hip. In a quick motion Skye wasn’t expecting; Tidas leaned forward and took one of her hard, pink little nipples into his mouth. He flicked at it mercilessly with his tongue as he slid his hands firmly up her sides. He then gently pinched the other nipple, making his wife squirm more.


Skye moaned without restraint at the sensations her husband was giving her. It aroused her further when she felt his hard cock near her entryway. She wrapped her legs around him, forcing him flush against her. His manhood now sat on top of her groin.

Tidas groaned loudly when Skye’s nether lips had parted, allowing her wetness to come into direct contact with his throbbing manhood. He bit down on his wife’s tender nipple, eliciting another moan from her. He lifted his head and made eye contact with Skye before saying; “I’m not waiting any long, wife...”

Before Skye could speak; Tidas leaned back, positioned himself, and slammed into his wife’s tight warmth. They both moaned at the moment of their joining; both arching into the other to be as close as possible. Skye wrapped her legs tighter around her husband, causing him to go deeper into her. He kept his upper body off of Skye so he could watch her expressions of pleasure.

Tidas moved on his wife slowly at first. She rolled her head back and forth in between her little noises of ecstasy. She reached for him with sunset eyes; dragging him down for a passionate kiss. Yanking on him like she had caused him to slam into her, making her moan into their kiss.

Spurred on by her reaction, Tidas began to pump his wife hard. Their breathing was heavy and ragged as their passion intensified. He pounded on her like a miner striking away for gold. She bucked her hips to his pace, making their pleasures almost peak. When Tidas stopped momentarily, Skye looked at him with a pleading expression.

The prince smiled devilishly at Skye before saying in between breaths: “I plan to take my time fucking you, wife.. This is just the start..”

A surge of lust coursed through Skye at her husband’s bold words. She matched his grin, lifted her ass up slightly, and began to slam down on him repeatedly. Tidas grunted from her enticement, but lost the last of his control when she replied; “Then fuck me, husband.. Fuck me until I scream out yer name..”

The next thing Skye knew, she was on her hands and knees; with her ass up in the air in Tidas’ direction. When she looked back over her shoulder at him, he smiled wickedly before rubbing at her jewel. Skye wiggled as she made delightful little cries that pleased her husband to hear. Pulling his hand away, he licked her wetness off of his fingers, sending a tremor excitement through her. Seeing her reaction, Tidas lightly smacked his wife’s ass before positioning himself at her entrance again.

Tidas dragged the tip of his cock against her, teasing her ruthlessly. When she’d made a pouty noise, Tidas slipped inside her; causing her to yelp at the sudden fullness. A wave of euphoria pulsated throughout Skye’s body as he began to piston her from behind. He gripped her hips, bruising her flesh as he drove himself as deep as he could into her heat.

The prince couldn’t get enough of his wife. Her moans, her facial expressions, the way she moved with him; everything. He never wanted to stop tasting her. He grabbed Skye by her hair and gently pulled; signaling her to sit up. After she did, he cupped her breasts, and pressed her against himself as he continued to drive into her.

Tidas leaned his head forward slightly to whisper in his wife’s ear through labored breaths; “Does it feel good Skye? Do you like it when I take you like this?”

“Yes..Tidas..” Skye managed to get out in a strained tone.

“What was that?” Tidas slammed into Skye hard as he spoke.

“Yes! Tidas, Yes! Please, more..” Skye cried out as her lust neared it’s peak.

Tidas moved his hands back to her hips as he began to piston her as hard as he could. Skye returned to all fours to stabilize them both. His speed and strength brought Skye to her peak, then pushed her beyond it as he continued on. She cried out his name several times as her arms gave out from under her, raising her ass up, and giving her husband a new angle.

Tidas was barely able to keep his sanity when he felt Skye contracting around him. When she’d collapsed, the angle made her seem even tighter as her body spasmed. Unable to hold himself back; Tidas yelled out in ecstasy as he flooded his wife. He nearly collapsed on top of her, but had the clouded forethought to fall to the side instead; pulling Skye over with him.

Only the sounds of crickets and heavy breathing could be heard in the tiny patch of forest. Tidas propped himself up on his arm, and pulled Skye against himself. Visible steam rose up from their entwined, naked bodies. The prince grinned and brushed the sweaty, matted hair from the side of Skye’s face. He placed his hand gently under her chin, and tilted it up and to the side to take her lips.

Skye murmured with a blissful smile after their sweet kiss; “I love you, Tidas.”

The emotions the prince saw reflected in his wife’s eyes were raw and genuine. Skye had said the words before, but this was different. The connection they shared was beyond physical. But through their shared intimacy, their emotions could be given and taken freely. Skye had accepted all of his feelings, and had felt the same way. Everything he’d ever wanted for himself was in his arms; and she felt the same.

“I love you, Skye.. With everything I am; for everything you are.. I love you.” Tidas’ voiced was strained with emotion as he replied.

Skye’s heart felt like it would burst from the love she’d seen and heard in her husband’s declaration. He did more than make her feel loved; he made her feel whole. Like she could accomplish the impossible, so long as they were together. It was an odd, freeing feeling. And one she planned on never giving up.

Skye’d planned on having a talk with her husband back at the cottage, about her joining the RMC. She knew him just getting angry was the best case scenario. But she didn’t want to wait until they reached the capital to tell him of her decision. That would’ve only made matters worse, or so she figured.

As the newlyweds laid in the clearing snuggling; each was lost in their own thoughts on how to broach their respective issues to the other. Tidas needed to explain his reputation, the state of the capital, how dangerous the Highlands really are, and the actions of himself and Skye’s father in regards to the Fowlers. Not to mention his shortcoming...

Tidas sighed loudly without realizing it, but Skye hadn’t noticed either. She was too busy trying to figure out how to explain to her husband how useful she could be if he’d just allowed her to join. He had already technically agreed to it; so long as she passed the Mage Trials. But why did she need to go through the trials in the first place? Plus; something still felt off about the highland raid. She still had no idea how he was going to convince his father to allow it without proof.

The two laid together dealing with their internal struggles before Skye turned to Tidas and asked; “Where’s that dragon skull ye promised to show me?”

Snapping back to reality; Tidas smiled and replied; “Look at the waterfall..”

Skye quirked an eyebrow before sitting up, and turning to look over Tidas’ shoulder. The moon had been full last night, so there was enough light to see most of the details. Skye had thought the waterfall split due to a simple rock formation. Looking at it now; she could tell what it really was.

The small cliff they were on had been created by the head and neck of the dragon. The overgrowth had all but hidden it from the world; aside from the snout of the skull. The stream cascaded down between its two giant horns. It split once the water hit the snout of the dragon, making it look as though the dragon was crying. The bottom of it’s jaw had been overtaken by nature; only revealing the top half of the dragon’s head.

Not thinking of her naked state; Skye got up and walked towards the skull. She bent down and touched the side of it that wasn’t covered in water or growth. It felt like the cover of her book, and automatically made Skye think that her book may have been made from the dragon’s hide. She sighed as she ran her hand up and down the smooth surface, saying; “I know ye were dangerous, but I still think ye were a beautiful creature..”

Tidas had been putting his pants and shoes back on as he heard his wife’s sweet sentiments. Her naturally kind nature brought a soft smile to his face. But it quickly vanished; replaced by a massive surge of fear and panic. As he snapped the last button on his pants and grabbed his shirt; the prince heard his wife scream. When he’d looked over to see what was wrong; she was no where to be seen.

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Dawning Skye Chapter 63