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Three months later, Long Fei took a long trip on the Albion MS mothership.

Albion Ms mothership, Long Feili is the first generation of Pegasus-class MS mothership, this Albion Ms mothership is the first one built before, it is equipped with Minovs super energy thermonuclear reactor, Full energy weapons are perfectly usable.

This Albion Ms mothership, Long Feili's number is No. 00, No. 01 and No. 02 have been built, and No. 01 has officially entered service.

No. 02 is currently still in testing, and No. 03 is currently under construction.

The Albion 00 Ms mothership, surrounded by 8 new frigates and 6 newly developed destroyers, is escorting.

The new frigate has a total length of 180 meters and can carry 6 mobile suits, and the destroyer has a total length of 220 meters and can carry 6 mobile suits.

Most of the weapons loaded on the frigate belong to the defense system, and the weapons loaded on the destroyer are beam turrets with a longer range and the latest mega particle cannon.

Long Fei will travel far this time, mainly to set up the 7th branch base on the 12th colonial satellite of Philalip, a big country among the colonial countries in the 6th district.

As the boss, Long Fei and the commander-in-chief Li Jiaming both went together to preside over the opening ceremony, and several ace ms pilots also went together.

Long Fei has been working desperately for more than three years to start a company. During these three years, Long Fei basically rarely travels far, and most of them are in his own company.

In the command room, Long Fei sat on the chair specially designed for him to discuss matters with the captain and the commander-in-chief.

The cooking soldiers in charge of cooking pushed a dining car into the command room and asked all the people in the command room to distribute food.

The food consisted of a hamburger, fries, beef **** and a glass of milk.

An hour later, cooking soldiers entered the command room to collect empty dishes.

"Boss, it will take seven days to reach the destination at the speed of the fleet."

After Long Fei listened to the captain's report, he looked at the universe outside the window. In the universe, there is no day and night, but the colony satellites have day and night. It's just an environment change instrument to switch between day and night.

In the environment where Long Fei is now, the clock must be used to confirm the time, and it is now 8:30 at night.

"Commander-in-Chief, apart from our Tianyi Mercenary Group's seventh sub-base, have any of its subsidiaries invested in this country?"

"Yes, we invested in a food manufacturing plant and a drinking water manufacturing company, and we also contracted a farming and animal husbandry area. At present, the food manufacturing plant has been in operation. If there are no problems with the rest, it will be formalized this month. put into service."

"Well, good." Long Fei rubbed his chin with his right hand, President Sakeqi also contracted several meteorite mining farms in the country.

Tianyi Arms Manufacturing Company has also set up a subsidiary responsible for digging and collecting energy. The ores in some meteorites may not be pure metal resource ores, and some ores in meteorites are pure energy stones. This type of energy ores attributed to energy.

Contracting one of the meteorite mining farms in the country is to dig and collect energy ores. Some energy ores can be used directly, and some energy ores need to use special collection technology to extract the ores inside for refining before they can be used.

Li Jiaming said at this time: "Boss, our anti-espionage department has discovered that many colonial countries have sent many spies into the Tianyi Mercenary Group, Tianyi Arms Manufacturing Company and other companies you set up, boss."

"Don't think about it, the spies sent by these countries want to steal Gundam and other military technology."

"Yes, Boss, we got rid of the spies and obtained a piece of information. The boss of some national investigation companies is you, the boss. Once they find out, they will kidnap you."

"Hey." Long Fei sneered, and said, "Compared to stealing Gundam and other military technology, I am the most valuable existence. If you catch me, you can get advanced military technology."

"That's right, boss, which country in the colony gets your military technology, and within ten years, it can not only take over the colonies controlled by countries on the earth, but maybe even unify the entire colony circle."

"Let's deal with these spies and leave it to your counterintelligence department. Is there anything else to report?"

"Currently, since the Minovs super-energy thermonuclear reactor was installed on all the Gundams, their performance has improved a lot, and the combat efficiency of the Gundam pilots has been improved. Also, the battleships and MSs of our Tianyi Mercenary Group have been replaced with superconducting communications. Every time an **** mission is robbed, the test Minovs super-energy thermonuclear reactor emits particle interference, which directly paralyzes the other party's radar, search and lock, etc. Seriously unable to perform, directly puts the other party at an extremely disadvantageous disadvantage, while our light Kill the opponent easily.

"Well, very good. After developing so many things, we can hope that they can be put into the battlefield. More importantly, no matter how good something is, it must be able to be used in the battlefield. Everything needs to be tested in actual combat."

"Yes, boss, the things you developed have been tested in actual combat and have received extremely high praise, which has even improved the survival rate of frontline personnel."

Long Fei nodded, Li Jiaming's appreciation was very pleasant to Long Fei's ears.

Li Jiaming continued: "But the boss, please forgive my subordinates for speaking bluntly, and I hope the boss will not be angry."

"Tell me, I don't blame you."

"Frontline personnel actually sometimes use things not to get the best things, but to make them operate more easily and improve their victory and survival rates."

Long Fei listened and nodded, "Commander-in-Chief, you are right. If something is difficult to operate and the operator cannot use it with ease, no matter how good it is, it is useless. As for improving the victory and survival rate of frontline combatants, it is the most important thing." Important, I agree with this very much, I will pay more attention when developing and researching.”

"Commander, is there anything else you want to report to me?"

"Not currently."

"That's it, then I'll go back to my room to rest." Long Fei stood up and left the command room.

Long Fei, who was in the room, took out his mobile phone to check the report from Sakeqi.

Two pieces of the Minovs super energy thermonuclear reactor have been manufactured, which can be used as the starting device of the Orchis petal of the armed arsenal system, and the protective cover of the I-Field generator can be tested. The current driver of the GP03 stamen is Yue Yangchun.

In the last few days, Yue Yangchun will be asked to drive the GP03 stamen to connect with the Orchis petal of the armed arsenal system, and conduct a series of related tests.

Yue Yangchun, but the other Gundam drivers have undergone a series of enhanced training, their overall strength has been greatly improved, and their operating skills have also improved a lot.

The Gundam pilots of the Gundam gp04 (Gerbera) Gerbera who were originally uncontrollable, now the reaction of each of their Gundam pilots can keep up with his terrifying speed.

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