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Dawning Skye
Chapter 17

Chapter 17: Something Else

“Ha! That’s a first! Ha ha ha!” the old fairy’s mirth caused his clothes and belly to jiggle.

Skye gasped at her own lack of manners, and put her hand over her mouth. Her cheeks flushed prettily as she apologized. The name had slipped out like she was an over-excited child. It was an old holiday based off of some ancient religion from before the Great Shift. Now, they had a version called Yuletide.

According to archaeologists and historians; the world used to have more than three continents, and a highly advanced population. But that was thousands of years ago. As the people dwindled then exploded, cultures and traditions mixed, making the holiday Alcon knew and loved.

Some great structures still partially remained from ancient times. The precision of the buildings were still far too advanced for current humans to replicate. The people could barely understand how they were built. It was a growing interest in the kingdoms; giving the King of Alcon even more of an excuse to collect magic users. He figured that if anyone was going to figure out exactly what happened, it would most likely be one of them..

Very few actual texts remained, but the story of Santa the Claws has been passed down for generations. It varied kingdom to kingdom, but the underlying principles always remained the same: Good children got sweets and a small gift, and bad children were taken to Krampus’ ice castle to make the toys. One toy was to be made for every bad deed that was not balanced with the act of a good one.

Of course as Skye grew, she’d stopped believing in the children’s tale. But Yuletide had always been her favorite time of year. Whether they celebrated it or not; everyone seemed genuinely kinder to each other around the holidays. It brought a small sense of peace knowing that, at least for a small time; everyone’s hearts connected.

But that feeling barely compared to the giddy excitement bubbling up in Skye’s chest now. The male fairy floated ethereally in the air with his soft-white glow, as his laughter brought the child out in her. She removed her hand and beamed with joy. Not only was she getting to meet Another fairy, but he looked like Santa!


‘That would make Total Sense for Santa to be a fairy! The stories never explained how a human of girth would get into a house properly. It would also make sense that he used reindeer; if he were a fairy Tamer. But that still didn’t explain how the sack of presents worked.. Haha! How many debates have I gotten into with Tidas over all of this?! ....Damn, I wish he were here!’

The enthusiasm left Skye’s face as a current image of Tidas popped into her head. She’d left almost fifty minutes ago now. Skye wouldn’t be surprised if Petrie was gone by the time she got back. It had been around two in the afternoon when the nomads ambushed them. The sun indicated it was getting close to four or so.

The elderly fairy studied Skye’s expression as it had shifted. He found it amusing that the lass hadn’t changed. Seeing her and the young prince playing in their forest had been both educational and entertaining. They were good children; making an effort to not disturb the wildlife when they could, and usually cleaned up after themselves. He had enjoyed watching over them and keeping the predators away.

The children always left behind a small jar of honey or jam whenever they visited. They would announce it’s presence; yelling at the top of their lungs: “We left ye a present fae folk! Don’t be shy; it’s really good! And we’ll bring more next time! So eat it all up!”

There had been something special about them. The forest had become dimmer over the centuries. The natural magic that flowed throughout Warrick Forest had been the reason the Fae had settled there. Over the centuries, the magic had begun to weaken and fade. But when the children began to visit, the magic returned. Everything came back to life, and the elder knew it Had to be connected to the children.

The Fae Kingdom was on the farthest southern continent. Some couldn’t handle the increase in temperatures coupled with magic deprivation over the millennia. So a group migrated North, and built a free settlement for any Fae that traveled. It wasn’t common, what with the threat humans posed. And their inflating numbers only made safe places outside the Fae Kingdom almost impossible to come by.

When he realized that Skye and Tidas were different from most humans in temperament alone, Nicolas decided to set a plan into action. Befriend the kind humans that technically owned the forest they lived in, and create an official sanctuary for Fae Kind in the north. It would also give him the opportunity to study them more, and find out how and why they affected the magic source of the forest. But his plan quickly feel apart when the children stopped coming.

It had saddened the old fairy to have his plans ruined, but that was only part of it to him. Skye and Tidas had become like unofficial grandchildren to him. He watched over them, protected them, and even on occasion; indirectly played with them. He’d use his Tamer magic on a rabbit or chipmunk, and have them chase and catch it. The children were very kind; never hurting the animals that played with them.

He looked at Skye’s worried face and smiled empathetically before saying, “I have been told of your situation, and I’d like to try and help, if I can.”

