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Crossing the Other World to Build Gundam
Chapter 1020: The third phase of the plan begins

The third Destroyer was torn in half by the Super Mega Particle Cannon.

The destroying warship that was broken in half turned into two huge fireworks, and the violent explosion also affected part of the holy machine.

The news quickly spread to the command room of the Dion Pirates. Everyone's expression was very ugly, and there was a deviation in every step of the plan. They received some news from the front line.

Since the giant floating cannon of the shield frigate of the Tianyi Army can block their destruction laser cannon, this matter exceeded their expectations.

"It's really about peeing on the sedan chair, and unexpected things will change at the critical moment."

"Admiral, most of the troops have followed His Royal Highness, the eldest grandson, and we have very few troops left."

"Since this is the case, all of us will mobilize. This is our last stand. Even if we fight to the last man, we will not hesitate. As long as we can hold back the enemies here, we will buy opportunities and time for His Royal Highness."

Everyone at the scene looked at me, I looked at you, and everyone looked at the commander.

The commander glanced at everyone present, and then said: "Everyone, we have no way out, I will fight the last battle, if you are afraid of death, you can surrender, but what I hope is that you stay where you are and wait for all of us." After you die in battle, you surrender to the enemy."

At this time, a lieutenant general said: "Sir, you look down on us too much. When the plan is implemented, we have already put our life and death above all else. I am willing to fight side by side with you, and we will live and die together."

"We are willing to live and die together!" Everyone in the command room shouted loudly.

"Alright, join me in the final battle!"

"Oh!" Everyone at the scene raised their right fists and shouted.

All the generals and school officers in the command room drove the Violet Holy Machine to fight.

Not long ago, Dio saw a huge red laser line sweeping across the screen, and already roughly knew the location of the third destroying warship.

After watching the red laser ray disappear, another cannon shot at the source of the red laser ray.

"Oh, it seems that the destruction warship missed the target, and was directly killed by our Yagama warship!"

Then came the message.

"Look for whether there are still destroying warships in the meteorite block group."

Dio looked at the content of the message and thought to himself: "So many holy planes and three destroying warships emerged at once after the meteorite separated, who can guarantee whether they still have destroying warships hidden among them as their last trump card."

Dio carried out the orders of his superiors to find out if there were still destroying battleships.

On the other side, the Flying Wing Type 0 was besieged by holy planes, and other wingmen were protecting the Flying Wing Type 0.

Hell Reaper Gundam found a meteorite block with a diameter of more than 3 kilometers in the process of searching for the destroying battleship, and holy opportunities emerged from several passages.

All the holy planes that flew out from the entrance were violets.

Dio immediately notified his superiors.

When Lieutenant General Wu Wenyuan received the news, he immediately judged that he was the most important member of the Dion Pirates, and conveyed the news to the entire army.

The GX9900 and the rest of the GXBITs have returned to the Mothership Large version of La Kelam.

Under the instruction of Lieutenant General Wu Wenyuan, the large version of La Kailum and other warships pursued the group of meteorite blocks that broke through the defense line.

Lieutenant General Wu Wenyuan originally planned to send one of the Pseudo-Agamma warships to chase the meteorite block group, but the meteorite block group in the encirclement had another laser cannon that destroyed it. Although it missed the important Pseudo-Agamma battleship, it still More than six battleships were lost.

The No. 3 Argama battleship immediately launched a super Mega cannon particle cannon to counterattack.

Lieutenant General Wu Wenyuan really didn't dare to bet on whether the opponent still had the fourth and fifth destruction warships, so he had to leave the third and fourth No. 1 Yagama warships on the battlefield.

"General, we currently have more than 100 meteorites breaking through our defenses and rushing towards Mars."

"I see, report to the headquarters immediately."

Under the protection of his fellow wingmen, the Flying Wing Type 0 held a destruction rifle in each hand, and continuously fired at the meteorite blocks within the range of the destruction gun.

Regardless of whether there is a holy machine hidden in the meteorite block, Aviana still fires.

The more than a hundred meteorites that broke through the defense line and rushed towards Mars, the smallest size reached 1 kilometer, and the largest size exceeded 5 kilometers.

All meteorite blocks, regardless of size, have a set of battery devices inside, which can supply the energy required by the meteorite block thrusters and internal facilities.

It's just that the battery unit can supply energy for less than 10 hours.

Dikla is also preparing a backup power system for this purpose, which is one of the preparations for the third stage of the plan.

Dikla issued a plan to start the third stage, and open all the meteorite block thrusters to the maximum.

This will drain the battery device faster, and Dikla will give this order.

Mainly, he had a feeling that the battle in the rear was becoming more and more unfavorable, that the battle situation was not as they had imagined, and that the situation was even worse than the worst estimate.

In order to avoid long nights and dreams, Dikla let the third paragraph of the plan be implemented earlier.

The meteorite block where Dikla is located is not the largest, but it has one of the nuclear power engines modified by Akdilla, and the meteorite block where he is located has several secret weapons.

With more than a hundred meteorite blocks pushing with all their strength, the speed was nearly double that of before.

Dikla became more and more nervous because Long Fei was waiting for him in front of him.

Long Fei was sitting in the Niu Gundam HWS equipped cockpit with his eyes closed and rested.

Listening to the report of Minister of Defense Shrek.

"Okay, I see, Minister, thank you for your hard work."

"Your Majesty, please forgive me for speaking bluntly. Just leave the front line to the soldiers. Your Majesty, don't put yourself in danger."

"Shrek, I know you are worried about my safety, but the other party has already attacked our door. As the emperor of the Tianyi Empire, I should set an example and guard the country's gate. This is the responsibility of the emperor."

Shrek has seen the emperor's determination.

"Your Majesty, we have spread the news all over the country and told the people to prepare for evacuation measures. If necessary, we will send the people to evacuation facilities for evacuation."

"I see. Anything else?"

"Most of the Hyakki Night Walk organization has been wiped out, and only a small number have escaped from the space field of our country. We have cleaned up the clone troops that Pulvi made, and other troops are already rushing back to Mars. "

"Well, okay, minister, let's deal with your next work."


After Shrek went offline, Pan Zhenhua communicated to Long Fei to report.

"Your Majesty, the eight directly subordinate troops are ready, just wait for your Majesty's order."


In addition to Long Fei's troops directly in front of Mars, there are other troops guarding Mars. "

Among Long Fei's eight directly subordinate troops, except for the Angels of Doom, the other seven directly subordinate troops only replaced new parts and some upgrades.

The Doom Form II of the Angels of Doom has been replaced with Doom Form III.

Long Fei didn't have any fear in his heart at the moment, he had to face it bravely, because Mars was behind him, and thousands of people had to be guarded by him.

The family members are all on Mars, and they follow their soldiers to protect the family members on Mars.

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Crossing the Other World to Build Gundam Chapter 1020: The third phase of the plan begins