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Chapter 55: Confidence?

[Name: Yin Burial Coffin]

[Type: Dharma Artifact]

[Grade: High-Grade Profound-Rank]

[Characteristics: Space, Blood Sucking, Yin Burial]

[Main Material: Bloodsucking Wood]

[Status: Yin Qi Leakage]

[Note: Simply necessary for long distance travels.]

High-grade Profound-rank!!!

What the heck!

Jiang Li was shocked. He had originally thought that as long as he could obtain a low-grade Profound-rank artifact, he would be satisfied.

However, it was indeed the inheritance of a Golden Core cultivator!

This coffin that looked ordinary and could only be sold for three taels of silver in the mortal world was actually a high-grade Profound-rank artifact!

Although the Yin Burial Coffin might be leaking Yin qi because it had been ownerless for too long and had not been maintained effectively, high-grade Profound-rank was still amazing, it was a high-grade item that ordinary cultivators might not be able to see in their lifetime.

Great! Great!

With a wave of his hand, the coffin floated up and shrunk automatically. Soon, it transformed into an exquisite small coffin that was the size of a palm and flew into Jiang Li’s palm.

It could be powerful, small, light, or heavy. There was also a space inside.

Jiang Li did not know the capacity of other storage artifacts, but this coffin was shockingly large.

Even if it did not have any other function, just being a storage artifact would probably be worthy of the high-grade Profound-rank.

Jiang Li grinned and chuckled foolishly. He stuffed the coffin into his arms very lovingly before standing up and slowly walking towards the Scripture Storage Valley’s flying ship in satisfaction.

‘Eh? Did I forget something?’

‘Damn, I’ve almost forgotten to retrieve the black zombie!’

Jiang Li was eager to keep the treasure, but he forgot about the black zombie who had worked hard this time.

He quickly returned to the coffin and retrieved the black zombie before returning.

After the flying ship arrived, there was no loud sound for a while. The battle should have ended already.

As expected, nothing happened when he cautiously approached.

The originally turbid Mother River turned pitch-black. Under the illumination of the rising sun, it emitted a suffocating stench!

It was no wonder that those Yin Corpses were not liked by cultivators. They were simply biological weapons.

The fish in this river were definitely dead. It would probably take at least 50 years before the ecology could gradually recover.

On the river, there was still a large amount of floating ice.

Many cultivators were shattering the floating ice and casting special fishing nets to find things. Their goal might be the cultivator corpses or the ownerless artifacts of a fallen cultivator. In any case, they were not fishing for sure.

“Jiang Li, you’re back. Are you injured?”

Jiang Li returned to the original location of the Scripture Storage Valley’s camp. He did not see Elder Weng Sanqi, but he saw Yu Banxia, Lu Qianqian, and the rest.

“It’s just a small injury. Why are you guys here?”

As soon as Jiang Li finished asking, he realized that he had asked a stupid question. The flying ship was still floating in the sky. Shouldn’t they be here?

“We followed the sect’s flying ship. Elder Weng Sanqi and the few inner sect senior brothers here have all gone into the ship to recuperate from their injuries.”

“Elder Duan asked us to come down and clean up the battlefield ourselves. If there are any gains, it’s considered ours.”

They were injured? Jiang Li was stunned. His main body was far away, and the black zombie was hiding at the bottom of the river. He really did not know what the situation was like just now.

“Cleaning up the battlefield? I saw quite a number of cultivators fishing in the river just now. What else can we find in the river?”

Jiang Li could not expose the fact that the black zombie had been hiding in the water. That would bring about unnecessary trouble, so he immediately put on an act and asked.

“Actually, there aren’t any good gains. The elders and inner sect senior brothers don’t think much of it. It’s only useful to us outer sect disciples and some rogue cultivators. Look at this.”

Yu Banxia led Jiang Li to the side. Lu Qianqian was using her Water-attribute spiritual qi to condense water and wash the few things on the ground. 𝚒n𝚗r𝗲𝒂𝗱. c𝑜𝓶

Jiang Li understood immediately that they meant the artifacts of the dead cultivators.

When a cultivator’s corpse fell into the river, it would be dragged away by the underwater tree roots and could not be salvaged.

The only things that could be salvaged were these broken artifacts.

“I don’t think these artifacts can be used anymore.”

The water of the Mother River had already been completely dyed black by the Yin Corpses’ blood. These artifacts had been soaked in the river for so long. Unless they were Yin-attribute to begin with, it would be strange if they could still be used.

“They can’t be used, but a portion of the materials in the artifacts can still be used after smelting. Jiang Li, you should choose one too.”

Jiang Li realized that there was still such a thing. However, as someone who had already made a fortune, he had already lost interest in such trivial benefits…

Jiang Li felt regretful in his heart. Damn it! If he had known earlier, he would have let the black zombie search around more!

Due to Yu Banxia and the others’ kindness, Jiang Li could only reluctantly choose a dirty, hook-shaped artifact and keep it in his bag.

“Jiang Li, thank you so much for your help in the mission. If not for you notifying the sect in time, all of us would have died there yesterday.”

“You contributed the most to this mission. After the sect rewards are distributed, you should receive the biggest share.”

After a pause, Yu Banxia spoke about the previous mission. The others did not look too good either.

After all, the dangerous life and death situation had only happened yesterday.

Two of their companions had died, and the five of them were all injured. Their bodies were covered in thick bandages, and they looked much more miserable than Jiang Li.

However, Yu Banxia still mentioned their previous agreement and wanted to share their gains with him.

Jiang Li was actually slightly embarrassed. Because under the care of Elder Weng Sanqi, the sect had decided to reward him far more than the others.

“We’re all friends, why are you saying this?”

“I’ve heard about the two of them. I’m sorry. If I could have been faster, perhaps they wouldn’t have died.”

Everyone fell silent again. Jiang Li was not very familiar with the two disciples who had died, but the relationship between the five of them and the dead disciples was pretty good, so they would probably be very depressed. He expressed this, but it was unknown if it could be considered as comforting the living.

“I already said we are friends, why are you saying all this? If you want to blame someone, blame those greedy rogue cultivators.”

“Let’s not talk about this anymore. The rewards given by the sect this time are extremely generous, and it’s enough to support our cultivation for a long time. For the next period of time, we don’t need to go on missions anymore.”

“I plan to cultivate well and participate in the outer sect competition this year!”

Even Jiang Li was surprised after hearing Yu Banxia’s words.

The outer sect disciples were not all weak. There were many seniors with high-grade spiritual roots at the late-stage Qi Refinement realm.

Their cultivation levels were higher, and they were more proficient in their spell techniques and had more experience. How could a first-year cultivator resist them?

Forget about the anomaly Jiang Li, but where did Yu Banxia get his confidence from?

“Are you serious?” Jiang Li asked in surprise.

“Isn’t it just participating in the outer sect competition? There’s no need to be so nervous. Even if you can’t win, accumulating some experience can allow you to obtain an advantage in the future.”

Oh, so that was the case. Jiang Li had thought that he had also obtained some great opportunity in the Southern Seal Kingdom.

“In that case, count me in as well.”

Jiang Li stretched his body, and the bones in his entire body crackled. It was merely an outer sect competition, so they should just wait for him to beat them all!

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