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Chapter 53: Zombie Demon’s Demise

“This seems to be a sword cultivator from the Shu Mountain Five Elements Peak?”

Jiang Li went up to take a look. The clothes on that sword cultivator were almost identical to Yin Qiu’s, but the small insignia on his chest had an additional sword.

The corpse looked pale and shriveled, but other than the four bloody holes on its neck, the other areas were quite intact. There were no obvious external injuries.

At this moment, the riverbed beneath the sword cultivator’s corpse suddenly started to fluctuate slightly.

Jiang Li’s heart stirred. He knew that the roots of the graveyard were coming up to collect the corpse.

The black zombie quickly moved. It used its intact hand to grab the corpse and dragged it to the side.

The riverbed quickly stopped wriggling, and the root did not reach out. It seemed that, like the black zombie, as long as the corpse remained in motion, the root below would not react to it.

He dragged the sword cultivator’s corpse and picked up the flying sword midway. Jiang Li controlled the black zombie to open the coffin lid and placed the flying sword and the corpse inside.


Jiang Li watched as the sword cultivator’s corpse fell into the coffin and disappeared the moment it landed.

What… was going on?

The coffin ate him?

Wait, wait!

This was the cultivation world. Could it be that this thing had a hidden space inside?

Jiang Li suddenly became excited. Spatial equipment was a good thing.

According to his knowledge, even Golden Core elders might not have storage artifacts. That kind of thing was very precious and rare.

After some thought, the black zombie grabbed the edge of the coffin, turned around, and lay inside.

The moment the black zombie’s back touched the coffin, the surrounding environment suddenly changed. From a narrow space that could only allow a person to lie down, it became an empty rectangular space that was eight meters long, four meters wide, and four meters tall.

It was probably smaller than an ordinary classroom. The sword cultivator’s corpse and damaged flying sword were lying on the side.

On the whole, the black zombie saw that the space in the coffin was mostly filled with river water. A few Ghost Lantern Fish had entered and were slowly swimming around, providing stable light to the space.

There were some miscellaneous items piled at the side. They looked quite old.

Just as he was about to search for treasure…

Buzz buzz~

As if the signal was not good, the connection through the Five Senses Enhancement became intermittent. The connection was unstable, and a large portion of the vision sharing he received was also missing!

Oh no!

There was a shielding effect in the artifact space!

Before the connection was completely severed, Jiang Li controlled the black zombie and hurriedly climbed out of the coffin.

Fortunately, this thing had no owner. Otherwise, he would have walked into a trap.

Feeling the connection restored, Jiang Li heaved a sigh of relief.

At this moment, many more corpses landed on the river.

In line with the core values of Immortal Cultivation, Jiang Li dragged the coffin and began to loot the corpses everywhere.

However, unlike the sword cultivators who were not far away from him, the corpses of the other cultivators landed without any pattern. Most of them were far away as well.

Coupled with the large number of Yin Corpses’ deaths, the black blood that flowed out reduced the visibility underwater. The speed at which the tree roots pulled the corpses was also very fast.

Most of the time, Jiang Li was unable to make it in time, and he relied on his luck to seize three corpses before completely giving up. He dragged the coffin and went downstream as he started to gradually leave this battlefield.

The battle on the river had gradually reached its climax.

In the beginning, when the Golden Core zombie demon had just been born, although it was powerful, its expenditure was not little at all.

It had used corpse poison several times and its body had been pierced by the flying sword. It had even spat out the Zombie Core in its stomach for attack.

This was especially true when facing the Five Elements Sword Formation. The large amount of corpse qi that emitted from its body was equivalent to a cultivator forcefully burning their cultivation. It was a technique that consumed a great deal of energy and was very self-destructive.

Although it had a vast number of Yin Corpses helping it, they could not fly.

After rising up, the Golden Core zombie demon fought hundreds of enemies alone.

It did not have enough wisdom to weigh the pros and cons of the situation. When faced with a siege, it would lose sight of one thing and be distracted by the other. By relying on its instincts, it gradually exposed more flaws. The rate at which the Yin qi was expended was like a broken floodgate. The injuries on its body, big and small, were also rapidly accumulating.

As time passed, after nearly fifty Foundation Establishment cultivators died, a few Core Formation cultivators finally found an opportunity to heavily injure the Golden Core zombie demon.

(Void Core, True Core, and Golden Core all belonged to the Core Formation realm)

At this moment, on the scene, the aura of the Golden Core zombie demon had already weakened to the limit. The part below the waist had long disappeared. At the open wound of the huge abdomen, some organs that had lost their function were hanging there, swaying, looking abnormally terrifying.

It was the result of a full-strength strike by the leading elder of the Shu Mountain Five Elements Peak with the help of the rest.

The few sect elders and a Void Core rogue cultivator surrounding the zombie demon also had chaotic auras and were all injured.

Their wounds were covered in a black stench that was slowly spreading in all directions. The intense corpse poison was also challenging their limits.

At this moment, as long as they swarmed over, they would be able to hack the zombie demon to death.

However, they had their own considerations and did not dare to step forward.

It was because the Golden Core zombie demon seemed to know that it was going to die. That final trump card, the Zombie Core, was kept in its mouth, ready to be spat out at any time.

With the current state of the cultivators, they would probably be unable to endure this attack. Whoever went up would be the one to die.

Elder Weng Sanqi was also depressed. At this moment, it would be good even if only one more puppet was left.

But the next moment, his face, which had turned pale from blood loss and corpse poisoning, suddenly revealed an expression of ecstasy.

The expressions of the other cultivators changed drastically at the same time. However, they were not overjoyed, but more complicated expressions like worry and distress.

That was because, in the distant horizon, a flying ship was flying through the air, enlarging rapidly in his vision.

When it got closer, there was a red building symbol on the flying ship, which meant that it was the ship of the Scripture Storage Valley!

“Little zombie demon! How dare you cause trouble!”

Arrays lit up on the ship. Under the control of the cultivators in the ship, terrifying spiritual qi fluctuations erupted, as if it could kill all the cultivators here with one strike.

“Elder Duan! Don’t damage the Zombie Core!” Weng Sanqi shouted anxiously.

They were all elders of the Scripture Storage Valley, so they naturally knew him.


Two white spiritual qi beams, one large and one small, shot out from the bow of the ship.

One of them scattered on the river surface, instantly turning the water into ice, freezing a large number of Yin Corpses along with the river surface.

One shot towards the zombie demon, freezing the Zombie Core that it spat out along with the remaining half of its body into an ice sculpture!

The Golden Core zombie demon had finally been killed, and it was not Jiang Li’s turn to worry about splitting the spoils of war.

At this moment, Jiang Li had already run downstream. On a small branch of the Mother River, a broken piece of chain shot out from his hand, and he pulled out an ancient coffin from the bottom of the river.

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