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Crossing the Other World to Build Gundam
Chapter 13: accept the conditions

"Lieutenant Li Xiucheng, he rushed too fast."

"Lieutenant Li Xiucheng, is he too excited?"

Quite a few mercenary pilots driving the Jim MS looked at Lieutenant Li Xiucheng who was caught in the battle and could not extricate himself, and all of them complained a little. "

Because the Jim MS pilots fighting in the same area couldn't follow Li Xiucheng's steps.

The Yuan Zu Gundam Thunder that Li Xiucheng drove had all the missiles fired. The particle cannon on the shoulder blew up the modified spaceship of the pirate regiment with one shot, and the two-barrel beam gun on the wrist shot down many pirate ms.

When many pirate mobile phone pilots saw Yuanzu Gundam Thunder, they immediately ran away as if seeing a ghost.

"What are you doing, attack quickly, it's useless to escape, you can only..." Then there was a blind voice, and Yuanzu Gundam Thunder sent him into his soul.

Many pirate ms escaped from the combat area of ​​the Yuanzu Gundam Thunder, but many escaped pirate ms were also shot down by Jim ms who rushed over.

Now, although the Tianyi mercenary group has gained an advantage, nearly half of the Jims on the battlefield have returned to the mothership for maintenance.

The original Gundam and GP01 Gundam White Orchid also returned to the hangar of the Albion MS mothership for repairs, and there are six GM MS in the hangar that are also being repaired and replenished.

For ms maintenance, the md system automatically repairs the program, and uses various equipment of the mechanical arm for maintenance. In terms of details, maintenance personnel make adjustments.

Long Fei was still in the cockpit looking at the battlefield situation on the screen, and another message came from the monitor that another rescue force from the pirate group came, and it appeared not far from the left of their fleet.

"Captain Fix, the enemy's second rescue force, I will go out and assemble the heavy backpack."

"It's too dangerous for you to go alone."

"Ganso Gundam No. 6, and some of the GM MS are transferred here, just play with me, and the rest will continue to be reserved for the main battlefield."

The Yuanzu Gundam No. 7 piloted by Long Fei was equipped with a heavy equipment package.

Immediately afterwards, Yuanzu Gundam No. 6, followed by 10 Jims also followed the juniors and followed Long Fei.

"If the information is correct, with all the strength of the Seawolf Pirates, this rescue team should be the last."

The new rescue team has ten modified spaceships and nearly 100 mobile suits, but no fighter jets.

Long Fei pressed the button, activated a pair of mega beam cannons on his waist, and pierced through two modified spaceships in an instant. The beam gun in his right hand fired continuously, and the two-barrel beam gun in his left wrist fired, followed by missiles.

After a wave of operations, they directly killed the pirate group and entered 20 ms.

Aviana whistled: "The firepower of the boss's Gundam is so powerful, the firepower of the Gundam driven by Li Xiucheng is no match for the Gundam driven by the boss."

Two targets were locked on the screen, Aviana pressed the button, the two cannons with low recoil on the shoulders fired, and the two locked targets exploded into a cloud of fireworks.

"Brothers and sisters, if we move a little slower, all our goals will be eaten by the boss."

Others also fought with full firepower.

Taro Sayama watched the last rescue team in the command room, and the opponent's MS team slaughtered one-sidedly, especially watching the powerful firepower and performance of the newly appeared Gundam, which made Taro Sayama feel chills on his back.

Then another announcer reported to him.

"Head, there have been many unknown attacks in our base."

"What's the meaning."

"It's just an attack from nowhere, and all the search teams were wiped out."

"What the **** are those people with thermal sensors doing? Why didn't they find the enemy?"

"The person with the heat sensor is the one that gets hit first, and then everyone else gets ambushed."

Taro Sayama knew that he couldn't sit still and wait for death. Sooner or later, the other party would come to his command room, and the result of waiting for him was death.

Taro Sayama could only take out the mobile phone and dialed that person's number.

