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Crossing the Other World to Build Gundam
Chapter 1018: plans have to change

Under the control of the surrounding environment of the Flying Wing Type 0, and with the assistance of the Type 0 system, Aviana issued tactical instructions to her fellow troops.

All the fellow wingmen and the Wing Type 0 Gundam immediately dispersed and rushed towards the meteorites, using the gopher tactics they were very good at.

Under the suggestion of adopting the Type 0 system, Aviana asked the colleagues on the scene for information on where they came from, and obtained the source information of all fellow pilots in the Type 0 system. Most of the fellow pilots came from the mother of the Tianyi Mercenary Corps. members of the base.

These colleagues used to simulate battles between the red and blue armies at the mother base, many times in the meteorite group environment simulation battle, very good at using the gopher tactics in the meteorite group.

Many Holy Machines pursued the target.

"Cowardly Tianyi Army, don't run if you have the guts!"

"Have the guts to **** our national planet, don't you have the guts to fight us, the Restoration Army!"

An amethyst holy machine was chasing Richel in the form of a fighter plane. When it passed a meteorite block, several beams of light and missiles suddenly attacked from different directions.

Amethyst immediately opened the protective cover with the floating cannon. When all the beams and missiles were blocked, the function of the floating cannon protective cover just reached the limit and the power was just about to run out, so it had to return to the body to charge.

At the same time, several Jestas attacked from different directions. Although Amethyst dodged, the beam gun in the right hand was cut in half by the beam saber in the hand of the first Jesta.

The second Jesta also held a beam saber and slashed at Amethyst. Although Amethyst immediately drew out the beam saber to resist, the third Jesta followed closely.

The moment Amethyst retreated, a beam of light directly penetrated Amethyst's chest, and the attack just now was Richel.

Before being chased and fleeing in the form of a fighter plane, the purpose is to lead the enemy into the ambush point. After the enemy falls into the ambush point, it immediately transforms into the Ms form, and calculates the opponent's trajectory while the opponent is dodging. In the end, it kills with a single shot.

"No, I fell for it!"

Several Amethysts chased a MkⅣ into a meteorite block, and were ambushed by Delta, fully armored MkⅢ, and several Jestas (one was a Jesta Cannon) in a cross passage.

To make matters worse, when several Amethyst units were chasing the target, a floating Delta was above them, not noticing that the Delta was intact.

After Amethyst crossed Delta, Delta immediately turned on the power, and then took the opportunity to follow and cut off the way back.

Although several Amethysts activated the functions of floating cannons and shield shields, they immediately asked their colleagues for help, and surrounded them. The Tianyi Army emitted Minov particles, making them cry every day, and the earth is not working.

Countless artillery fire directly allowed them to enjoy all-round strikes. After a while, several amethysts turned into fireworks, and the remaining wreckage floated on the scene.

The body that has completed the siege and ambush then looks for the next target.

"Strange, the target is gone!"

"Damn it, we were hit by an electromagnetic wave bomb from the opponent, which caused the screen to jump for a while, but he slipped away!"

A Violet Holy Machine led five Amethysts to chase a Delta in the form of a fighter plane.

"Dididi..." The alarm sounded from the cockpits of the six holy planes, informing them that a powerful energy was attacking them.

"No, we fell into their trap!" The captain exclaimed, but then lost consciousness.

A violent beam of light shot through the passage, devouring Violet and other amethysts.

The violent beam is the cannon of destruction.

It turned out that just now, Delta in the fighter form introduced a target into a meteorite block, and shortly after being trapped by the opponent, Delta flew out of the meteorite block.

The Flying Wing Type 0 assembles a destruction rifle, destroys the meteorite block with one shot, and wipes out all the enemy planes inside.

Afterwards, several Holy Machine squads were introduced into meteorite blocks by the enemy, and they were all taken away by the Wing Zero with a wave of destruction cannons.

The holy aircraft troops received news that other fellow troops who were divided into groups were shot down one after another, which made them very puzzled. It was clearly their home field at this moment, why their radar kept receiving news that their colleagues were shot down. On the contrary, the red on the radar The dots didn't disappear much.

I really don't understand why the opponent changed their tactics and beat them as the home team.

Otherwise, a destruction cannon pierced through a meteorite block.

Countless holy planes pursued the Flying Wing Type 0, but they were all blocked by other enemy planes, and the Flying Wing Type 0 was extremely fast, moving to a farther place in a short period of time.

As time progressed, more and more meteorites were destroyed by the Flying Wing Zero, and more and more Tianyi Army Ms and mobile fortress troops joined the battle.

Heavy firepower such as Mental Power Gundam MKII and Kui Mansha made it difficult for the holy aircraft troops, and the beams of floating cannons could not penetrate the I position of these mobile fortresses.

Moreover, more and more Ms and mobile fortresses went deep into the meteorite block group.

As a result, more and more Holy Machine troops hiding in the meteorite blocks in the deep area were forced to come out to fight, and most of the meteorite blocks had propellers, which moved away from their original positions, resulting in the distance between the meteorite blocks getting farther and farther.

The ms and mobile fortresses of the Tianyi Army went deeper into the meteorite block, and the difficulty and pressure became lighter and lighter.

"Major Aviana, we found another Destroyer Battleship." Aviana received a communication from her colleagues and learned the location of the target.

Under the Super Calculator of the Type 0 system, Aviana drove the Wing Type 0 towards the destination, and even contacted other troops to cover her progress.

Many holy planes rushed towards the Flying Wing Type 0 and were intercepted by other airframes.

The Flying Wing 0 combines two Destroyer Rifles into a Dual Destroyer Rifle during flight.

One of the destroying warships was about to launch a destroying laser cannon at the Nyagama battleship at a distance of 800 kilometers at the position of the Nyagama battleship notified by its external colleagues, and it turned on the sweep function. The troops were destroyed in one go.

The praying mantis catches the cicada, the oriole is behind, and the destroying battleship does not know that the side distance is about 500 kilometers, and the flying-wing Type 0 double destruction gun has grasped its position with the calculation and assistance of the Type 0 system.

"The charge of the destruction laser cannon has reached 100%, and the target position has been grasped."

"Okay, destroy the laser cannon..." The captain hadn't said the word launch yet.

Another staff member yelled nervously: "A powerful energy is coming from the right side and is attacking the ship!"

The destroying cannon directly pierced through the energy shield of the destroying warship, swallowing up the middle part of the destroying warship.

The destroying battleship that was broken in half happened to be brewing a huge destroying laser cannon. At this moment, the entire battleship exploded directly, and the brewing destroying laser cannon spread around instantly.

Directly destroy all the Holy Machine troops escorting the destroying battleship, and some of the spreading destroying laser cannons even penetrated the relatively close meteorite blocks.

Dikla was a little shocked when he received the news that the second destruction warship had been destroyed.

I didn't expect the second destroying warship to be discovered and eliminated by the enemy so quickly. It was only about 30 minutes after the first destroying warship was eliminated, and the second destroying warship was eliminated by the enemy.

"This news really caught people off guard, and the plan has to be changed!" Dikla was very annoyed.

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Crossing the Other World to Build Gundam Chapter 1018: plans have to change