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Crossing the Other World to Build Gundam
Chapter 1039: spiritual galaxy

"No matter how powerful your mental strength is, you can't push away the meteorite. If you give up now, you still have a chance to survive, but then your status in the hearts of the people will fall to the bottom." Kuroda City also watched the live broadcast sneered.

On the other side, Xu Jingyun was very nervous watching the live broadcast, clasped her hands tightly, and prayed silently in her heart, "Long Fei, please be safe."

Longguo, Longfu, Longquan and their relatives have been taken to a safe place. Everyone is watching the live broadcast, and everyone is praying for Longfei's safety.

Tao Xiang prayed extremely strongly in her heart, folded her hands together and muttered in a low voice: "Fei, you must come back, you must come back."

On Mars, all the people of the Tianyi Empire watched the live broadcast, seeing that their emperor was guarding them, and all the people prayed that the emperor and the frontline soldiers would return safely.

The prayers of countless new humans on the ground, the spirits of countless individuals, whether strong or weak, all drifted to the emperor who fought for them and guarded them with his life.

"Wait a minute, what's going on with Mars? How come there are countless star lights, spiritual air currents of various colors and sizes, drifting from Mars to blue spiritual air currents."

The cameras of countless field reporters on the scene have captured countless starlight spots and airflows of various colors on Mars, scrambling to float to the blue airflow.

The brilliant colorful airflow is formed in the intersection of starlight and various colored airflows and blue airflows.

There are countless dazzling and dazzling embellished stars in the colorful airflow.

This scene shocked everyone who watched the live broadcast.

A thought flashed in everyone's mind, is this the miracle of the new human beings working together?

Is this the unpredictable spiritual power of the new human beings?

Could it be that the fluctuation of Long Fei's mental air current resonated with them and produced a miracle.

Seeing the scene in front of him, Dikla felt extremely frustrated in his heart, but he had fallen into a magic barrier, unable to accept the facts, and roared even more hysterically.

"You idiots are all a group of idiots, why should you believe the words of this enemy who robbed our planet? He is an enemy! Idiots!"


Dikla was hysterical, and he heard a familiar voice in the depths of his mind, and he stopped abruptly.

"Grandpa!" Dikla looked at the spiritual body of his grandpa in front of the screen, and Julius was still standing beside him.

Fardis looked at his eldest grandson with disappointment.

"Dickra, you let me down so much. If you let go of your hatred and spend the rest of your life on the same side as your aunt, I will be gratified. But, for revenge, you have to sacrifice the people on Mars. They are all us. The common people, even our compatriots, why are you so ruthless!"

Facing Grandpa's questioning, Dikla responded: "Grandpa, I want revenge, I want revenge against Long Fei, and I want to restore the Dion Empire."

"Even if you can really take revenge, the kingdom of Dion is restored, can you hold it? Can you protect all the new humans on Mars? Your ability is simply impossible, that's why I begged Long Fei before I died , begging him to be the master of this planet, begging him to protect the new humans on Mars, just because he can do it, but you can't do it at all, and it didn't make me think that you dragged other new humans for revenge Going into the water will kill Long Fei who can protect the new humans."

"Everything you do will only become the eternal sinner of the new mankind, and you will be a pillar of shame in the history of the new mankind!"

Faced with Fadis's reprimand, Dikla was speechless. He didn't expect that everything he did was wrong in his grandfather's heart.

"I, Fardis, don't have your grandson, and you don't deserve to be my grandson, and you don't even have the right to call me grandpa!"

After Fadis finished speaking, he turned into a red spiritual airflow and floated towards Long Fei. Julius glanced at Dikla, shook his head and turned into a purple airflow to follow the red airflow.

Dikla felt extremely ashamed when he was reprimanded by his grandfather, but he didn't expect that everything he did was wrong.

Dikla took out a briefcase from the hidden compartment of the driver's seat, took out the pistol inside and pointed it at his temple, pulled the trigger, and ended his life.

"What's going on here? Why are there red and purple airflows drifting towards Long Fei? How do these two red and purple airflows look like Fadis and Julius back then."

"My God, there are two figures appearing in these two streams of spiritual energy. I don't know if it should be called the soul body or the spiritual body?"

"My god, I was scared to death, isn't this Fardis and Julius?"

Kuroda City also jumped up from the chair, and looked at Fardis's mental body with resentment. He didn't expect that the person he hated the most died, but his spirit was still there.

