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Crossing the Other World to Build Gundam
Chapter 1021: Dikla’s Purple Heavenly Gang Holy Machine and Secret Weapon Killer

The Downs, the Gondwana-class Ms mothership, the factory battleship and various warships total more than 200 ships, all guarding the safety of Mars in front of Mars, named [Guardian Fleet].

Some Tianyi soldiers (formerly from the Dion Kingdom) learned that Dikla was going to use meteorites to hit Mars, which aroused their great resentment, because their family members are all on Mars.

Regarding Dikla's actions, they all felt that this man was crazy, he didn't care about the feelings of his compatriots in the past, and he was far worse than his grandfather.

Those former members of the Dion Empire, who were originally neutral or on the sidelines, decided to guard Mars together with the current compatriots of the Sky Wing Empire.

More than a hundred meteorite blocks are less than 1 million kilometers away from Mars.

More than a hundred meteorite block battery devices have already run out of power, and the power used at this moment is the backup power system.

The meteorite block that Dikla is on is at the forefront.

The guardian fleet launched a round of mobile drill missiles, Minov particle missiles, and several anti-neutron jamming missiles mixed in, and attacked the meteorite block group.

The meteorite block group uses the backup power system to open the secret missile shaft to launch missiles. The missile group is also mixed with their strongest missile, [Super Nuclear Explosive Missile].

Anti-beam particle missiles and tactical nuclear missiles are also mixed in the missile groups launched by the two sides.

The missiles from the two sides crossed or collided, causing bursts of fireworks.

The super-nuclear explosive missile exploded one step earlier than the anti-neutron jamming missile, and the diffusion ripples caused by the explosion directly caused other missiles to explode one after another.

Although the anti-neutron jamming missile followed by the explosion, the anti-neutron jamming fluctuations affected the ripples of the super-nuclear explosion missile.

The ripples are suppressed within a range, and the omni-directional ripples spread to about 100 kilometers.

The ripple spread caused by the super-nuclear explosive missile explosion actually purified the Minov particles within the ripple spread range to 80%.

The swarm of meteorites continues toward its goal.

The two sides launched a second wave of missiles. This time, the anti-neutron jamming missile exploded earlier and caused fluctuations that affected the effect of the super-nuclear explosion missile.

The power and ripple spread of the super-nuclear missile explosion are only 10% of the original.

The second wave of missile collisions was also affected by the super-nuclear explosive missiles. The Guardian Fleet had more than two hundred mobile drill missiles and more than ten Minov particle missiles rushing towards the meteorite block group.

Some meteorite blocks were bombarded by more than 5 mobile drill missiles. The drill missiles also penetrated into the meteorite block, and then the internal warhead exploded, in addition to causing damage to some holy machines hidden in the meteorite block.

It even destroyed the internal backup power system, and because the internal explosion shock wave affected the navigation trajectory, causing navigation deviation.

After that, some of the meteorites, including those damaged by the mobile drill missile, flew out of many violet holy planes like a honeycomb.

The Guardian Fleet's superconducting radar and superconducting long-range camera scanned, and a total of about 1,000 enemy holy planes appeared.

Although these holy machines appeared like a swarm of bees, they all hid behind the meteorite blocks, using these meteorite blocks as cover or shields to move forward.

When the guardian fleet launched the third wave of missiles, most of the meteorites had stopped launching missiles.

In addition to the exhaustion of many meteorite block missiles, the backup power system has actually been exhausted, going straight to the target like ordinary meteorites.

Dikla's missile group is not as large as the opponent's, but there are secret weapons.

It was the meteorite where Dikla was. A gate was opened at the front, and a 3-meter-diameter muzzle emerged. Powered by a nuclear engine, it gathered a powerful yellow beam of energy.

And the muzzle with a diameter of 3 meters is actually a reduced version of the wing-killing cannon. Although the power and effective range are not as strong as the original version, the energy required is much smaller than the original version.

Moreover, the temperature of the thermal energy caused by the launch is also much lower than that of the original version. The muzzles of the two are made of the same material, resulting in the reduced version lasting longer than the original version, as long as the nuclear power engine can supply sufficient energy.

