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Crossing the Other World to Build Gundam
Chapter 1001: resonate and shake

Fierce battles took place inside and outside the Akdila modified meteorite, but the outside was more than a hundred times more intense than the inside.

Moreover, Akdilla's transformation of meteorites still continues to advance.

The 3rd cannon fires.

Fortunately, Lieutenant General Wu Wenyuan had already taken all evasive actions. Although some warships were still destroyed by the destroyer cannon, most of the warships and the quasi-Agama warships were not destroyed.

"General, the big meteorites have activated their turtle shell shields again."

Lieutenant General Wu Wenyuan frowned. The mobile drill missiles on their side were exhausted, and it was not so easy to penetrate the third layer of protective cover.

The super mega cannon of the Nyagama battleship can only penetrate the incomplete third layer of protective cover. If it is complete, at least 2 super mega cannons are needed to have a certain chance.

Moreover, Akdilla modified the meteorite and opened the protective cover, and the Tianyi Imperial Army inside the protective cover is still fighting.

"Has the request to the superiors for the Battlestar Bulger to fire the Bulger Cannon been answered?"

"Return to the general, the command told us that Battlestar Bulger has other tasks to perform and cannot agree to our request."

"What about Diva?"

"Return to the general, Diva is on mission with Battlestar Bulger."

Lieutenant General Wu Wenyuan frowned, Battlestar Bulger and Diva were performing other tasks at the same time.

"Could it be that there is a greater danger endangering our country, otherwise these two trump cards of the strongest strategic weapons will never be transferred to other missions." Lieutenant General Wu Wenyuan did not expect that there would be a greater crisis.

"It seems that the crisis I'm dealing with is probably not the most serious."

"you belong With Me

please don't say goodbye to me

Hug together anytime, anywhere

i belong to you

The inner desire is about to burst

I must give this heart to you

we belong to the earth

In one corner of the distant universe

there is this shining planet

All sorrows unfold here

All the love goes here..."

Long Fei listened to Beyoime in his Niu Gundam HWS equipped cockpit. Long Fei once sang this song, which became the most classic song in the world after it spread throughout the solar system.

They also sang in different languages, and some people even commented that this song is actually to promote love, protect the earth, the place where human beings originated, don't be afraid of darkness, radiate your own light, protect love, and no matter how far human beings have developed, even if they have been able to As you walk towards the boundless sea of ​​stars, don't forget that human beings all come from the solar system and the earth, regardless of each other.

Some experts even analyzed Beyoime. Long Fei, the ancestor of the Tianyi Empire, wrote and performed this song, calling on all human beings, no matter where they go, to have love in their hearts and guard what they value.

Long Fei also has the same opinion about Beyoime's song, especially at the moment, he most hopes that all human beings, no matter they are ordinary people, adjusted people or new human beings, can let go of their prejudices and prepare to deal with the crisis in the future.

No one knows when the alien civilizations will come to the solar system. If the alien civilizations who come to the solar system have mastered technology far superior to the solar system, they will not have any equal exchanges with the solar system.

When a low-cost civilization meets a high-level civilization, the end will be miserable, because the life forms of a high-level civilization will not pity the life forms of a low-level civilization, just like human beings will not care about the life of an ant.

Long Fei hopes that the human beings in the current solar system can unite as one, and that the united human beings may still have a glimmer of hope for victory or survival.

The top priority of the Sky Wing Empire now is to develop and improve technology. The antimatter bomb can be said to be one of the strategic weapons in the universe, and it is a very lethal weapon for civilizations below the second level.

Even if the second-order civilization is hit by an antimatter bomb, the damage it suffers cannot be underestimated.

If in the future, alien civilizations of the level of aliens come to the solar system, as long as there are antimatter bombs, they can sit directly at the negotiating table and negotiate.

Long Fei took out the Dion Empire technology and shared it with the world, hoping that the whole world could unite and open their mouths.

"Didi..." The cockpit information instrument sent a report.

Long Fei opened it to check the content of the information. The Akdilla modified meteorite is currently more than 10 million kilometers away from Mars.

Akdilla's transformation of meteorites is still in a state of recklessness.

According to this situation, it will reach Mars in about 180 hours.

Long Fei didn't expect Fadis's grandson to use this suicide tactic to hit.

"If Fardis knew that his grandson was doing this, I'm afraid he would die and make him angry. Fardis would never use this method to harm new humans, especially his people who used to be, but now Fardis is still alive, and he will never do such a thing, he would rather give Mars to me, and he will never hurt anyone in Mars."

Long Fei felt that Dikla was so stupid, if Fadis was still alive, he probably wanted to shoot this grandson to death.

Then, Long Fei walked out of the cockpit, Li Xiucheng leaned on the protective pole, and Pan Zhenhua was standing beside him.

"Your Majesty, we are ready."

"Then let's start." Long Fei took the earphone and headset from Li Xiucheng.

Several unmanned cameras floated in front of Long Fei and started live broadcasting.

"My dear citizens and brave soldiers of the Sky Wing Empire, our Sky Wing Empire has been attacked today. The one who attacked our Sky Wing Empire was Dikla from the former Dion Empire. He is the grandson of Fardis. I believe some people are secretly delighted."

"Those who are secretly delighted, I also know that you miss the previous dynasty, but what I want to ask is whether you can ask yourself whether the Dion Empire has given you a peaceful and stable life, and waged wars for many years. Think about it , How many relatives have you lost?"

"Of course, I also know that as a new human being, there are many privileges granted by the Dion Empire, but think about it, how many people's sufferings are your privileges based on, and what price you paid to obtain these privileges , all the new humans who enjoy the privileges of the Dion Empire when they start a war will be sent to the battlefield."

"Are you giving willingly? Who has benefited from your efforts? Fadis's new humanism really made him successful back then. Can your efforts be rewarded in direct proportion? No, it is Fadis I am willing to share the results with you, but the entangled nobles in the Dion Empire will definitely take a lot of the benefits that His Majesty the Emperor gave you, and in the end what you get is just some residue and soup."

"Now, Dikla, the grandson of Fardis, is hitting Mars with a large meteorite. This person doesn't think about the feelings of his compatriots in the past. He doesn't care about your feelings at all, and he doesn't care about the common people on Mars. How many are your relatives, family members, lovers, such people, are you willing to be loyal to him?"

When Long Fei said this, many people from the Tianyi Empire, soldiers and prisoners watching the live broadcast fell into deep thought. Is someone like Dikla really worthy to be their emperor? Such people have a question mark over their heads.

Long Fei continued: "Although I hate Fardis, he is still an opponent I respect and a person I admire. Although this person is a racist in my eyes, he is very good to his people. He will never Meteorites are going to hit Mars, he would rather lose Mars, and he never wants to hurt any people on Mars, as an emperor, his style deserves the respect of his people, but his grandson is so unbearable, it is embarrassing to him .”

When Long Fei said this, many members of the Tianyi Empire who were former citizens of the Dion Empire resonated, and many soldiers and prisoners of the former Dion Army (who were still loyal to the Dion Empire) were shaken in their hearts.

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Crossing the Other World to Build Gundam Chapter 1001: resonate and shake