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Crossing the Other World to Build Gundam
Chapter 999: break into the interior

In addition to using long-distance thrusters to switch different directions for melee attacks, the F90T will also use the shield's built-in two-barrel beam gun to shoot at a certain distance.

The pilot of the Violet Holy Machine used mental control to switch the floating cannon mode. The remaining 3 floating cannons formed a triangular formation and opened the protective cover to block the beam, then instantly switched to the beam saber mode and rushed towards the F90T.

F90T dodges the floating beam saber, and in addition to counterattacking the floating beam saber, it will also fire at the violet holy machine.

The pilot of the Violet Holy Machine was very annoyed: "The mobility of this miniaturized mass-produced Gundam is really a headache. The moment the floating cannon is aimed, this small Gundam can dodge in an instant. I really don't know what technology the Sky Wing Empire used to build it. To create such a Gundam, the Dion Empire has been researching for decades, but there is no way to develop the body to only 17 meters."

The F90T's long-distance thruster rushed towards the Violet Holy Machine with great thrust. The floating beam saber could not catch up with the F90T, so it immediately switched to the shooting mode and fired at the back of the F90T one after another.

The F90T driver, relying on the sense of crisis of the new human beings, switched directions in contact and dodged the attack of the floating cannon. Where the light beam passed was only a white trajectory.

F90T rushed in front of the Violet Holy Machine, the beam saber slashed towards it, and the Violet Holy Machine's beam sword blocked it.

"The machine body is less than 15 meters, and the output of the beam saber is no less than the output of the beam saber of my Violet Holy Machine."

The two airframes are in close contact with each other, you block each other, and I stab you.

"Damn it, I really don't know how the Sky Winged Empire managed to make such a small body exert such a powerful thrust."

The F90T and the Violet Holy Machine fought 50-50. The former suppressed the opponent in terms of speed, flexibility and mobility, while the latter had the advantage in terms of weapons.

In addition to the floating cannon and high-power spiral beam gun of the Violet Holy Machine, the laser cannon built into the shield even counterattacks the F90T from time to time.

F90T used its speed and flexibility to continuously launch the opponent, but the Violet Holy Machine wanted to distance itself. F90T caught up with the Violet Holy Machine in a short time by virtue of its speed far superior to the opponent.

Lieutenant General Wu Wenyuan is mobilizing troops at this moment, except that Akdilla modified the fleet of the Tianyi Imperial Army in front of the Meteorite Destroying Wing Cannon to evade.

In other directions, under the command of Lieutenant General Wu Wenyuan, the Tianyi Imperial Army Fleet began to mobilize suppression forces to suppress the interior of Akdilla's modified meteorite.

Akdilla modified the interior of the meteorite, and Dikla looked at the report document sent by his subordinates, and found that four of the batteries used to charge the wing cannon had been lost.

The batteries that lose energy are being charged, and none of them are fully charged yet.

The electric energy supplied to the defensive energy shield by the three nuclear power engines is not enough to start, and it will take another 20 minutes to start.

More than 20% of the missile wells were destroyed, and nearly 30% of the defensive beam turrets were destroyed.

Six of the Violet Holy Machines have been destroyed so far.

At present, the corresponding anti-repression operations have been prepared, and the internal defense system has been activated.

The current command deduces that the Tianyi Imperial Army will have more suppressive troops rushing into the big hole blasted by the Yagama warship to suppress the interior of the meteorite transformed by Akdilla.

Relevant forces have already carried out corresponding measures.

Akdilla modified the exterior of the meteorite, and more than 60% of Birgo III was destroyed.

In addition to Birgo III, more than half of the Viper, Cosmic Overlord, and Mobius Zero were destroyed.

These machines with MD systems or controlled by Harrow, relying on their sacrifices and destroying the defense turrets and missile wells, so many manned machines can land on the surface of the Akdilla modified meteorite.

Many Amethyst and Violet Holy Machines fought on the surface of the meteorite in Akdilla.

Akdilla's transformation of the surface of the meteorite can see the continuous crossing of light beams and bursting fireworks.

Jesta, Mars Jacket and other bodies fell into the surface of Akdilla to transform the meteorite. The first task is to destroy the defensive turrets and missile wells. Once you encounter the amethyst or violet holy machine, you can flash it if you don’t face it head-on, and leave it to others. Mass-produced Gundam.

Dio continued to drive the Hell Reaper Gundam, and also landed on the surface of the Akdilla modified meteorite, and was fighting a Violet Holy Machine.

To completely suppress the Violet Holy Machine in close combat, that is, to launch it within a medium distance, the fighter at the waist can also suppress the Violet Holy Machine.

Even if the Violet Holy Machine launches the floating cannon, the bat wings of the Hell Reaper Gundam can easily block the beams fired by the floating cannon.

Moreover, the special Gundam Hell Reaper Gundam was not the only one that landed on the surface of the Akdilla modified meteorite.

There are also about 6 special Gundams, including Pulse Gundam, Warrior Gundam, and ZZ Gundam, which landed on the surface of Akdilla to transform the meteorite to fight.

Suddenly, several red long-distance light beams appeared in several directions of the Akdilla modified meteorite, blasting on the surface of the Akdilla modified meteorite.

It turned out that there were several Silver Thunders on the battlefield, armed with a newly modified Bigway II, the beams emitted could sweep across for a short time.

Add Silver Thunder to fly and shoot, increasing the sweeping effect.

Silver Thunder's I-Field generator is better than Bilgo III's planetary defender, and it can completely resist the long-range defense beam turret that Akdilla modified the meteorite.

Then, the TR-series aircrafts of the Black Rabbit Force entered the field one after another, and other special forces and elite forces also joined the battlefield one after another.

As time progressed, more and more troops began to advance in the direction of Akdira's transformation of the meteorite.

Then, some airships of the suppressing force rushed to the surface of the destination, and under the **** or cover of some Ms, entered the hole that the super mega cannon particles bombarded before.

There is also another part of the suppression force that entered through the built-in valves and missile wells of Akdira's modified meteorites.

Fighters such as the Mobius Zero also followed the suppression troops or entered the cave for suppression.

Akdilla has already turned on the defense system inside the modified meteorite, and some passage decks have laser turrets and so on.

In order to protect the safety of the airship, some airships use the fuselage to resist the safety of their companions in addition to resisting with shields. The sacrifice of some airships allows the airship to move forward safely.

There were also some drivers who reacted quickly, firing and destroying these defensive turrets the moment they emerged.

On the other side, Dikla did not panic when he received the news that the enemy army had entered the interior.

"It's a little faster than our scheduled time. As long as there are no major mistakes, there is a great chance of success." Dikla said confidently.

Internally, repression forces and counter-repression forces have fought fire at several locations.

The two sides fought each other with their own weapons.

The suppression troops of the Sky Wing Imperial Army released drones, mechanical dogs, and small unmanned combat vehicles on the ground.

Defensive weapons, raid suppressors or drones will appear from time to time in the aisles or walls of the Dion Pirates.

Let the Tianyi Imperial Army's suppressing troops be hard to defend against.

Moreover, the anti-repression forces of the Dion Pirates have also developed new types of individual weapons and armor.

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Crossing the Other World to Build Gundam Chapter 999: break into the interior