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Chapter 88: Slaughter and Burial

Use… his hands?

Jiang Li looked at his hands. His heart ached for his future “girlfriend”.

So body cultivators were such bitter existences? If he had known earlier, wouldn’t he have chosen to focus on other things?

Jiang Li sighed. After wrapping the Dragon Imprisoning Lock around his waist, he raised his fists and arrived beside the dying demonic ape.

“Friend, you’re just lucky to have met me, Jiang Li. With me here, your slaughter and burial will be assured, so you can die in peace now!”

Jiang Li flipped the demonic ape over. He felt helpless against this huge body for a long time.

This damned ape’s skin was really too tough. Jiang Li pounded at its chest for a long time before ending the life of the dying demonic ape.

Several of the bones inside had already been broken, but this skin still did not have any intention of tearing.

Alright, the method was still wrong. If he wanted to break through the tough skin with his bare fists, the effect would undoubtedly be twice the effort with half the result.

However, he really did not have any other means of attack.

Jiang Li’s battles had always relied on the huge increase in attributes brought by his statuses to crush his enemies with the overwhelming difference in attributes.

Of course, that felt amazing.

However, as a body cultivator, he actually did not have many moves that he could shout out. It was really too lame. Jiang Li fell into deep thought. This situation needed to be changed. At the very least, he should name a few moves.

However, right now, he still had to deal with this ape corpse in front of him.

Jiang Li’s nails were not sharp, so he could not tear it apart. Elder He also clearly said that tools were not allowed.

Jiang Li felt like he could neither do this nor that. He did not plan to play tricks the day after he acknowledged his master, that would leave a bad impression behind.

In the end, Jiang Li had no choice but to use his teeth. After he bit the skin, he started to desperately tear and even roll on the ground. He barely bit open a bloody hole in the skin of the demonic ape before his teeth loosened.

With a breakthrough, things became much easier.

Jiang Li’s fingers dug into the bloody hole. The muscles on his body swelled up, and he leaned all his terrifying brute force under the effect of [Blood Bursting Force] onto the skin of the demonic ape.

The bloody hole expanded bit by bit, and the tough muscles and tendons were exposed to the air.

The crimson muscle color was as hard to the touch as rubber, showing Jiang Li that this guy had terrifying strength when it was alive.

However, it was still pointless. With one look, he could tell that this type of muscle was not something worth eating.

After that, Jiang Li suffered another round of frenzied torture before he finally tore open the muscles, broke the bones, and dug out the heart that was larger than a basketball.

The stench of blood spread out and flowed directly into Jiang Li’s nose. Every time this happened, he wanted to get a buff that could allow him to hold his breath forever.

After stuffing the heart into the ice box, Jiang Li dragged the enormous ape corpse towards the direction Elder He had pointed out earlier.

After all, the Scripture Storage Valley was a canyon terrain. What was exposed to the ground were basically hard rocks and very little soil existed.

This region was naturally the same.

Jiang Li walked closer and realized that there were already more than a hundred stone tombs of various sizes in this area.

Jiang Li roughly looked at them. These graves that were dug out from the rocks and covered in rocks were only two to three meters in length and width. They could not even fit Jiang Li’s demonic ape.

However, the bigger ones made Jiang Li walk a thousand steps before he could barely circle around the tomb.

It seemed that his new master’s teaching method had been used for a long time. He did not know how his senior brothers and sisters had survived back then.

After putting down the ape corpse, Jiang Li found a rather spacious stone surface. A pitch-black color crawled onto his fists, and Jiang Li’s fist smashed down.

A few small pieces of gravel flew out. Jiang Li moved his palm away, and only four small pits that corresponded to the joints of his fist appeared on the rock ground.

The rocks in the inner sect area of the Scripture Storage Valley were much tougher than the rocks in the outer sect area. Jiang Li’s punch only had this effect.

It seemed that his master clearly wanted to give him a little suffering. With his fists, it was impossible to dig out a grave large enough to contain such a large ape corpse in a day with such hard ground.

Jiang Li was helpless. He looked at his fists, and he could only raise them and punch them on the ground one after another.

Ora! Ora! Ora! Rapid Fist! North Star Fist! Lightning Strike! Angel’s Volley…


The corners of Jiang Li’s mouth twitched as he sucked in a cold breath of air. Earlier, his fist had smashed into a sharp piece of gravel, and at the same time that the gravel became even more fine and shattered, his middle finger bone had also broken.

Without a trace, he pulled the finger bone back to its original position. After waiting for a moment, the pain completely disappeared. However, for safety’s sake, Jiang Li waited for a few more minutes before continuing to pound the ground crazily.

Elder He, who was hiding in the distance and quietly observing Jiang Li’s actions, revealed a pleasantly surprised expression.

Beside him stood a beautiful disciple of the Rejuvenation Hall.

Jiang Li had clearly broken a few bones when he was fighting the demonic ape earlier.

After the battle ended, Elder He deliberately did not mention the matter of treatment to see how Jiang Li’s will was. However, Jiang Li’s relaxed expression made it seem as if nothing had happened.

Now, seeing him pound the ground, it was no longer a matter of willpower.

With such vigorous vitality and such an exaggerated recovery speed, he was almost comparable to the elder himself when he was in the Foundation Establishment realm back then.

There was also the ability to harden the skin. Although it was weak, the effect was not bad.

His disciple’s physical body cultivation talent was probably far above his expectations.

After letting the female cultivator from the Rejuvenation Hall leave, the Head Elder of the Demon Vanquishing Hall looked for a long time before he excitedly rode his magic artifact into the sky and flew towards the heavy mountain outside the Scripture Storage Valley.

“Next time, what demon beast should I capture?”

On this side, Jiang Li was still pounding the ground at an extremely high frequency. It was as if a construction team was working here, and an enormous wave of noises resounded.

His eyes suddenly flashed, and he immediately stopped pounding. He blew away some of the stone powder on his hands. On the eight joints of his fists, there were already eight thick fist calluses that looked extremely ugly.

“He’s finally gone?” Jiang Li muttered in his heart.

Although Elder He was spying on him far away, he did not hide it at all. Therefore, as long as Jiang Li calmed down and sent a portion of his attention into the Bodhisattva Heart Sutra, he could easily capture that spying sensation.

These displayed talents were naturally intentional by Jiang Li. After all, these things could not be hidden from the eyes of high-level cultivators.

Thus, he revealed them openly.

In any case, whether the body cultivation talent was good or not did not have much to do with the grade of the spiritual root.

At most, Jiang Li would be considered a genius that had been undiscovered previously, and no one would want to dissect him because of their suspicions.

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