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Crossing the Other World to Build Gundam
Chapter 1019: The giant floating protective cover blocks the destruction laser cannon

Many meteorites broke through from the fleet where Lieutenant General Wu Wenyuan was located, including the meteorite where Dikla was.

An hour after the second destroyer was destroyed, the meteorite block where Dikla was located had lost contact with the meteorite block where the command post was located.

Next, Dikla could only think about how to deal with the next action. Except for the troops inside his meteorite block, some of the surrounding meteorite blocks also had Holy Machine troops hidden inside.

Lieutenant General Wu Wenyuan immediately contacted the headquarters, and there were many meteorites rushing towards Mars, and there might be hidden Holy Machine troops inside the meteorites.

Moreover, these meteorite blocks are faster than Akdira's modification of meteorites,

These meteorites may rush to Mars in less than 80 hours.

On the other side, Battlestar Bulger and Diva successively destroyed the other two meteorites, and have begun to turn back to Mars.

Although returning to Mars at full speed, it will not be able to catch up in time, and it will take at least 80 hours to reach Mars.

The Hell Reaper Gundam, who has remained invisible all the time, used many meteorite blocks as cover to cross one meteorite block after another.

During the execution of the mission, Dio found that Pani and others were still fighting on the way, rescuing some colleagues and recruiting and expanding their scale.

If Dio didn't have a mission, he would want to help his colleagues, but as a soldier, he must put the mission first.

"The superior just sent a message that the second destroying warship was destroyed, and asked me to look for the third one. I feel that I am not going deep into the den of thieves, but deep in the den of dragons and tigers."

Dio drove the Hell Reaper Gundam over every meteorite block, acting in a state of mental tension, not daring to be careless or negligent.

There were even several times when the Holy Plane flew around ten kilometers around him, and the invisible Hell Reaper Gundam was not found.

Every time Diou experienced an enemy plane flying by not far from him, he couldn't help wiping his cold sweat and said, "Fortunately, my number one Reaper assembled the most advanced stealth technology and anti-detection devices, otherwise how many times would I die? Never know."

"In a vast and boundless universe, even if it's just a group of meteorites in this area, to find the target to destroy the battleship is undoubtedly looking for a needle in a haystack."

"Although I really want to destroy the warship to launch the destruction laser cannon, so that we can know its location, but if such a thing really happens, how many colleagues will die from this destruction laser cannon." Dio was very entangled in his heart.

On the other side, many shield frigates of the Tianyi Army began to launch their huge floating cannons to activate the protection function.

Earlier, after Akdilla transformed the meteorite and separated, the three destroying warships were able to launch the destroying laser cannon, except for the surprise, and the negligence of the Tianyi Army and the energy of the huge floating cannon of the shield frigate just ran out and returned to the ship to recharge.

At the scene, in addition to the surviving shield frigates, the reinforcements just arrived, and many shield frigates came at the same time.

Many warships have already retreated, out of the effective range of the destruction laser cannon, leaving all the shield frigates to activate the huge floating cannon, preparing to protect the safety of the Yagama battleship (No. 4).

There are other hulls and mobile fortresses on site to protect the Nyagama battleship.

The Cannon Bigway II not only directly devoured the violet holy machine when the silver thunder fired, countless fireworks burst from where the cannon passed, because there were other holy machines that were also swallowed by the cannon.

Finally, it hit a meteorite block with a diameter of less than 1 km, blasting it into cosmic dust.

Many of the meteorites were Cannon Bigway II destroyed by Yinlei.

The power of Silver Thunder's Cannon Bigway II gave the Dion pirates a headache. It was not as powerful as the Destruction Cannon and Satellite Microwave Cannon, but its attack power was greater than the laser cannons of many warships.

6 Kihar IIs serve as the guards of Yinlei, and can fight with Yinlei.

Many Amethyst and Violet Holy Machines wanted to break through Kihar II's line of defense, but the spirit-breaking pulses fired from the weapon cabinet by Silver Thunder, Full Armor Gundam TR-6 Kunlin, and TR-6 Advanced Kihar II Wave missiles, or the various heavy fire weapons of enemy aircraft, especially mobile fortresses, make it difficult for them to break through the line of defense.

In particular, the Mental Shutdown pulse wave missile directly sealed their floating cannons for a period of time, causing serious damage to them.

Not only was the Holy Air Force unable to break through the defense line of the enemy's airframe troops, but they were also gradually pushed back by the enemy's fighter planes, mobile suits, and mobile fortresses.

Coupled with the arrival of reinforcements, more fighters, Ms and mobile fortresses put pressure on the Holy Air Force.

When the airframe units of the Tianyi Army suppressed the enemy's advance, the giant floating cannons also advanced.

Suddenly, a huge energy laser cannon pierced through or devoured the meteorite blocks one after another, and the laser cannon was sweeping past.

All kinds of airframes of the Tianyi Army retreated immediately, and the giant floating cannon immediately activated the protective cover function.

The fighter planes of the Skywing Army, MS, and Mobile Fortress opened their propellers to the maximum, and part of the body passed over the protective layer set up by giant floating cannons layer after layer.

The other part of the body is flying from left to right at extreme speed, because the destruction laser cannon is swept away from left to right.

A part of the Holy Air Force was directly devoured by the destroying laser cannons. The Sky Wing Army not only quickly hid in the protective layer, but also quickly sailed to the right before they could hide in the next layer of protective cover.

Because the protective layer of each layer is like a translucent city wall, it cannot fly out of the protective cover of the last layer, and it can still fly out of the protective layer by flying to the right.

As long as the Tianyi Army warships are still within the effective range of the destruction laser cannon, they will start to evade.

Due to the huge energy gathered by the super Mega cannon particle cannon, the Nyagama battleship cannot make effective evasion.

There are five layers of giant floating cannons, and each layer consists of 8 giant floating cannons to form a powerful protective cover.

As long as the destruction laser cannon penetrates a layer of protective cover, the lights of the 8 giant floating cannons will remain unchanged, and they will continue to operate with the protective cover open to resist the destruction laser cannon.

The destruction laser cannon penetrates a layer of protective cover, its power will be weakened, and the laser cannon will be smaller.

When penetrating through the third layer of protective cover, the size of the destruction laser cannon was less than 30%, and as the destruction laser cannon continued to sweep.

At the beginning of breaking through the fourth layer of protective cover, the volume of the laser cannon has remained less than 5% of its original volume, but it continues to sweep.

The destruction laser cannon that could break through the fourth layer of protective cover could only leave waves of ripples on the fourth layer of protective cover.

This result made the Tianyi army on the scene unbelievable. The destruction laser cannon had reached its limit when it penetrated to the fourth protective cover.

However, some officers who have an understanding of protective cover technology know that if the destruction laser cannon is not a sweep, but a direct-fire concentrated point strike, it is unknown whether the fifth layer of protective cover can block it.

Moreover, such an effect can be achieved mainly due to the double ability of the shield giant floating cannon to carry out a series of improvements and upgrades to increase the power and the protective cover.

If it is an early version, I am afraid that even the seven-layer protective cover will not be able to stop it.

After the energy of the destruction laser cannon was exhausted, the No. 4 Quasi-Agama battleship has grasped the source of the destruction laser cannon.

The captain immediately asked his colleagues to remove the protective cover, and fired the super mega cannon particle cannon at the moment of removal.

The third destroyer directly ate the Super Mega Cannon Particle Cannon head-on.

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Crossing the Other World to Build Gundam Chapter 1019: The giant floating protective cover blocks the destruction laser cannon