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Dawning Skye
Chapter 62

Chapter 62: Moonlit Dinner

*** WARNING: This Chapter Has Descriptive And Graphic Sexual Content. Viewer Discretion Is Advised***

“Did ye say a dragon skull?!” Skye shouted without realizing it.

Tidas smirked at his wife as he walked towards her. He wrapped her cloak about her, to keep his wife warm before embracing her. The night air was cold enough to reveal their breaths as they spoke. It had felt good to Skye when she’d stepped out of the stagecoach. But now she could feel the chill and grinned; thankful for her husband’s thoughtfulness.

The coach had rode off, leaving the two standing in front of the sign. Tidas nodded to it as Skye looked up at him inquisitively. Knowing what he was getting at, she smiled before asking; “Was this planned, or is it just an extraordinary coincidence?”

“What do you think, love?” Tidas leaned his head down for a sweet kiss as he replied.

Love and heat spread throughout Skye’s body. She’d spoken of her interest in Dragonhorn for years, but never thought Tidas would remember it. They hadn’t seen each other in years. And even in his haste to stop the attempted wedding between her and Jacob; he’d still remembered. Still planned all of their honeymoon for her.

Sticking her arms inside her husband’s cloak; Skye squeezed him hard. Tidas grunted before laughing at her efforts. He knew that this plan would make her happy, and the bear-hug she was attempting to give him was proof that his efforts had paid off. She looked into his eyes with love reflecting in hers. A gentle smile crept onto the prince’s face as he kissed his wife tenderly. He then pulled back and said; “I haven’t even shown you the best part yet.”


Tidas guided Skye up the narrow pathway to the right side of the sign. It wasn’t even wide enough for a horse to walk through without getting smacked by low branches, bushes, and thistles. The cloaks they wore were made of thick wool, and lined with tightly woven cotton for extra warmth. If they hadn’t been wearing them, Skye knew their clothes would’ve been torn up quite a bit along their way.

As the couple made their way steadily up the winding path, Skye realized she could hear water nearby. As they found their way into a small clearing, the moonlight shined down; revealing a small stream with a waterfall. It flowed about ten feet down or so; about the distance they’d ascended. As Skye looked at the beautiful scenery, a blue, white, and black plaid blanket that had been spread out on the ground caught her eye. It had a large basket and bottle of wine sitting on a small, collapsible table next to it.

Skye gasped when she saw it, now understanding why Tidas had been so stubborn about their time table at the market. Another wave of love flooded her, and she immediately wrapped her arms around her husband while giggling in her excitement. He returned her affections, happy to know his plan was working out perfectly. The discussion they needed to have once they returned to the cottage was going to make Skye angry; in the best case scenario.

There were many things Tidas needed to explain to his wife himself. Not just about himself, but the general state of things in the kingdom and capital. She was about to go into the jackal’s den, and needed to be prepared. Her status as a princess and his wife should give her some degree of protection, but only if she kept her head down. Her powers were going to make her a target in many ways as well, for many people. One in particular, he wanted to warn her about..

Skye walked over to the blanket and sat down. Her legs were cold and tired from their walking. As soon as she sat down, a delicious smell wafted over from the basket to fill her nose. She instantly crawled over and reached out for it. She then set it on the ground so she could place the food on the tray as she pulled it out. Her mouth watered as she pulled the lid back, excited that the smells grew more pleasant and familiar.

Reaching into the basket, Skye pulled out a covered platter of cooked chicken breasts over rice. The rice had been mixed with some sort of gravy, then the entire dish had been covered in melted cheese. She then pulled out a large covered bowl of broccoli and cauliflower that had been steamed, buttered, then salted. A built-in sectional lifted up, revealing potatoes that had been cut up, seasoned, and baked. Two large cups of butter and soured cream were on the other side next to the bowl full of the chocolate-dipped strawberries from last night.

Skye looked up at Tidas as he came to stand in front of her. The smile on his face was unbelievably arrogant, but well deserved. Rice was the one thing she could never get tired of eating. The recipe was one Genie had taught the kitchen staff at Moonstone castle. It was a fusion of sorts; one they’d discovered one winter when their supplies ran out quicker than normal. That winter had been far harsher than any other Skye could remember.

