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Crossing the Other World to Build Gundam
Chapter 1017: Destroy the first Destroyer

The captain of one of the quasi-Agamma battleships listened to the information report calculated by the staff from the supercomputer.

The captain thought: "If the first super mega cannon misses the target, there will be a second remedy. If possible, I hope it will be a fatal blow."

"Captain, after calculations by the ship's supercomputer, the current firing will not take into account any of our aircrafts. If the position informed by our colleagues is accurate and there is no deviation in the calculation, it will definitely hit the target."

After listening to the staff's report, the captain waved his right hand and ordered: "Launch the Super Mega Cannon Particle Cannon!"

The Argama battleship's super Mega particle cannon fired, and the largest particle cannon erupted from the muzzle, continuously piercing through meteorite blocks of different sizes.

Dio looked at the destroying battleship in the distance of the screen, and the Hell Reaper Gundam he was driving was standing on one of the meteorite blocks in an invisible state.

Suddenly, a huge crimson cannon particle cannon with lightning strikes from above the left side of the destroying battleship.

The Destroyer had already opened the energy shield to evade, but the powerful super mega cannon pierced through the energy shield in a few seconds.

Although the destroying warship made emergency evasion in these few seconds, the terrifying cannon particle cannon still devoured the rear part of the destroying battleship.

If it wasn't for the deviation of the super mega cannon particle cannon, maybe the middle part of the destroying battleship was directly swallowed and broken into two halves.

However, the destroying battleship lost its rear part, and the fracture began to explode, and other parts also slowly exploded. The holy planes in the ship flew out of the gate continuously, and many escape pods also flew out immediately after.

Dozens of holy aircraft troops responsible for escorting the destroying warship were swallowed by the super mega cannon just now, and the remaining holy aircraft rescued the crew members in the destroyed destroying battleship.

"The target is confirmed to be destroyed." Dio reported to the superior.

Then, the superior issued a new task to Dio to handle.

Hell Reaper Gundam tracked the target silently, and after the target was destroyed, Hell Reaper Gundam left the scene without anyone noticing, looking for the next target.

Before, the Nyagama battleship that fired the super mega cannon particle cannon immediately shifted its location after learning that it had hit and destroyed the target.

Move to the new location under the cover of the Black Rabbit team and other troops, so as not to be counterattacked by the opposing destroyer.

The Holy Air Force is intercepting and reporting to its superiors that the Yagama battleship is moving.

In addition to transferring locations, the remaining two destruction warships are also charging the destruction laser cannons.

The Holy Air Force that was fighting reported the positions of the other two Quasi-Agamma warships, so that the destroying warships could use the reported positions when they were surrounded by countless meteorites and could not see the outside. information to kill the target.

Dikla and everyone in the command room did not expect that a destroying warship would be destroyed by the enemy. Surrounded by a pile of meteorites, they could not see each other either inside or outside, and the opponent could kill a destroying warship with one blow.

Someone must have reported the location of the destroyer.

The inner ghost, Dikla and the commanders and staff think it is unlikely, because these people are all loyal to the Dion Empire, especially those idiots who have been injected with Dion's Loyalty Potion and brainwashed are even more impossible .

The only sure possibility is that there is an invisible body hiding in a distance to observe.

Everyone in the upper echelons of the Dion Pirates knows very well that the stealth technology and anti-stealth technology of the Sky Wing Empire is based on their SH Mirage System. This stealth technology, if it is in a cosmic environment, they are the most advanced anti-stealth device.

If the body with the mirage system (2nd generation) turned on is not within 5 kilometers of the anti-stealth device, it cannot be found at all.

Moreover, they don't know whether the Tianyi Empire has developed a stronger and more advanced stealth technology than the Mirage system.

The commander inspected the holy aircraft troops in the meteorite block group to see if there were any invisible Sky Wing Army aircraft.

Under the suggestion of Type 0 system, Aviana led several Ms troops into the meteorite group.

The powerful destructive power of the Flying Wing Type 0 made the entire world frightened, and even left an indelible shadow on the Dion Imperial Army (including the current Dion Pirates).

As the Flying Wing Type 0 penetrated into the meteorite block, countless sacred planes rushed towards the Flying Wing Type 0 one after another.

The pilot injected with Dion's Loyalty Potion rushed towards the Flying Wing Type 0 more actively and fearlessly than the Dion Imperial pilots.

Flying Wing Type 0 disassembles 2 destruction rifles, assembles 6 dwarf sword stars and shields, and holds a double-barreled destruction rifle in the right hand.

There are 3 dwarf stars on the left and right sides of the shield in the left hand. A single dwarf sword is more powerful than ordinary beam cannons, and even the penetrating power is not comparable to ordinary beam cannons.

The dwarf sword star's power reaches 70% of the destruction rifle.

Flying Wing 0-style left-hand shield has 6 dwarf sword stars. After Flying Wing 0-style locks on the target, the 6 dwarf sword stars fire in 6 directions ahead.

6 dark yellow beams hit the target at the same time, whether it is the protective cover opened by the floating cannon of the amethyst or the violet holy machine, or the protective cover function opened by the shield.

The former was directly pierced by a single shot and even the body was directly killed. Although the latter was blocked, the protective cover collapsed directly.

Although the double-barreled destruction rifle in the right hand of the Flying Wing 0 is far less powerful than a single destruction cannon, its power is only about 40% of that of a single destruction cannon.

The Flying Wing Type 0 right-handed double-barreled sabotage rifle opened fire, targeting a Violet Holy Machine.

The violet holy machine was locked and could not be dodged. The 8 floating cannons opened the protective cover function, and the shield in the left hand also opened the protective cover.

However, the destructive beam cannon directly pierced through several layers of protective cover, and even the machine body was directly swallowed by the destructive beam cannon.

The place where the destruction beam cannon passed devoured several other holy machines, and several groups of fireworks burst out where the beam passed.

The terrifying power of the Flying Wing 0 terrified all the pilots of the holy plane on the scene. Some team captains, who were real members of the Dion Empire, shouted encouragement to the brainwashed team members.

"Everyone, destroy this Flying Wing Type 0 Gundam! Whoever can destroy it will be the hero of the country, and will also be a hero of celebrities through the ages! Countless noble beauties in this country, even the daughters of nobles, will embrace the hero! Successful people You will be able to obtain unimaginable splendor and wealth, a glorious reputation and the favor of countless beauties!"

The shouts of the captains of each team, the brainwashed pilots who received the information, rushed towards the Wing Type 0 Gundam as if they had been injected with chicken blood.

"Did these pilots become so crazy after taking psychedelic drugs, or are they really not afraid of death?" Aviana expressed her feelings as she watched the countless holy planes rushing towards her from the screen.

"It's a good thing I'm not fighting alone, otherwise I would have to run away quickly."

The Sky Winged Army's Jesta, Mars Jacket, Defense Shield, Full Armor MkⅢ, MkⅤ and many other mechas are the Holy Wing Zero Gundams that block the attacks.

Aviana adopted one of the tactics from the various tactical calculations of the Type 0 system, and commanded the other colleagues.

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Crossing the Other World to Build Gundam Chapter 1017: Destroy the first Destroyer