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Cultivation! My Augmented Statuses Have Unlimited Duration
Chapter 51 - Golden Core Zombie Demon

Chapter 51: Golden Core Zombie Demon

To deal with such disgusting enemies, only long-range attacks would be acceptable, but once they were within range, the outcome would be disastrous.

“Damn it! Everyone rise up! Keep your distance!” Someone shouted, but everyone was already running for their lives.

Fortunately, they had already asked all the Qi Refinement realm disciples to leave before the operation began. Otherwise, if they were to be splashed with such liquid, they would at least be half dead.

As for the black zombie, its luck was quite good. The cultivator closest to it had clearly suffered a great loss from the Yin Corpse. It had been too short a time, and he had not been able to tell the difference between the two.

Therefore, the cultivator did not dare to use his artifact. Instead, he broke one of the black corpse’s arms and sent it back into the river.

“So close, so close, this zombie was almost crippled.”

On the surface of the river, the Yin Corpses and cultivators were engaged in a heated battle. Jiang Li controlled the black zombie and obediently retreated to the bottom of the river.

In the riverbed beside them, there was still a steady stream of Yin Corpses. According to the terrifying number of corpses in the underwater graveyard, if they were all Yin Corpses, even if they stood still and were attacked by the cultivators above, there might not have enough long-range firepower to eliminate all of them.

This Mother River was clearly like a dangerous hornet’s nest.

At this moment, in the black zombie’s gaze, a source of Yin qi that was as bright as a torch suddenly appeared!

It was the coffin that was surrounded by countless ghost flames in the underwater graveyard, which had been thrown out as well by the tree roots!

The Yin qi wrapped around it was so dense that the black zombie’s body trembled. It almost swallowed its stiff tongue.


The coffin suddenly exploded as the river water rose. The coffin lid and body flew in two different directions.

What appeared on the spot was a beautiful female cultivator in a robe with a pale face and tightly shut eyes!

The surrounding turbid river water was expelled by an invisible force, forming a huge hole with the female cultivator at the center!

Pressure! The formless pressure spread everywhere!


Without even having time to react, the black zombie was actually forced by the female cultivator’s pressure to kneel down stiffly.

Wait, this should be the suppression between a high-level zombie demon and low-level zombies!

This female cultivator was the Golden Core zombie demon!


The wave rose a thousand feet high. The Golden Core zombie demon suddenly rushed out of the water. Without even using an artifact, its figure flashed past like a fleeting shadow. It actually relied on just a mouthful of corpse qi to surpass all the cultivators present.

“Don’t you dare leave, vile demon! Take this, Mystic Gate Puppet Formation!”

Elder Weng Sanqi, who had been resisting the pressure of the Yin Corpses and staying on the water surface, had been waiting for this moment.

The 37 wooden puppets did not move at all because they wanted to ensure that the foundation of the Mystic Gate Puppet Formation was complete.

At this moment, the Golden Core zombie demon broke through the water surface and landed in his Puppet Formation.

As Weng Sanqi struck out with a spell technique, the 37 puppets moved out at once in unison.

They were like scattered beads on the ground that were suddenly pierced by a string. They quickly gathered together and formed a spherical cage, trapping the Golden Core zombie demon inside.


The beautiful Golden Core zombie demon slapped its claw fiercely onto the puppet cage.

However, the runes on the 37 wooden puppets lit up at the same time, and they spread the pressure in a mystical manner.

How could an elder of the Mystic Gate Hall who had a Void Core in his body be easy to deal with?

After all, the Golden Core zombie demon was only a zombie demon that had been transformed after death. It was impossible for it to retain its strength when it was alive. Elder Weng Sanqi believed that he was still capable of temporarily trapping this zombie demon with his Mystic Gate spell techniques.


Then, the Golden Core zombie demon slapped with its claws again. The light on the 37 wooden puppets flickered quickly before suddenly dimming.

Elder Weng’s rosy face suddenly turned pale. He could not hold back his blood and spat it out!

His expression was aghast. How was this possible! This zombie demon was less than a hundred years old. How could it be so powerful!

“Hurry up and help!”

Originally, he had thought that he could seize the initiative and directly capture this Golden Core zombie demon. In the future, he could refine it into his Golden Core puppet, and would definitely be able to increase his strength by a level.

However, at this moment, he could not be bothered about this.

“Amitabha! Let me help you!”

“See through suffering and vices! Ananda Golden Light!”

A Buddhist chant sounded in the air. The Benevolent Travel Temple’s Dharma Master, who was at least two meters tall and liked to use reason to convince people, descended from the sky.

He pressed his palms together, and golden light shone from them.

When the golden light shone on the puppet cage, it seemed to be dyed with a layer of gold paint, causing the entire cage to become golden and brilliant, looking extremely firm.

Moreover, when the golden light shone on the zombie demon in the cage…


As the saying went, everything in the world had its own weaknesses. Just now, all the cultivators were badly battered by the countless Yin Corpses.

But at this moment, the Ananda Golden Light had the same effect on the zombie demon.

Strands of black smoke rose incessantly. The skin on the beautiful face of the Golden Core zombie demon was like a piece of paper that had been lit, and it was burned into pieces of ash by the golden light, causing it to become a horrifying sight.


The Golden Core zombie demon roared in pain, causing all the cultivators’ eardrums to tremble.

What followed was a thick mouthful of pitch-black corpse poison that could not be dissolved.

Although the Ananda Golden Light had a restraining effect on it, it was not that exaggerated. The corpse poison of the Golden Core zombie demon was long and spewed out like a column, forcefully rolling over while resisting the golden light.

“My robe!”

“My puppet!”

In the next moment, two figures flew back. The monastic robe of the Dharma Master was already pitch-black. Six of Weng Sanqi’s puppets had also been corroded to pieces.

The puppet trap formation was broken by a mouthful of corpse poison.

The two of them felt sorry for their artifacts and did not dare to fight head-on, but they had given the enemy the chance to break out.

After escaping, the Golden Core zombie demon ignored everyone else and chased after the Benevolent Travel Temple’s Dharma Master.

It seemed that the zombie demon would also bear grudges. That golden light just now had thoroughly offended it.

“Le Kong! Stop it for a breath of time!” Just as Dharma Master Le Kong was covered in injuries from the Golden Core zombie demon’s attack, a voice sounded beside him.

It was Weng Sanqi’s two puppets.

Le Kong was just about to curse when he saw five sword lights speeding over from the corner of his eye. He immediately understood what Weng Sanqi meant.

He no longer fled. Instead, he tore off the tattered monastic robe, revealing a muscular body that was like an iron tower.

“Buddhist Light Protection! Evil demon, face your demise!”

His bulging muscles were covered in gold paint. He turned around and blocked the zombie demon’s claw, almost getting beaten up.

Fortunately, two puppets flew over from the side and grabbed the zombie demon’s hands from both sides. When they were free, they also leaned forward and grabbed the zombie demon’s collar bone.

Creak! Creak! Creak!

Under the tremendous force, the joints of the bones emitted a jarring sound.

Le Kong’s strength and the two puppets were still inferior to the slender Golden Core zombie demon.

However, as long as they could control it for a breath, it was enough!

Five golden lights instantly arrived!

The Shu Mountain’s Five Elements Sword!

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Cultivation! My Augmented Statuses Have Unlimited Duration Chapter 51 - Golden Core Zombie Demon