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Crossing the Other World to Build Gundam
Chapter 1000: Triumph Armor

The anti-suppression force of the Dion Pirates uses newly developed armor for individual weapons.

[Triumph Armor] The white outer bone marrow armor and white armor are integrated. There are small propellers on the back and legs, and have energy shields, which can resist ordinary individual solid bullets and energy weapons.

The Tianyi Imperial Army wearing the first-generation Spartan battle uniforms will suffer in some battles if they do not have external armor or outer bone marrow armor.

For example, in melee combat, the Triumph Armor is 5 times stronger than the Outer Bone Marrow Armor, and under the physique enhancement transformation of the party concerned, the Tianyi Imperial Army wearing the first-generation Spartan battle uniform is almost equal to the opponent in the physique enhancement transformation. In terms of quality, there is a gap in the strength of the armor or uniform of the two.

Triumphant Armor can fully withstand the punches of Spartan warriors, but the Spartan Armor's solid stone function cannot withstand the triumphant armor's boxing, and one punch destroys the solid rock function.

Directly wound the soldiers wearing the first-generation Spartan uniforms.

A soldier wearing a Spartan battle suit II and another soldier wearing a triumphal armor are flying towards each other and firing at each other. They are each running quickly on different aisle walls.

Both brushed past each other, both rifles hit each other at the same time, neither rifle bullet could penetrate the energy shield.

The two fell to the ground at the same time and rushed towards each other. At the same time, they pulled out the short knife on the back waist to launch high-frequency vibrations, and stabbed each other's chest at the same time. The energy shields of both of them emitted strong ripples.

The two backed away at the same time, drew their pistols, and hit each other at the same time, the energy shields of the two had exceeded the threshold at this moment and collapsed.

The moment the energy shield collapsed at the same time, the two continued to shoot at each other.

The Spartan Battlesuit Type II and the Triumph Armor that have lost their energy shields can only rely on their own battlesuits or armors to resist the opponent's weapons.

The two are also equally defensive, and at the sixth shot, they penetrate the opponent's battle uniform or armor at the same time.

The triumphant armored soldier immediately took out a can of spray from his waist and sprayed it on the wound. The bullet came out of the wound and flowed out of the body. The blood at the wound coagulated and did not let the blood continue to drain.

At the same time, the soldier in the Spartan suit II took out a dose of healing gel II from his waist, and sprayed it on the wound, and the bullets also flowed out of the wound.

Then, the blood from the wound stopped bleeding, and the wound healed at a speed visible to the naked eye to restore the old appearance.

The healing agent of the two, the Tianyi Imperial Army, is even better.

Although the wound of the Triumph Armor soldier is no longer bleeding, the pain and injuries are still there, and the condition is only seven or eight out of ten.

On the contrary, the wounds of the soldiers in the Spartan Battlesuit Type II were healed, and the Treatment Gel Type II could also restore the wounded to their original mental state, and the entire state had been fully restored.

The two quickly fought again, and the triumphant armor warrior who was not in good condition quickly fell to the wind, and defeat was a matter of time.

Triumph armor warriors not only meet soldiers in Spartan suits and Spartan suits II, but also meet machine gunners.

The action of the machine gunners is not as good as that of the soldiers in the Spartan battle uniform, but the Gauss rifles and other weapons of the machine gunners, and the energy shield of the triumphant armor soldiers cannot effectively resist at all.

The metal nail-like bullets of the Gauss rifle are enough to collapse the energy shield of the triumphant armored warrior.

In melee combat, a machine gunner is also capable of piercing the energy shield of the triumphant armor warrior with a single punch, and directly knocks the triumphant armor warrior into the air.

In order to be able to compete with the machine gunners, the triumphant armor warrior must wear a heavy armor to fight with the machine gunners in close quarters.

A machine gunner held a high-energy chainsaw in his left hand and fought with a triumphant armored soldier in heavy armor. He also fought with the chainsaw on the side of the machine gun with the chainsaw.

But the power source is not as good as the machine gunners, and the triumphant armor fighters with heavy armor are directly suppressed by the machine gunners.

A piece of defensive armor popped up in some aisles, machine guns rained down on a Marine, sparks erupted from the armor.

Fortunately, the armor of the machine gunners was very solid, and the 18mm caliber bullets could not go up at all, and the Gauss rifles fired several times to destroy the defensive armed forces.

In addition to the troops on the ground who were fighting, the drones flew randomly, the ground tanks sprinted and fired, and there were sparks from the destroyed machines everywhere.

There are also countless corpses lying on the ground, and floating corpses and blood cells can still be seen in some gravity-free areas.

A Mobius Zero came to a zero-gravity area, found the enemy drone, fired a linear cannon to shoot down the drone, and the detector sensed the movement of creatures.

Mobius Zero immediately launched 4 wired pods, chasing the target in different directions.

Suddenly, a defensive missile device popped up on the ground and fired small missiles at the Mobius Zero.

Mobius Zero Dodge counterattacked with linear cannons, and 4 wired pods continued to chase the target.

The 4 wired pods contained two-barreled autocannons, which fired at the Triumph Armored Warriors.

A few triumphant armor warriors who had no time to dodge immediately activated the [Holy Armor] function, and directly released the energy shield to form a beetle-shaped tortoise shell energy shield, which resisted two two-barreled automatic cannons in one go.

The Holy Armor's function threshold exceeded the capacity and collapsed. The Triumph Armor was unable to activate other functions for a while, and the third shot of the two-barreled automatic cannon directly blasted through the body of the Kaige Armor warrior.

The only triumphant armored soldier who reacted quickly, used the thrusters on his back and legs to dodge the attack of the second-mounted automatic cannon, and then used the armor-piercing rocket on his back to fire at Mobius Zero.

Previously, the defense missile device was destroyed by the Mobius Zero firing, but the small missiles launched had the function of turning back and tracking.

When Mobius Zero dodged the armor-piercing rockets, the small missiles turned back and attacked the rear of Mobius Zero.

When the Mobius Zero moved away again, the channel was not wide enough, and several small missiles hit the rear of the Mobius Zero, causing the entire fuselage to become unstable.

The triumphant armored warrior seized the opportunity and immediately fired another armor-piercing rocket, piercing the nose of the Mobius Zero.

The head of Mobius Zero exploded, and it was directly scrapped and suspended in mid-air.

Some large-caliber armor-piercing rockets of Triumph Armored Warriors can penetrate the fuselage and nose of fighters such as Mobius Zero, but Ms cannot cause any effective damage.

When several triumphant armored warriors were setting some traps, a Delta was attacked by armor-piercing rockets of several triumphal armored warriors.

Although the head was hit by several armor-piercing rockets in a row, it didn't suffer much damage, only a layer of paint was scratched on the head.

However, in addition to counterattacking with the 60mm Vulcan cannon on the head, Delta also fired the beam gun in his hand without hesitation.

Although some Triumph Armor fighters used the stealth function to pounce on the heads of these machines, and placed electromagnetic overload bombs, hoping that the strong current would temporarily overload the machines to paralyze them or shut them down.

But it turned out to be fruitless, because all the airframes of the Tianyi Imperial Army have a certain degree of protection against electric currents. One or two electromagnetic overload bombs will not cause much damage at all, and the airframes can still withstand it.

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Crossing the Other World to Build Gundam Chapter 1000: Triumph Armor