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Crossing the Other World to Build Gundam
Chapter 1038: work together and never give up

Dikla drove the dilapidated Zitiangang Holy Machine, heading forward, watching his plan. Although it was used by others, at least his plan was successfully implemented.

Dikla still had a sense of joy, at least his revenge was avenged.

"Your Majesty, this is too messy!"

"Salamanda, is there any other way than this? My wife, children, and my people are all there. As a husband, a father, and an emperor, I will not stand up. Who will protect them, no matter Whatever, I'm going to push it back!"

Salamanda had nothing to say for a while, and ordered other colleagues to follow him to help His Majesty the Emperor.

Li Xiucheng and Pan Zhenhua also followed Niu Gaoda with some subordinates.

Li Xiucheng said directly: "Gundam is not only capable of fighting, but also looks good!"

"Oh my God, Emperor Long Fei of the Tianyi Empire is driving his own Gundam and his subordinates are pushing this big meteorite away!"

"One after another, Gundams also joined the emperor in an attempt to push the meteorite away!"

All the war reporters on the scene were reporting, some live broadcast media, some barrage, many people thought that what Long Fei did was futile.

But some random people said don't forget that Long Fei is a new human being, and the new human being may cause miracles.

Then, Doom III and Mobile Fortress followed more and more to push the meteorite together.

Inside the large meteorite block, a war reporter wearing a space suit who was reporting live: "The current battle is still going on, I don't know what's going on with this group of people, they are not afraid of death at all, after emptying all the ammunition and bullets, they pull out He rushed to the Tianyi army with a knife, and was shot to death in the end."

Beam bullets flew across the scene, and war reporters reported live from a relatively safe place.

Long Fei and his team, who were struggling to push the meteorite, had a total of more than 200 airframes.

The final shooting version of Gundam TR Hazel Osla is doing side strikes, but after two shots, the energy of the booster device is exhausted, the ultra-long-range cannon is overheated at the moment, and the heat dissipation props have been exhausted, so we must wait for the delivery container to arrive .

The Ms and mobile fortresses of the New Bird Fleet and Guardian Fleet are rushing to the scene quickly.

"Oh my god, the blue spiritual airflow has reappeared in front of everyone, and the spiritual airflow is stronger and thicker than the previous battle."

Niu Gundam exudes a strong blue spiritual airflow, and the blue spiritual airflow even wraps all the bodies that follow Niu Gundam to push the meteorite.

Whether it was ordinary humans using superconducting communication or new humans with telepathic abilities, everyone heard Long Fei's voice.

"Everyone, if we don't push this big meteorite away, it will definitely hit our Mars. This will definitely set off a strong sandstorm on Mars. It is impossible to predict how much sequelae it will cause on Mars, let alone how many there will be. casualties, the last ones to bear this injury must be the compatriots living on Mars."

"And it's a pain that will stay in our hearts forever. Are we going to leave this pain to future generations?"

"Although I was born on Earth, I came here and became the emperor of Mars. I have the responsibility to protect Mars and the people living on this planet."

"Everyone, push away the meteorite with me, protect Mars, and protect our relatives on the ground!"

After Long Fei finished speaking, he exuded a stronger spiritual aura.

All new humans can feel Long Fei's mental fluctuations. He really wants to protect Mars and his people.

The warriors fighting inside the meteorite block also felt the spiritual fluctuations of their emperor, which gave them an invisible force and made them guard Mars no matter what.

"Your Majesty, we are willing to advance and retreat with you!" All the pilots who pushed the big meteorite together with Long Fei shouted in unison.

Numerous pilots of the Guardian Fleet and the New Bird Force rushed to the scene. These pilots were originally the former Dion Army who were dissatisfied with Long Fei's noodles or the neutral Martian residents. They could all feel Long Fei's protection. The sincerity of Mars and the people made them extremely moved and resonated.

They already agreed in their hearts that Long Fei was their emperor, and they were willing to pledge their allegiance to Long Fei and to sacrifice their lives for the Tianyi Empire.

Dikla also felt Long Fei's mental fluctuations, but Dikla let out a hysterical cry: "Fake, all of them are fake, citizens of the Dion Empire, don't believe this hypocrite, he is lying to you! This is just deceiving you, and I will definitely avoid it at the last moment!"

No one heard Dikla's hysterical cry, and even if someone heard it, they would refute him on the spot. As the eldest grandson of the Dion Empire in the past, he threw meteorites on Mars. He never thought that the people who were hurt in the end would be those people. You are the executioner who caused the lives of the people to die. What qualifications does a person like you have to be our emperor's eldest grandson? What qualifications does your highness have to be our emperor?

It's a pity that even if someone refuted and accused him on the spot, Dikla, who had fallen into a demon, couldn't listen.

After Tao Xiang felt her husband's mental fluctuations, Tao Xiang tried to contact Long Fei.

After finally contacting Long Fei.

"Fei, you leave quickly, I don't want to lose you." Tao Xiang begged Long Fei with tears in her eyes.

"Honey, I can't leave, and I can't give up. I have the responsibility to protect you and my people. Even if there is only one person in the capital, I can't give up and shrink back. This is my responsibility as the emperor."

"But, fly..."

Long Fei directly interrupted: "Tao Xiang, as my wife and the queen of the Tianyi Empire, you should know what a great responsibility is, and I believe you know that a great responsibility falls on everyone."

"..." Tao Xiang fell silent, and she also knew that what Long Fei said was correct.

Tao Xiang could only silently pray for a miracle to happen and her husband to return.

"Oops, my body seems to be out of balance, and there seems to be something wrong with the pseudo-solar furnace!"

The orange-red particles emitted by an Erdo III were unstable, and the operation of the pseudo-solar furnace suddenly dropped by less than 30%, just as the entire machine was about to fly out.

A 1.5 Gundam grabbed its hand and pulled it over.

"Sir, let go, or it will drag you down!"

"What nonsense, we are comrades-in-arms, we can't give up, let's help His Majesty the Emperor together."

"My body is already failing. You caught me like this and killed you. Let go, sir. It is better to die alone than two."

"I will never let go!"

The driver of Doom Type III saw the officer so persistent, so in order not to drag him down, he pulled out the Gn sword with his right hand and swung it towards his left arm while Doom Type III was still in use.

"Bastard, what are you doing stupid!"

Just as Doomsday III was about to cut off the joints of his left arm, his right hand was suddenly grabbed.

It turned out that a MkV grabbed its right hand.

"Don't give up lightly. We don't know who will win until the last moment. We must fight with His Majesty until the end."

"You..." The driver of Doom III looked at the Tianyi mercenary on the split screen, and then said to his commander, "Sir, I'm sorry, I shouldn't give up lightly."

"Silly boy, I will give you a punch when I go back." The officer scolded with a smile.

The doom-type III investigated on the instrument, and then typed on the keyboard, hoping to make a remedy. The doom-type III responded as if sensing the driver's unwillingness to give up, and the doom-type III pseudo-solar furnace returned to normal.

When many airframes seemed to be out of control, they were about to float out and were caught by other companions, or after being rescued by the airframes that rushed out while floating out, the pilots made a series of adjustments and self-rescue.

Follow other companions and continue to push the meteorite block.

Everyone's concerted efforts were also photographed by some war reporters. Countless reporters at the scene paid tribute to these soldiers with the spirit of never giving up.

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Crossing the Other World to Build Gundam Chapter 1038: work together and never give up