Genie had brought pounds of rice with him from Sai. It didn’t grow well in Alcon, so few had ever really tried it. He had pounds sent to him yearly, so he had a decent stockpile of dried rice when the winter had hit. He wound up saving many lives by sharing his food with the community around him. He was accepted by almost everyone after that.

Skye had loved rice ever since she’d met Mei, and it reminded her of her dear friends. She smiled at the nostalgic thoughts that flooded her mind. She looked up to her amazing husband, and thanked him for the wonderful day she was having. And that she would serve him if he sat down.

Tidas took his seat, and smiled gently at his wife. She glowed brighter than the moonlight in her happy state. She grabbed two plates that had been below everything with two sets of silverware, and a few napkins. Tidas gave a small chuckle before reaching below the collapsible tray, and pulled out another large blanket with two wine glasses sitting on top. Skye laughed and nodded to the bottle; implying that he should pour.

After the glasses were filled, they exchanged food for drink, then sat and ate while chatting. The chicken was tender, and the cheese on top had been a wonderfully mild cheddar. The chicken-based gravy that had been mixed into the rice had bits of peas, carrots, and corn in it. The broccoli and cauliflower were a little crunchy still; which was how they both liked it.

The potatoes had been seasoned with salt, garlic, rosemary, and a hint of sage. The butter and soured cream weren’t really needed, but they indulged. The strawberries from the night before were sweet and ripe. The dark chocolate that coated them wasn’t very sweet; letting the flavors mix together perfectly. The red wine was thick and heavy; washing down the meal and making it complete.

They laid together, snuggling under their blanket as the stars and moon shined above them. The season was about to enter it’s final run before the snows came with force. The leaves had changed their colors, and many of the trees were quickly becoming barren. Winter was coming, and so were the Mage Trials.

“What did Zas mean? About ye bein’ in some kind of demonstration?” Skye shifted her weight so she could prop herself up on her right arm.

Tidas huffed lazily before he replied; “Oh... That? Shasta, Zas, and I have to do a, ah.. Exhibition of sorts. My brother suggested that it’d be a good idea to display the abilities of the strongest Mages in our kingdom. Diplomats from almost every kingdom will be present.. That includes the Sync Kingdom this year..”

Tidas gritted his teeth and tightened his jawline at the mention of the ones who’d helped his uncle. Skye could clearly see he was angry about it. She wanted to ask why they even allowed diplomats from Sync in Alcon, but decided against it. This was their honeymoon, and Skye didn’t want Tidas to deal with his regular stresses right now.

Sitting up a bit more, Skye leaned down to kiss her husband. She deepened the kiss as she stretched her arm across his chest to grab his shirt near his left shoulder. Tidas reached his left arm up to cup Skye’s cheek. He then slid it into her hair, entwining his fingers through her curls.

Breaking the kiss, Skye looked down at Tidas and said: “Out yer head, husband.. Yer place is here, with me..”

The prince grinned at his wife’s words. Her breath smelled of chocolate and wine. She tasted like decadence in human form. Everything about Skye right now seemed unbelievably sensual. Her breasts pressed against his chest, making them look so utterly inviting to him. In one swift move; Tidas held Skye against himself, and flipped them. She now laid beneath him, excitement in her eyes.

“Sorry love.. Let me make it up to you with some extra dessert...” Tidas nearly ripped the front of her dress as he attempted to release his wife’s breasts.

Skye giggled before she pushed at him to let her sit up. Once she had; Tidas loosened the strings to her dress, then promptly exposed his wife’s front.

Her husband was already taking a taunt nipple into his mouth as Skye laid back down. She moaned as his tongue and hands worked and kneeded her soft flesh. She ran her fingers through his hair as he began to kiss his way down her stomach.

Skye was doing all she could to get her dress off, but Tidas wasn’t making it easy. His attitude shifted from loving, to hungry. There had been multiple times during the day that he’d wanted to find a quiet spot, and take her right then. Now; they were in the middle of nowhere, with no one around to hear her screams of pleasure.

Becoming frustrated with his wife’s dress, Tidas yanked it off of her, causing a ripping sound as he did so. The look she gave him was a mix of shock and anger. It quickly shifted to lust, however, when he ripped his own shirt off and said; “I won’t hold back this time, Skye.. I can’t..”

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Dawning Skye Chapter 62