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Crossing the Other World to Build Gundam
Chapter 7: Yuanso No. 4 and Yuanso No. 5

It has been more than a month since Long Fei returned to the factory. After signing the contract with Mijia Anguo, Tianyi Arms Manufacturing Company and Tianyi Mercenary Group ushered in great development and expansion.

Two of the three abandoned meteorite mining factories have been refitted in a month.

The production line of Tianyi Arms Manufacturing Company more than doubled, and some new employees were recruited.

The new base of the mercenary group has also begun to operate.

The special workshop in the first factory is manufacturing the armor needed for Gundam.

In the previous life, the armor used by Gundam was called Gundamium Alloy, which could be called Luna Titanium Alloy, but there is no such alloy in the knowledge of other worlds.

Although there is not, but the old saying goes that if you are poor, you can change. It is mixed with several non-earth mineral metals and refined to synthesize a new alloy. The effect is as good as the Gundamium alloy mentioned in the data, even in some Some aspects are even better, such as stronger toughness and defense.

The developed alloy, Long Fei still named it Gundamium Alloy.

Yuanzu Gundam was originally called rx78-2, and Long Fei is preparing to develop rx78-4, rx78-5 and their equipment.

The two developed Gundams are derivatives of Yuanzu Gundam. Long Fei directly named the Gundam MS being developed Yuanzu No. 4 and Yuanzu No. 5.

Long Fei named it like this, which made many employees very puzzled. The first Gundam Gundam developed could be called Unit 1, so where did Unit 2 and Unit 3 go next? Why skip the development of Units 4 and 5?

Long Fei gave everyone an explanation.

"The main reason is that when I was designing the No. 2 and No. 3 machines, they were highly overlapped with the Yuanzu No. 1 machine in many aspects. There was no need to develop them. The No. 4 and No. 5 machines were designed by me. In addition to designing new equipment, its all-round performance is much stronger than Yuanzu No. 1."

Long Fei stood in the special workshop, watching the robot arms making the No. 4 and No. 5 machines.

"Old Fei, you are here looking at your masterpiece." Li Xiucheng came to Long Fei's side.

"Have you completed the entrusted work?"

"It's all done, come back to rest."

"How about the original Gundam that was given to you?"

"Very good ms, I didn't expect you, old friend, to make some external equipment for Yuanzu Gundam."

"That's to make you more comfortable on the battlefield, and I hope you can improve your survival rate on the battlefield."

Li Jiaming also came to the scene at this time, and handed over the data tablet to Long Fei.

After Long Fei read it once, he said, "Commander-in-Chief, you have not made any mistakes and have no ambiguity in what you are going to do next. I will not interfere."

"Yes, boss."

"One more thing, Commander-in-Chief, you go pick out two excellent and loyal mobile suit pilots."

Li Jiaming understood what the boss meant, "Boss, I will arrange it immediately." Li Jiaming saluted and left the scene.

"Old Fei, I heard that the two Gundams being developed don't have a core fighter. Why did you cancel this technology that can improve the survival rate of MS pilots?"

"If we continue to keep the core fighters, the performance of the fourth and fifth machines will be almost the same as the original gundam. For this reason, I can only cancel the core fighters. However, in order to improve the survival rate of the pilots, I also designed a Escape pod."

"It's true, you can't have your cake and eat it too."

At this moment, Long Fei's cell phone rang, and he took it out to see that it was Sakeqi who contacted him.

"President Sakeqi, what do you want from me?"

"That's right, boss, several countries have taken a fancy to the flank frigate you developed and want to buy a large amount from you."

"You tell them that the flank frigates are not currently for sale."

"Okay, boss, there is one more thing to report to you. Recently, a company called Long's Arms Enterprise contacted us and wanted to buy our company at a high price."

"Tell them that we will not sell, not even 1 percent of the shares."

Then, Sakeqi reported to Long Fei the current trend of Tianyi Arms Manufacturing Company. Since the production line of GM MS was improved, many forces or organizations have rushed to buy it.

Sakki deducted the eight Jims sold to Mika Anguo every month, plus the new factory that is now in operation, can produce 40 Jims every month.

The performance of Jim MS on the battlefield for more than a year has been highly evaluated by many forces and organizations.

When Micah Anguo invested a small amount of GM MS in combat a few months ago, when he clashed with hostile countries in the disputed border area, the GM MS performed particularly well, causing the enemy army to suffer a lot.

In fact, Mijia Anguo had already purchased a small amount of GM MS very early on. A few months ago, when there was a conflict between countries, he invested in GM MS. With a small amount of GM MS, he gained many tactical advantages. For more than a month, Mijia Anguo offered a series of favorable conditions to Tianyi Arms Manufacturing Company, the purpose is to get more GM MS and gain greater battlefield advantages in the future.

There are also quite a few arms magazines that have made a special introduction for the Jim MS. The article once introduced that the appearance of the Jim MS may make the fighters drop from the main armament on the battlefield to the auxiliary armament on the battlefield.

This also made many forces, including many countries, pay attention to Jim ms.

Jim ms is based on the manufacturing cost price, and if it is settled in the universal currency, the cost price of a complete set reaches 30 million.

The original selling price was 45 million, but after the GM MS showed excellent performance on the battlefield, the price was very high. It is said that it was fired to 200 million universal currency on the black market.

At the beginning, Sakchi adjusted the original selling price to 60 million, but just after it was put on the Internet for sale, 40 Jims for sale were snapped up in a second.

Sakechi was dumbfounded after learning about this, so after reporting other things to the boss, Sakeqi discussed with the boss whether to sell Jim ms and whether to change the sales strategy.

"How would you like to change your sales strategy?"

"Boss, my suggestion is this, directly conduct a one-day bidding online. After the bidding time ends, if there are 50 Jims, the top 50 with the highest bids will win."

"Your suggestion is very good, just do as you say."

After Long Fei hung up the phone, Li Xiucheng next to him said half-jokingly: "Old Fei, your Jim MS is now so valuable, and you are scrambling to buy it at a high price. For this, I have to thank the brothers of our mercenary group for helping you make a name for yourself." No, remember to give us more bonuses during the New Year."


Li Xiucheng almost choked on himself, but he didn't expect that his old friend took it seriously when he was half joking.

"Actually, I also want to give the employees as much incentive money as possible. Now that I can earn so much, it doesn't matter if I share some."

Simmons, the director of the factory, came to the special workshop at this time and reported to Long Fei: "Boss, the armored combat uniform you designed and developed has been developed."

"Okay, I'll go and have a look now."

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Crossing the Other World to Build Gundam Chapter 7: Yuanso No. 4 and Yuanso No. 5