“Do ye know of me power? Oh, umm.. Powers, pardon me. Ima sorry, but I must get back..” Skye began to say, but was cut off.

“Prince Tidas? I know of the events that have occurred. Aero told me most, and the forest told me the rest.. He is fine, and so is.... the other man as well. And my name is Nicolas; do with that what you may,” Nicolas gave a cheeky smile at Skye when he finished.

Skye had perked up at the elder fairy’s statement, but had to ask: “How do ye know?”

Nicolas pointed up with his finger as his smile broadened. Skye stared up at her namesake for a moment before something dark streaked across the patch of dimming sky. She focused hard; keeping still and not blinking. After about five seconds, a beautiful brown-gold hawk flew between the trees tops, and landed on a low branch, just a few feet from her. She had gasped in awe when the bird came into view, but up close; it was breathtaking.

Nicolas boisterously laughed at Skye’s wonderment. She really was just like a child in her heart. Even after taking lives, his hawk allowed Skye to approach and pet his feathers and neck. The aura she gave off was like nothing he’d ever felt before. And yet, it was familiar at the same time. Like the land was whole just from her existence...

Sudden realization hit Nicolas so bad he almost yelped: ‘No... No, no, no. That can’t be right. It couldn’t... But what other explanation is there?! Her powers, her aura, her innocence... It all fits the legend.. I, I need to do research first before I jump to conclusions..’

‘I don’t want to frighten her. And I most certainly must be right before I tell her..’ Nicolas’ demeanor shifted to deep concentration as his thoughts raced with trepidation.

“Don’t worry St. Nic, he won’t hurt me,” Skye assured; seeing his concern and assuming it was due to her petting the hawk.

“You are right, child. But I was actually deep in thought about your powers.. Aero said you hadn’t realized that you were sharing your magic with Celestia. Using a beginner’s make-shift version of a Shaman trait. Did you not know you’re Shepherd; that you had two magic traits?” Nicolas questioned as he fluttered over to Skye.

“No; Ima only aware of me water magic.. I thought Elementals couldn’t be Shepherds? Every book on magic I’ve ever read said as much,” Skye had kept petting the happy hawk as she talked.

“Me teacher was an Elemental as well. I was not happy to find out that I couldn’t learn to fly some day on me own, like him. Because I could never be a Shepherd,” Skye sighed as she finished speaking and petting.

“Ah! You’re educated then?! I should’ve figured, considering how quick you are. Your father must care for you very much since he had you educated.. From what I understand, humans have an oddity about allowing their women to read or learn,” Nicolas twirled his long beard around his finger as he spoke.

“Hah.. We’re getting a wee bit off subject here,” Skye said uncomfortably.

“Yes! You must get back to Tidas. I will go with you to get your horse, and instruct you on how to heal him. I’ll send Hugo to pick up Maevis; a good friend with Earth magic that can mend your clothes for you.. Can’t have you going home like that,” Nicolas gestured to Skye’s torn up dress.

“Earth magic can do that?! Ack! Now Ima jealous of earth users, too..” Skye said childishly.

“Your Water magic is extremely rare; even for Elementals. It may not seem like much to you here, but on the Fire Continent; you’d be treated like a Queen. And probably made a Queen due to that, and your beauty,” Nicolas said jovially as he waved his hawk off.

“Ima not interested in being a Queen; just the wife of a prince,” Skye retorted back as they began to head in the direction of her horse.

Thoth was easy to find. He hadn’t really moved from the spot where Skye has dismounted him. He’d found a patch of dandelions and was lazily munching on them as Skye walked towards him. Nicolas saw the body on the ground, but didn’t say anything. She didn’t know if Aero had seen the start of the ambush, or just the end scene by the willow tree. Either way, it didn’t matter.

Skye and Nicolas both knew she did nothing wrong in defending herself and Tidas. And it was obvious she wasn’t cold blooded. If she were, the man known as Petrie would’ve been dead too. And caring for a wee fairy would’ve been out of the question.

After Skye had mounted Thoth, Nicolas sat on Skye’s shoulder; holding a thick strand of her hair for balance. Skye was loving that she had a Real fairy sitting on her shoulder. And the fact that he looked like freaking Santa the Claws was the icing on the her fairytale cake.

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Dawning Skye Chapter 17