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Crossing the Other World to Build Gundam
Chapter 1016: Psychic Shutter Pulse Missile

In addition to using the stealth function of Hell Reaper Gundam, Dio borrowed the local environment and used countless meteorite blocks to track the target silently.

Once the stealth function of Hell Reaper Gundam is turned on, except for visual and camera stealth.

The stealth function of Hell Reaper Gundam has caused some refracted waves, etc. It has a very high stealth ability for radars and detectors, and it has a very high effect whether it is a character or absorbing waves.

Coupled with the meteorite as a cover, the radar detectors of the Dion Pirates, etc. could not find the invisible Hell Reaper Gundam.

Dio would report the sailing position of the destroyer to his superiors every five minutes.

Dio is currently serving as the superior's navigation.

Because, the Tianyi army surrounding the formation couldn't see the destroying warship hiding in the meteorite blocks at all, and couldn't know whether the destroying warship had changed its position.

Only after waiting for the report from Dio, did they finally know the location of one of the destroying warships. Now it is handed over to one of the quasi-Agama warships, and the command room of the ship uses supercomputers to calculate the target position.

Then, use the Super Mega Particle Cannon to shoot down the Destroyer in one hit.

However, one more headache is that when launching the Super Mega Cannon Particle Cannon, don't accidentally hit your colleagues, especially those trapped in the meteorite block.

Because they're not the Dion Pirates.

The previous destructive laser cannon fires actually destroyed some holy machines, as if they didn't care about the lives of their colleagues, and made many Tianyi soldiers think whether these sacrificed Dion pirates were injected with Dion's Loyalty Potion.

In fact, most of the Amethyst and Violet Holy Machine pilots who are currently fighting are from the colonial circle who have been injected with Dion's Loyalty Potion.

These people can be said to have been completely brainwashed.

He completely thought that he was from the Kingdom of Dion.

Little did he know that he was just being used as cannon fodder by Dikla, even disposable.

Many Holy Air Forces fighting on the outskirts, once they found the Yagama warship, they would rush over like locusts.

The Nyagama warship is the key protection warship of the Tianyi Army, in addition to being protected by many warships, MS and mobile fortresses.

There are also Silver Thunder, Full Gundam TR-6 Kunlin, TR-6 Advanced Kihar II, Gundam TR-6 Heather II-Lah, etc.

Many black rabbit troops have already rushed to the scene.

There are a total of ten Silver Thunders on the battlefield at the moment, and the six Kihar IIs of Silver Thunders not only protect the safety of Silver Thunders, but also deal with the attacking holy planes.

Yinlei uses diffuse beam cannons and weapon cabinets to attack the All Saints.

Many pilots of the Amethyst and Violet Holy Machines are very troubled by the Silver Thunder, and the various weapons such as diffuse beam cannons and weapon cabinets make the Holy Machines overwhelmed.

The diffuse beam cannon caused many floating cannons to be shot down. Under the control of Harrow, Kihar II made many holy machine pilots fail to use the floating cannon to bypass Yinlei's back.

The fully equipped Gundam Kunlin and the advanced Kihar II also have a lot of powerful weapons, and the weapon cabinets also have floating cannons.

Countless powerful light beams crossed and attacked the Holy Machine troops.

One of them is a black rabbit team defending the Yagama battleship, with 3 silver mines and TR series, a total of over 30 units.

It was difficult to beat a holy machine force composed of more than 200 units of violets and amethysts.

A Heathersley held an improved version of the long-bladed rifle, and smashed the shield shield in the left hand of a Violet Holy Machine. The red energy long blade that emitted powerful energy cut the shield and the body into pieces in less than a second. two halves.

Yinlei kept an enhanced Bigway Cannon II, which condensed a huge amount of energy and smashed a meteorite block with a diameter of nearly 1 kilometer in one shot.

Disarmed an incoming meteor block.

Another Yinlei used the Bigway Cannon II to lock on to a Violet Holy Machine that could not dodge and was blocked, and swallowed the Violet Holy Machine with one shot, and some fireworks burst out where the cannon passed.

"Wow, it won't be the troops directly under His Majesty's dark side."

"General special forces are no match for them at all."

"I'm afraid only the troops directly under His Majesty the Emperor can compete with them."

"Their weapons are simply too powerful."

"If we had powerful weapons like theirs, the current scene would not have happened."

"Don't be stupid, if we can equip them with weapons like them, I'm afraid the empire's finances will go bankrupt."

Quite a few ms drivers couldn't help exclaiming and praising the performance of the Black Rabbit Troop, and many even envied the powerful weapons equipped by the Ms of the Black Rabbit Troop.

A fully equipped Gundam TR-6 Kunlin, one of the weapon cabinets was opened, firing several trident purple missiles in succession.

When the purple missile flew around a group of floating cannons, it exploded directly, causing a purple shock wave to spread around.

"How is this going?"

"Why is the floating cannon suddenly incapable of mental control?"

The pilots of the holy plane felt puzzled for a while.

The floating cannons of the Tianyi Army were also suspended in place, but then some of the floating cannons continued to move to attack the Holy Plane.

The three-prong purple missile launched by the fully equipped Gundam TR-6 Kunlin just now is a new type of missile developed specifically for new humans. It is named [Spiritual Shutdown Pulse Wave Missile].

In a short period of time, the floating cannon or similar weapons controlled by the new human beings will lose control or fail for a period of time.

The shock wave emitted by the Mental Shutdown Pulse Wave Missile, once it explodes, will definitely invalidate the weapons remotely controlled by the new human spirit (not all new human beings lose control of the spiritual long-range weapons, it mainly depends on the strength of the new human beings themselves) .

It is even possible to affect some mental devices as well.

The mentally interrupted pulse wave missile is still in the development stage, and the investment in this missile is only for actual combat data.

The floating cannon controlled mentally by the driver of the Black Rabbit Army was also affected by the mentally interrupted pulse wave missile and lost control.

However, there is an alternative, which is to immediately switch from mind control to the dragoon system, or install a Harrow in the cockpit of some of the aircraft as an auxiliary, and Harrow controls the floating cannon that cannot be controlled by mind for the time being.

Controlled by Harrow or replaced by the Dragoon system, the floating cannon not only kills the floating cannon of the holy machine, but also strikes amethyst and violet in all directions.

The Black Rabbit troops did not expect that the mentally interrupted pulse wave missile could achieve such results.

Although there are other Holy Machine forces rushing towards the Argama battleship, in addition to the Silver Thunder and many other Tr series Gundams, they are like a rock to resist these steel torrents.

There are other Skywing forces fighting alongside the Black Rabbit forces against the flood of enemies.

On the other side, Dikla looked at the current situation.

"Although there were some changes in the plan, and the second phase was implemented earlier than estimated, overall it did not affect our ultimate goal."

"Grandpa, I will definitely avenge your revenge. I will kill Long Fei and make him apologize to you." Dikla had an angry and ferocious expression.

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Crossing the Other World to Build Gundam Chapter 1016: Psychic Shutter Pulse Missile