The reduced version of the wing cannon can continue to fire.

The reduced version of the wing-killing gun emits a yellow beam of light. Under the rotation of the three-dimensional channel, the wing-killing gun sweeps up and down, left and right, where the yellow beam passes.

The effective range of the reduced version of the wing-killing cannon sweeping and rotating is only about 500 kilometers, but it is enough to swallow, tear apart or dissolve all the incoming missiles.

The Guardian Fleet dispatched a final shooting version of Gundam TR Hazel Osla (others were sent to perform other tasks), holding a super long-distance beam cannon, with 5 floating amplifiers suspended at the front of the muzzle, floating into a pentagram Form, an energy shield appears inside the pentagonal form.

Gundam TR Hazel Osla's final shooting version of the ultra-long-range beam cannon. Although its power is not as powerful as Silver Thunder's cannon Bigway II, it can be equipped with 5 floating amplifiers to shoot at an ultra-long distance of 2,500 kilometers. .

The ultra-long-distance beam cannon attacked the meteorite block where Dikla was. When the reduced version of the wing-killing gun cooled down after overheating, the energy of the nuclear engine that supplied the energy of the reduced version of the wing-killing gun was transferred to the energy shield.

When the ultra-long-distance beam cannon bombarded the energy shield, the energy shield gradually began to crack when it was bombarded. In about five seconds, the energy shield directly collapsed like a piece of iron being melted.

The remaining power of the beam cannon bombarded the surface, burned through the surface in a few seconds, and blasted into the interior.

Suddenly a burst of purple energy resisted the beam cannon.

This energy made all the new humans on the scene feel the powerful spiritual power. i𝘯n𝚛𝑒α𝚍. C𝐨𝓶

Sitting in the cockpit equipped with Niu Gundam HWS, Long Fei closed his eyes and meditated, opened his eyes, and said in his heart: "This spiritual power is not inferior to that of Fadis back then. Unfortunately, Dikla, your spiritual power is not improved by cultivation. Reaching the level of your grandfather, but relying on the spiritual enhancement device."

"The spiritual enhancement device developed by the Dion Empire has a very bad shortcoming that it will consume lifespan, and use the consumed lifespan to temporarily increase spiritual strength."

"Although I have also carried out related research and made improvements, it is still not ideal. On the contrary, although the Noahs have similar technologies, they only temporarily improve the mental strength of driving, but the disadvantage is that they only improve for a short period of ten minutes. It makes the driver tired, similar to a PX system."

"It seems that Gundam technology, Noah's technology, and Dion Empire's technology must integrate the technologies of the two parties, but it will take a long time."

Long Fei gave the order to the guardian fleet to attack.

"Long Fei, Niu Gundam HWS equipment type, attack."

Niu Gundam stepped on the electromagnetic pedal to attack, followed by Pan Zhenhua driving the Regenerated Gundam.

Dikla drove the special sacred machine [Purple Sky Gang] designed for him. The whole body is mainly purple, the head is designed like a Gundam head, and there are two pairs of purple antennas on the forehead. , there are a pair of cannons on the shoulders, a beam saber handle is mounted on the left and right sides of the waist, a deformable beam gun is held in the right hand, and a long shield is held in the right.

Dikla sat in the cockpit and turned on the official version of the spiritual augmentation device, which was the only one.

The effect is more powerful than the trial version, and the cost of consuming life is less.

The body exudes a purple spiritual airflow and the protective cover opened by the shield in the left hand blocks the incoming beam cannon.

The 800 Violet Holy Machines led by Dikla are all equipped with a trial version of the spiritual booster.

"This is my secret weapon, that is, my trump card, Long Fei. I want to kill you to avenge my grandfather. Even if we die together, I will not hesitate. As long as you are dead, aunt just needs to go up and give her allegiance to Dion." The new human beings of the imperial kingdom will definitely join the banner of aunt and return to the kingdom."

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Crossing the Other World to Build Gundam Chapter 1021: Dikla’s Purple Heavenly Gang Holy Machine and Secret Weapon Killer