"Damn Fardis, you are still unwilling to rest in peace after you die, and you still want to disrupt my plan!" Kuroda City was also a little out of control, and directly picked up the teacup on the table and threw it on the ground.

Everyone who watched the live broadcast was taken aback, and everyone had a flash of a thought, does the new human have a so-called soul after death?

On the other side, Long Fei received the spiritual power of countless new humans, and each new human's spirit was injected into Long Fei with energy such as hope, hard work, and other positive emotions.

Although these mental powers were not integrated with Long Fei, they improved Long Fei's mental power a lot, and pushed the meteorite together with these spiritual powers.

Moreover, this spiritual power also made all the new humans who were fighting side by side with Long Fei, even the adjusters and ordinary people, feel an indescribable positive energy gathering in their bodies.

But Long Fei did not expect that Bosque, the former king of Salamanda, would appear beside him.

Long Fei found that Bosque's spiritual body was even more ethereal, because it was his remaining spiritual power in the room.

"Long Fei, I don't have much spiritual power left, but I still want to do a little bit for you. I dedicate this power to you. I hope it can help you a little."

"Bosque, you will disappear forever if you do this."

"It doesn't matter. Under your leadership, the country will be prosperous and the people will be safe, the people will be prosperous and the country will be strong and we can't lose you. Accept..." Bosque hadn't finished speaking when he suddenly sensed a familiar force.

Long Fei also felt the spiritual bodies of Fardis and Julius coming to his side.

"Hey, my defeated Bosque, I didn't expect you to be in such a bad mental state after death. A loser is a loser, and you are still useless." Fadis satirized Bosque.

Not to be outdone, Bosque fought back: "Hmph, you are not much better, you are also a loser."

"At least my mental body is not as bad as yours."

Bosque wanted to retort, but Long Fei interrupted directly: "Guys, if you are here to quarrel, I advise you to find a place to quarrel."

The two rivals stopped talking.

Fadis said: "Long Fei, this meteorite is about to rush into the atmosphere. Although there are countless spiritual powers to help you, it can't change the current situation. I will help you and give all my spiritual power. "

"If you do this, your spiritual body will disappear, that is to say, your soul will be scattered."

"It doesn't matter, as long as I can protect the new humans on Mars, I will sacrifice so what."

"I didn't expect Fardis to know how to sacrifice himself to save others." Bosque deliberately stepped on Fardis while talking.

Fardis rolled his eyes at Bosque.

Julius said to Long Fei: "Long Fei, although my mental strength is not as good as my emperor's, I am still willing to sacrifice myself to help you."

Julius put his hand on Longfei's left shoulder, Bosque put his hand on Longfei's right shoulder, Fardis put his hand on the back of Longfei's neck.

The spiritual bodies of the three people dissipated like a quantum and merged with Long Fei's blue spiritual airflow.

The large meteorite block has broken into the atmosphere, rubbing against the atmosphere and emitting flames.

"The miracle caused by the new humans seems to be unable to stop the meteorite from hitting Mars."

"What kind of force is it? Could it be that the civilization of the alien system made a secret move to bring the Tianyi Empire into such a catastrophe?"

"Just received the news that inside the meteorite block, although the Tianyi Army has suppressed many locations and shut down most of the thrusters, their mission has failed."

"All the Tianyi Imperial Army and Tianyi mercenaries have already started to leave the scene one after another. Although we can't see their expressions, we can feel their dejection at the moment."

Quite a few war reporters on the scene were reporting. Some reporters felt sorry, some expressed gloating in their tone, and some even suspected that aliens were playing tricks.

Suddenly, many journalists unanimously reported the changes that had taken place in the body group that was still struggling to push the meteorite.

The originally colorful spiritual airflow, at this moment, the entire colored spiritual airflow is blooming with colorful light, and the originally embellished starlight becomes even more dazzling.

Moreover, the colorful spiritual air current spreads in all directions like a gushing river, and the strong colorful spiritual air current is blocked like a river, making it difficult for the large meteorite to move even an inch.

Everyone watching the live broadcast was frozen in petrochemicals or was dumbfounded and speechless.

Kuroda City was also completely speechless, he did not expect such a thing to happen.

No one knew what was going on with this colorful spiritual aura.

As the party involved, Long Fei called this colorful spiritual airflow [Spiritual Galaxy]

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Crossing the Other World to Build Gundam Chapter 1039: spiritual galaxy