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Crossing the Other World to Build Gundam
Chapter 1002: Long Fei’s declaration

"I know there are still many of you who don't want to recognize me as your emperor, and I don't expect you to be loyal to me, but I have this responsibility and obligation to protect you, Mars, and the people of the Sky Wing Empire. This is what I promise. Fadis’s prayer, I promised him, and I will keep my promise, which is also the responsibility of the emperor.”

"It doesn't matter whether you still miss the previous dynasty, or you still hate my people in your heart, or the people who are willing to work with me to build and develop the Sky Wing Empire."

"I only have one request to the soldiers of the Tianyi Empire to protect Mars, protect the compatriots and relatives on the planet, because they need your protection, because you are soldiers, and the duty of soldiers is to defend the country and protect the people. Now our homeland is being destroyed When it comes to attack, we should stand up and defend our homeland."

When Long Fei said this, some of the shaken former Dion Army's Tianyi Imperial Army had a sense of agreement with what Long Fei said, just like what Long Fei said, their homeland is under attack, and they must stand up to protect their homeland.

"I want all of you soldiers to answer now, are you willing to guard your homeland with me, defend Mars, protect civilians, stand in front of our compatriots, and prevent the crisis from befalling them? Are you willing to stand with me? ?” Long Fei shouted out the last sentence.

"Will! Will!"

Whether it was the original Dion army, the original Tianyi mercenaries, or the soldiers of the two Mars circle countries that were destroyed by the Dion Empire, everyone shouted their willingness unanimously.

The former Tianyi mercenaries immigrated to the Tianyi Empire with their families. Once Mars was hurt, their relatives in Mars would be harmed indirectly, and they were willing to stand up and protect their homeland.

"Okay, I am very relieved that you are willing to fight side by side with me to protect Mars and protect your family. Here, I also declare the duties that the Tianyi Empire and successive emperors must do well."

"The Sky Winged Empire will never surrender to the enemy, let alone pay compensation to the enemy and cede territory. If the enemy wants to make an inch of our Sky Winged Empire, then the only thing waiting for them is the iron fist of our Sky Winged Empire."

"Even if we can't fight, we will never surrender to the enemy, nor will we bend our knees. Dignity and peace are all fought, not compromised."

"If the enemy thinks that we can use powerful force to make us submit, then it is a big mistake. We will let the enemy know that the end of provoking our Sky Wing Empire will be miserable. Even if we fight to the last man, we will destroy the enemy country. Our Sky Winged Empire will only become the enemy's nightmare."

"Ho **** ho **** ho ho!

! "All the soldiers on the scene shouted, responding to the emperor's declaration with their courage and fighting spirit.

"Also, starting from my great ancestor emperor, the successive emperors of the Tianyi Empire must guard the country's gates and die at the death of the country. Once the country encounters a major crisis, the emperor must step forward to protect the country and the people. "

"Long live my emperor!

! "

"Long live the Sky Wing Empire!

! " i𝚗n𝘳𝙚𝑎𝗱. 𝑐𝗼𝒎

"We are willing to fight shoulder to shoulder with His Majesty the Emperor!

! "

Long Fei's declaration immediately aroused the resonance of the whole country, even the former Tianyi soldiers of the Dion Army who were still unwilling to be loyal in their hearts could not but admire Long Fei in their hearts.

They also saw that Long Fei was very similar to Fadis, a courageous emperor who was willing to fight for the people.

He also has the courage to be an emperor, go to the front line, and fight side by side with the soldiers. The Tianyi Empire and the Dion Empire will not surrender to the enemy, but will only fight to the last moment.

Long Fei's declaration quickly spread throughout the world.

As the general emperor of the Han Xia Empire, Xu Weiran had to admire Long Fei, the emperor, who was willing to fight on the front line of the battlefield. On his side, only his third prince and third princess went to the front line in person.

Xu Weiran couldn't help but smile wryly when he thought of this.

International experts also commented on Long Fei's declaration, thinking that the Tianyi Empire would become very tough under Long Fei's leadership, and even if Long Fei was gone, future generations of emperors would follow his declaration and go to the front.

Let everyone know the toughness and backbone of the Tianyi Empire.

At the same time as Long Fei issued the declaration, the Space Battlestar Bulger and the Diva, led by the **** fleet, arrived at the designated location.

The photon burst cannon device of the Diva is ready to launch, and it can fire the photon burst cannon at any time.

At present, the trajectories of three huge meteorites have been mastered, and there are still tens of millions of kilometers away from Mars.

If it weren't for the three huge meteorites crashing the detector several times in a row, the Tianyi Empire would not have discovered the traces of the three huge meteorites so early.

The Sky Wing Empire used scouts and monitors to capture the traces of three meteorites, calculated their speed and course to hit Mars in about 120 hours, and calculated the light speed of the photon burst cannon and Bulger cannon, thus hitting and destroying the huge meteorite .

The photon burst cannon and the Bulger cannon have an effective range, the former has an effective range of about 3 million kilometers, and the latter has an effective range of about 5 million kilometers.

The firing interval time, the latter is faster than the former, and it can be fired again with full energy in about three hours.

The **** fleet is on guard around the Battlestar Bulger and the Diva, guarding against the sneak attack of the ghosts to disrupt their actions.

On the other side, the Akdilla-modified meteorite continued to rush towards Mars. The moment the second layer of defensive energy shield was opened, a super Mega cannon bombarded it from the left side of the Akdilla-modified meteorite.

Moreover, on the left side, several electromagnetic speed cannons and thousands of mobile drill missiles bombarded Akdilla to transform the meteorite.

After about ten seconds of bombardment, the second layer of defensive energy shield was destroyed under the bombardment of super mega cannon, electromagnetic speed cannon and thousands of mobile drill missiles, and the protective shield like a turtle shell shattered like glass shards. .

The remaining more than a thousand mobile drill missiles blasted towards the third layer of defensive energy shield.

At the same time, Akdilla modified the right side of the meteorite, and a super Mega cannon particle cannon, several electromagnetic speed cannons and thousands of mobile drill missiles appeared.

Then, Akdilla modified the front end of the meteorite and blasted a super Mega cannon particle cannon.

The defense power of the third layer of defense energy shield is far better than that of the second layer.

In addition to the 2 super Mega cannon particle cannons plus the electromagnetic speed cannon and the mobile drill missile, there are other energy weapons of the battleship.

In about ten seconds, the third layer of defensive energy protection cover, the entire tortoise shell protection cover directly cracked like a crack in the glass, and shattered like a glass window in the 11th second.

The Super Mega Cannon Particles that still had enough power bombarded the surface layer of the meteorite in Akdira, and blasted into the interior about 100 meters.

The Super Mega Cannon Particle Cannon that bombarded the front end of Akdilla's modified meteorite was only 50 meters away from the muzzle of the Destroying Wing Cannon.

Lieutenant General Wu Wenyuan saw this result from the ultra-long-range quantum camera and secretly exclaimed that it was a pity. Seeing that one shot missed the target, he ordered the Yagama battleship to evade immediately.

On the other side, Dikla received the message and was a little annoyed at the content of the message.

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Crossing the Other World to Build Gundam Chapter 1002: Long Fei’s declaration