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Crossing the Other World to Build Gundam
Chapter 1022: Dikla’s last battle

Zitiangang Holy Machine led 800 Violet Holy Machines to fly out from the meteorite block.

There are other meteorite chunks flying out of the Violet Chalice.

The number of violet holy machines has reached 3,000, which is all the holy machines in Dikla's hands.

The pilot of the Violet Holy Machine who owns the trial version of the mental booster device, after turning on the device, the overall mental ability has improved a lot, whether it is the reaction speed, the space crisis sensor, or the mental control has been greatly improved.

Dikla's Purple Heavenly Gang holy machine exudes a purple spiritual air.

Long Fei's Niu Gundam HWS equipment exudes a strong blue spirit.

The two spiritual air currents spread wantonly to the entire surrounding.

Whether it was the Tianyi Empire or foreign war reporters, they were all broadcasting live.

"Two spiritually powerful air currents collided, and almost six years after Fardis' death, this scene once again fell in front of all audiences."

"And received the news that the pilot of the airframe exuding purple airflow, Dikla, the eldest grandson of Fardis, was the one who floated from a pile of wreckage and meteorites to the Martian circle, and then he was with the mysterious organization and the one who was deposed from the Wanluo Federation. President and suspicion of alliances with alien civilizations, he did it all."

"All he did, it seems that he wants to avenge his grandfather and restore the country."

"And the spiritual aura he exudes is no less than that of his grandfather."

"The two spiritual currents of purple and blue have begun to collide."

The two spiritual forces spread to touch, and the purple spiritual airflow was quickly suppressed by the blue spiritual airflow, and was always pushed back by the blue spiritual airflow. Just like two gladiators, the stronger gladiator was defeated by the stronger and more powerful one. The gladiator was pressed back.

Can't stop backing up at all.

As the person concerned, Dikla had long expected that his mental power would be equipped with a mental booster, and his mental power was still not as good as Long Fei.

But what he didn't expect was that Long Fei's mental power was much stronger than before.

From time to time, Dikla's head, temples, forehead and back of the head felt like being pricked by needles.

"Damn it, it was estimated that Long Fei's mental ability would be stronger than before, and his progress has completely exceeded our estimate." Dikla said while enduring his headache.

"But I have put life and death beyond my control. This is the last battle of my life."

Dikla used his spiritual power to speak spiritually to all the pilots of the Violet Holy Machine.

"Brave warriors of the Dion Kingdom, this is the most important and crucial battle for our restoration of the country. This is a decisive battle between the most elite troops on both sides. Only with our courage and determination to die can we be the brave to win!"

"Whoa!" All the pilots of the Violet Holy Machine shouted with high morale.

Long Fei not only used his mental ability to communicate with all the new humans of the Tianyi Army, but also used superconducting communication to communicate with other soldiers.

Long Fei shouted in tune with spiritual transmission: "My dear soldiers, each of you comes from a different birth, whether you are from the former Dion Empire or not, at this moment we are all of one mind, we all have a deep love to protect The family and the planet, the remnants of the previous dynasty have gone mad, wanting to smash these meteorites on Mars, completely disregarding the feelings of compatriots back then, and not caring about the thousands of lives on Mars."

"Thousands of thousands of lives have family members we love deeply, and they are family ties that we are willing to protect with our lives. Mars is the hometown of soldiers, and their families and relatives are on Mars. The same is true for me. Dearly beloved wife and beloved children, and more importantly, the people of Liming whom I value.”

"As the emperor of the Tianyi Empire, I have the responsibility to protect my country and people, and I have to personally guard the country's gates to protect the country's people. The emperor guards the country's gates, and the king dies. Are the soldiers willing to live and die with me?"


The armies on both sides began to rush towards each other, and the Skywing Army had more than twice the number of machines than the Dion Pirates, not including the mobile puppets, fighter planes, and mobile fortresses.

The Eight Directly Affiliated Forces earlier dispatched some troops to perform tasks in other fields.

But the heads of the eight directly subordinate troops all went out to fight with Long Fei.

Except for the eight directly subordinate troops, the guardian fleet's mechanical system and equipment are all elite-level troops.

There were also two Silver Thunders from the Black Rabbit Troops at the scene.