"Mr. Sayama, what do you think?" the other party asked straight to the point.

"Tell me the password."

After getting the password, Taro Sayama called his personal guards and asked them to **** him to his exclusive hangar.

Taro Sayama didn't want to be shot and killed by an invisible enemy on his way to the Zhuang's hangar alone.

"Oops, it's a smoke bomb, the thermal sensor can't detect it."

Immediately afterwards, the other pirates also coughed violently.

"Damn, this smoke bomb has strong tear gas!"

Immediately after not looking for the pirates, the screams of his companions came from his ears, and he watched the companions beside him fall in a pool of blood.

Many pirates were so frightened that they abandoned their guns and fled for their lives.

When many pirates abandoned their guns in the smoke and fled for their lives, they were shot dead by bullets from nowhere. The rest of the pirates who managed to escape from the smoke burst out countless blood mist, and then fell to the ground, overflowing with blood.

At the scene, 10 Tianyi mercenaries wearing armored combat uniforms appeared. After the leader made a gesture, the others immediately formed a team of five and went their separate ways.

On the other side, a fierce gun battle took place at an important facility of the Sea Wolf Pirates.

23 Tianyi mercenaries wearing armored combat uniforms hid in several bunkers and fired from the bunkers. Three mercenaries were injured and were treated by their companions.

Why was the Tianyi mercenary in the Armored Warsuit with stealth function found?

There are also smart people in the main pirate group. Wearing heat detectors, they will only receive focused attacks. Some smart pirates thought of a way, which is to try to lure the enemies who hide in the dark and cannot be seen to this important facility with fire extinguishing function. Inside.

Then turn on the fire extinguishing function, water poured down on the ground like a torrential rain, and the invisible Tianyi mercenaries directly appeared.

"Help, help, our side is under fierce attack by pirates, we need fire support." One of the mercenaries hid behind the bunker and called for support.

"Got it, we'll have cover fire within 30 seconds."

"Hmph, these mercenaries were invisible before, and they deceived us so much that we couldn't find a way out. Now they have nothing to hide, and there is nothing to be afraid of. Brothers, kill them all."

All the pirates shot at the opposite building with full firepower.

Suddenly, a pirate's head exploded like a watermelon, and his brains were all over the place.

"Oops, there are snipers."

The pirates who were firing at full power just now immediately stopped firing and took cover.

One of them didn't arrive in time to hide behind the bunker, was shot in the thigh and fell to the ground.

"help me."

A pirate rushed to rescue his companion who was lying on the ground.

With a gunshot, the pirate who ran to rescue his companion was directly shot and killed by a sniper.

Then none of the pirates rescued their companions, and they could only watch the pirate lying on the ground wailing.

The howling pirate didn't want to die, and dragged with his hands with the will to live.

Another gunshot shot off one of his hands.

The louder screams spread to the ears of other pirates at the scene.

Immediately afterwards, there was another gunshot. This time, the one who was sniped was not the pirate lying on the ground screaming, but another pirate hiding behind the bunker.

"There is more than one sniper, run!"

The other pirates immediately fled to another room.

During the run, several pirates were shot down, but the other pirates did not stop and turned to save their companions.

The sniper hiding in the dark found that the pirate did not save the shot down companion, so he changed his actions and directly sniped the escaped pirate.

The remaining dozen or so pirates ran to a relatively closed room.

Before he had time to catch his breath, several walls around the room exploded violently, directly bursting out several large holes in the walls.

Several Tianyi mercenaries rushed out of several holes, shooting and killing the dozen or so pirates who had just hid in the room.

"What an idiot. We thought we couldn't see you if we were hiding in a bunker or in another room. The see-through function on our helmet can see you clearly."

An invisible mercenary stood beside the pirates lying in a pool of blood and sarcastically said.

On the other side, Taro Sayama was ambushed.

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Crossing the Other World to Build Gundam Chapter 13: accept the conditions