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Crossing the Other World to Build Gundam
Chapter 996: Wing cannon

The supreme commander contacted Dikla: "His Royal Highness, the **** fleet has less than 20% left, and cannot effectively defend against Akdilla's modified meteorite."

"I see, activate Akdilla's most powerful weapon for transforming meteorites [Destroying Wing Cannon]."

Akdilla modified the entire end of the meteorite to open the built-in super laser muzzle [Wing Cannon], and most of the built-in muzzles of the meteorite were also opened, and the turret rose on the surface.

The wing-killing cannon has received sufficient energy, and powerful energy has already been brewing in the muzzle, waiting for the defensive energy shield at the front end to be released.

The commander of the Tianyi Imperial Army who was in charge of commanding the encirclement, after destroying the enemy's **** fleet seven or eight times, did not get carried away in any way, but became more vigilant.

Because he believed that the super laser cannon that Akdila transformed the meteorite was ready to launch, the commander immediately mobilized the troops to keep all the warships away from the effective range of the super laser cannon.

The commander touched his chin and thought: "When their super laser cannons are strafing, the effective range is about 800 kilometers, but they haven't launched the effective range of the direct-fire type yet."

"The effective range of the flying wing 0 single-armed destruction gun is about 500 kilometers for sweeping shots, and the effective range for direct shots is about 700 kilometers."

"If it is inferred that the effective distance of the super laser cannon on this meteorite is estimated to be at least more than 1,500 kilometers." The commander thought while holding several photos of Akdilla's transformation of the meteorite to launch the super laser cannon.

"When will the Nyagama battleship arrive?"

"Sir, a ship has already arrived on the battlefield, just behind us, the Super Mega Cannon particle cannon can be launched at any time."

The commander lowered his head slightly to think again: "The effective range of the super Mega cannon particle cannon of the Argama battleship reaches about 1,000 kilometers."

"This is because the super mega cannon can't sweep, and it can only have such a long effective range by fully focusing on direct shooting."

The commander immediately proceeded with the next series of maneuvers.

"All warships fire mobile drill missiles."

All the battleships surrounding Akdira's modified meteorite launched mobile drill missiles.

Akdilla's transformation of the meteorite was directly attacked by all-round and continuous mobile drill missiles, and the remaining battleships and airframes were powerless to stop them. The sporadic beam rays and the few fireworks clusters ended in less than ten seconds. .

The remaining warships and airframes of the **** were submerged under the mobile drill missiles, and the entire army was wiped out and turned into fireworks.

The warships of the Tianyi Imperial Army at various positions continuously fired mobile drill missiles, as if they had to finish launching all the mobile drill missiles before stopping.

In addition to launching mobile drill missiles, the beam weapons of some warships will also fire continuously without hesitation if the effective distance allows.

The electromagnetic speed cannon of the Destroyer Shield II also fired continuously.

The electromagnetic speed cannon can easily penetrate the most advanced energy shield of the battleship, but Akdilla has modified the energy shield of the meteorite, which is like a turtle shell. The electromagnetic speed cannonball hitting the turtle shell shield is like a nuclear bomb hitting the ground. It set off a cloud of mushrooms and fireworks above, but it may have been as unaffected as the well-preserved and consolidated underground.

In the entire encirclement, there are a total of 4 Broken Shield II destroyers, firing electromagnetic speed cannons all the time.

Akdila modified the first layer of defensive energy protection cover of the meteorite, and was hit by more than 5,000 mobile drill missiles in all directions within 5 seconds. It shattered like glass.

Immediately afterwards, more than 10,000 mobile drill missiles continuously bombarded the second layer of the turtle shell protective cover within 3 seconds. With the same result, the turtle shell protective cover shattered and scattered in all directions like glass being smashed by an iron ball.

Immediately afterwards, more than 30,000 mobile drill missiles attacked the turtle shell protective cover.

At the same time, Akdilla modified the protective cover of the third layer of the meteorite, and the protective cover of the turtle shell disappeared at the muzzle of the wing-killing gun, leaving 75% of the protective cover of the entire turtle shell.

The wing-killing cannon fired, and a crimson beam with a diameter of more than 5 kilometers struck continuously up and down under the rotation of the cannon fire.

The entire effective range reached 750 kilometers, and the crimson beam continued to go back and forth, and countless fireworks exploded from the beam.

Nearly 10,000 mobile drill missiles were destroyed within the shooting range of the wing-killing gun.

More than 20,000 mobile drill missiles hit the remaining 75% of the turtle shell protective cover.

More than 95% of the more than 20,000 mobile drill missiles bombarded the turtle shell protective cover into fireworks. The turtle shell protective cover was smashed like glass by a hammer, and the remaining more than 1,000 mobile drill missiles directly attacked Akdira. Transform meteorites.

The built-in defense turret and missile port of Akdilla's modified meteorite have already been prepared, and the defense turret and missile port are launched at the same time.

The criss-crossing of the light beams and countless mobile ballistic separation high-explosive missiles flew in all directions.

The remaining mobile drill missiles were all shot down.

The warships of the Tianyi Imperial Army in the encirclement immediately activated the point defense system, and the body fighters such as Md Birgo III and Space Overlord also activated the point defense system.

However, some of the light beams hit Akdira's modified meteorite, causing only minor damage.

The electromagnetic speed cannon fired by the destroyer Shield II can cause certain damage to the Akdilla modified meteorite.

Dikla's team had already made a precautionary plan, and strengthened the surface and interior of Akdilla's modified meteorite to a certain extent.

The Dikla listened to the report from his subordinates in the cockpit of the aircraft.

"His Royal Highness, the excess battery replenishment has reached 100% of the energy of the Wing Cannon."

"How many extra batteries are left?"

"There are 8 more. The energy of the previous 2 has been exhausted, and now it is being recharged by the nuclear engine."

"How long will it take to activate the wing-killing cannon again?"

"This only needs to wait for the cooling to complete, and then you can launch the wing-killing cannon."

"How long does it take to cool down?"

"About one to three minutes."

"Ah, very good."

Dikla is very satisfied with this result. Overfilling the battery is a solution they thought of. If the wing-killing gun is simply powered by Akdilla's transformation of the meteorite nuclear engine.

Then once the launch is completed, it will take about ten minutes for replenishment and the interval time, because the energy required by the wing-killing gun is very large. Once it is launched, all the energy will be exhausted in just a few seconds. The supply of energy is also unsustainable.

If only the nuclear energy engine is used to supply energy, the interval between the next shots of the wing-killing cannon may exceed 3 hours.

Especially when sweeping back and forth up and down, this consumes more energy than direct firing.

However, if the supercharged battery is used as an alternative, the Wing Killer can continue to fire until the body overheats and needs to be dissipated.

The previous round directly drained the two overcharged batteries. If the gun body was not overheated, the cooling device must be turned on to dissipate heat, otherwise the wing-killing gun would continue to fire.

Dikla then looked at the report received by the instrument, Akdilla modified the current status of the meteorite.

At present, the defensive energy shield that has been pierced is powered by a nuclear engine at this moment, as long as it gets enough energy, it will start again.

In fact, the defense power of the three layers of energy shields is actually the same.

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Crossing the Other World to Build Gundam Chapter 996: Wing cannon