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Crossing the Other World to Build Gundam
Chapter 1040: mental space tunnel

All members of the Hyakki Night Troop had been wiped out inside the meteorite block. The Tianyi Army and Tianyi mercenaries of the last few groups of hundreds of people suppressed the troops, turned off the last thruster instrument, and several groups left the scene from different directions to escape from the meteorite.

But the internal gates or passages are either closed by gates or blocked by rocks.

Moreover, due to the strong vibration and the damage to the internal gravity system, all members of the suppression force floated into the air.

Internal shocks and high pressure, etc., including some instruments flying around, many members of the suppression force were unable to react for a while, and were hit and smashed by these instruments or appliances.

Some soldiers or mercenaries who were too late to activate the function of the solid stone were either seriously injured or crushed to death.

Some Tianyi soldiers or Tianyi mercenaries were lucky enough to slip into some vacant rooms and stick them to the wall or the ground with some grapple lines or gecko functions.

These relatively safe Tianyi soldiers and Tianyi mercenaries looked at the props and companions flying around outside the window, many of them wanted to save their colleagues, but at this moment they were unable to protect themselves, and there was nothing they could do to help them.

All of a sudden, all the equipment and people that were floating and watching the flight stopped suddenly, and everyone on the scene was surprised.

On September 30, 131, the first year of the universe, the spiritual galaxy was later in history, and historians called it the miracle of Mars.

The colorful and brilliant starlight spiritual galaxy gradually began to wrap up, and the last part of the propeller was also turned off.

The large meteorite block no longer advances, but hovers, and then gradually moves back.

This scene shocked everyone.

Some of the bodies had problems and could not function normally, and they were all taken away from the scene by Spirit Galaxy, and all of them were pushed to outer space.

Then it was the turn of some functioning organisms to be propelled into outer space.

"Old Fei, what do you want to do! My body is fine, don't send me out!" Li Xiucheng protested to Long Fei.

"Your Majesty, let us stay and fight side by side with you!" Salamanda asked Long Fei.

Anton, Thors and the others who came earlier all begged Long Fei.

"You all leave. If anything happens to me, the empire asks you to protect me. My queen will help her with all my strength. This spiritual galaxy will send you away while I can still control it. Unpredictable."

After Long Fei finished speaking, he used his mental power to control the spiritual galaxy, first pushing the heads of the eight directly subordinate troops to outer space, and then sending other Ms and mobile fortresses to outer space one by one.

At this moment, Long Fei tried his best to send as many people out of outer space as he could.

Long Fei's originally jet-black hair had gradually begun to turn gray. Although his appearance had not changed, his mental power was still being used continuously.

Although several people in Fadis sacrificed their spiritual bodies to enhance and strengthen Long Fei's spiritual power, the spiritual power of countless people converged on Niu Gundam's spiritual framework.

The spiritual power of countless people merged and became extremely powerful to form a spiritual galaxy. When Long Fei controlled this power, with the progress of time, he was already somewhat powerless.

Moreover, Long Fei felt that the spiritual galaxy was about to get out of control, and it seemed that the spiritual galaxy was about to tear apart the space.

Long Fei didn't know what the consequences would be if he lost control of his mind and heart, and he didn't dare to predict what would happen if the space was torn open.

While Long Fei was still under control, he first pushed the others into outer space and pushed out the big meteorite.

At this time, Niu Gundam's mental frame turned into colorful colors, and Long Fei felt that Niu Gundam's mental frame seemed to be evolving.

6 floating cannons and 1 long-range floating cannon gradually changed from original metal to crystallization.

At this moment, Long Fei also sensed that the original Gundamium alloy of Niu Gundam's mental frame was gradually crystallizing.

The crystallized spiritual framework gradually purified the spiritual power of those countless people into a purer spirit, exuding a purer spiritual energy and starlight.

Long Fei also benefited from being in the cockpit of Niu Gundam. Within the crystallized spiritual frame, Long Fei sensed his own spiritual power, and has been improving and evolving. The spiritual flow is more pure, and there is blue flash in the blue spiritual flow.

Junior sensed that Long Fei's spiritual power was getting stronger and stronger on a transport ship, which was even stronger than the strongest Noah's new human beings he encountered in the Noah civilization period.

Longquan also felt that his father's spiritual power was getting stronger and stronger, and he had already surpassed him, and was about to surpass him.

Long Fei felt that his mental ability was getting stronger and stronger, but the spiritual galaxy was even stronger, and the purification became more shining under Niu Gundam's spiritual framework.

Long Fei has already found that he can't control the spiritual galaxy, and the spiritual galaxy is out of control.

There are nearly a hundred Ms and mobile fortresses that pushed the meteorite with him, and he has not yet pushed them out.

The colorful and dazzling spiritual galaxy seems to have torn a crack behind Niu Gaoda.

The cracks gradually opened, and the opened cracks gradually expanded.

"This is how the same thing?"

"Colorful spiritual airflow suddenly tore open a space."

"Is this tearing open a black hole?"

This scene also shocked everyone.

"Could it be that as long as the power of new humans gathers to a certain extent, they can tear apart the space?"

"Is this torn apart space a black hole? Is our solar system going to end?"

"No, I'm still young, I haven't had a girlfriend yet, I don't want to die."

"The new humans are indeed a group of scourges."

"I really hope there won't be any miracles before, just let this big meteorite hit Mars and wipe out all the new humans."

"New humans, let's all die!"

The barrage broadcast live by countless media shows worry, schadenfreude and even curse.

The cracks that were torn apart gradually grew larger, reaching a diameter of 30 kilometers before stopping.

Long Fei felt the power of the torn apart space.

"This torn apart space was torn apart by spiritual power." Long Fei said in horror.

With a feeling of panic, Long Fei mentally explored the torn space.

"This torn space turned out to be a space tunnel. The space tunnel torn apart by spiritual power, I call it the spiritual space tunnel."

After the torn space stopped expanding, the spiritual space tunnel sucked the spiritual galaxy into the mental space tunnel like a vacuum cleaner with a huge suction force like a vortex.

Niu Gundam and the current Ms and Mobile Fortress were first sucked into the mental space tunnel.

Then, the large meteorite block began to be sucked into the spiritual space tunnel, and the war reporters and the people watching the live broadcast felt as if the large meteorite was swallowed by a huge mouth of a dark abyss.

After the large meteorite was completely sucked in by the mental space tunnel, the space where the mental space tunnel was torn apart immediately shrank.

Then, the entire torn space returned to its original state, as if nothing had happened.


! Tao Xiang let out a heart-piercing cry, because she sensed that her husband had disappeared.

"Dad!" X2 Longguo Longfu shouted sadly, because they sensed that his father was gone, and they thought he was dead.

Longquan didn't yell, because he knew that his father was still alive, but he didn't know where his father had gone.

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Crossing the Other World to Build Gundam Chapter 1040: mental space tunnel