Two Silver Thunders and Gundam TR Hazel Osla Final Shot along with other battleships are responsible for destroying meteorite blocks. i𝘯n𝚛𝑒α𝚍. C𝐨𝓶

Regardless of whether there is a violet holy machine with or without a spiritual booster, all of them are in booster mode.

All the airframes of the Tianyi Army that have the boost mode function are turned on.

There are extremely gorgeous trails and beam crosses on the battlefield.

The death knight driver who turned on the EXAM system used the EXAM system to allow him to sense the mental fluctuations of the enemy he was fighting with, thus also mastering the trajectory of the opponent's floating cannon.

The wired control cannon and floating cannon are under the control of their respective drivers, each showing its own true skills.

The death knight driver used his own brainwaves to use one of the wired cannons with a rope, dexterous and cunning like a snake. The wired cannon was dodging the attack of the floating cannon, instantly like a reckless snake, the rope was wrapped around the floating cannon.

At the moment of binding the target, the wired control cannon killed the floating cannon with one shot.

"What, that's fine too!" The pilot of the Violet Holy Machine was very surprised, he didn't expect the other party to do this.

In the next scene, the pilot of the Violet Holy Machine couldn't believe what he saw with his own eyes.

The death knight rushed directly in front of him, and an additional pair of mechanical arms held a giant beam saber, slashing towards the death knight left and right.

The driver of the Violet Holy Machine immediately mentally controlled the two floating cannons to switch the beam saber function, blocking 2 giant beam sabers.

The death knight fired the Mega Particle Cannon with the five muzzles of the shield in his left hand, and the Violet Holy Machine immediately opened the protective cover with the shield in his left hand to block most of the Mega Particle Cannons, and the remaining Mega Particle Cannon shot down the beam sword mode floating on the right side of the Violet Holy Machine gun.

Immediately after the Violet Holy Machine was about to fire at close range with the beam gun in his right hand, the death knight used the wired cannon to destroy the Violet Holy Machine's right beam gun, and then tied the right hand and legs of the Violet Holy Machine with the wired cannon.

The bound Violet Holy Machine couldn't move for a while, and the driver wanted to attack the death knight with a floating cannon.

The death knight moved one step faster, the beam gun in his right hand and the wired cannon fired one step ahead, the specific legs, back, and chest were hit by the beam at the same time, especially the cockpit was directly penetrated by the beam gun.

The floating cannon, which had lost the driver's mental control, was originally suspended in midair, but suddenly fired at the death knight.

Fortunately, the EXAM system can allow ordinary humans to have the ability to approach new humans. The death knight driver just has the ability to sense space and sense the rotation of the floating cannon, which allows the death knight to avoid most of the floating cannon attacks.

The floating oil cannon in the beam saber mode continued to attack the death knight. Fortunately, the giant beam sabers used by the death knight's pair of extra mechanical arms swung to resist the attack of the floating beam saber. One resisted and the other cut it off.

"It was really dangerous just now. If I hadn't turned on the EXAM system, so that I have a keen sense of space, otherwise I would definitely be doomed for the sneak attack just now."

The death knight then dodged the sneak attack of the floating cannon that had just attacked from behind.

The death knight driver sensed a stronger spiritual force coming towards him.

In addition to the Violet Holy Machine that was just killed, the remaining four floating cannons continued to attack him, and another eight floating cannons attacked him from all directions from southeast, northwest, up, down, left, and right.

A Violet Holy Machine with a spiritual booster just killed a ZPlus and a mass-produced F91, and saw a Death Knight not far away kill a colleague.

The driver immediately mentally controlled the dead colleague's floating cannon to attack the death knight, and even rushed towards the death knight, intending to avenge his colleague.

In addition to attacking the floating bubbles attacking him in all directions with the beam gun and the shield mega particle cannon, the death knight also attacked in six directions with the wired control cannon.

Most of the floating cannons were forced away, and the light beams fired by the remaining few floating cannons made the death knight dodge.

Looking at the red-eyed Death Knight's Violet holy machine pilot, he felt a little upset and said, "This is the special system developed by the traitor Longfei New Human for you ordinary humans. It will not allow you to have the abilities of our new human. This cannot be done. Forgive me, the mechas of the Shadow Mad Dog Team must not be kept, they must all be killed!"

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Crossing the Other World to Build Gundam Chapter 1022: Dikla’s last battle