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Crossing the Other World to Build Gundam
Chapter 1015: Change your mind and follow orders from your superiors

"Hmph, so many simulated battles between the red and blue armies have never simulated such a tactic. This is the first time I have encountered such a tactic. It is really an eye-opener." Lieutenant General Wu Wenyuan looked at the three-dimensional in surprise and anger. Three-dimensional battlefield situation map.

What surprised him was that he didn't expect the other party to have such a tactic. The other party had done all the preparations out of intentional calculation, but what made him angry was that he had completely fallen for it.

Many meteorite blocks of different sizes turned on their propellers and rushed to his position, and many amethyst and violet holy machines flew out of the holes of many meteorite blocks.

The two add up to more than 1,000 units.

Lieutenant General Wu Wenyuan really didn't understand how many of these holy machines the opponent had made. From the beginning of the battle to the separation of the meteorite, they didn't send these holy machines to the field.

"It seems that these remnants of the previous dynasty have made all the preparations in the past five or six years. It is estimated that they have already cooperated with the Hundred Ghosts Night Movement Organization and the Wanluo Federation for this day. It is estimated that the alien organization may also cooperate with him. , otherwise Diva and Battlestar Bulger won’t be transferred.”

Lieutenant General Wu Wenyuan not only transferred back part of the original front-line troops, but also let the Ms and mobile fortress troops guarding the battleship meet the holy opportunity of the attack.

The battleship opened fire on the meteorite blocks.

Lieutenant General Wu Wenyuan ordered the front-line troops to destroy the enemy's destroying warships.

On the other side, Dio's group of people tried their best to eliminate the enemy. Although the special Gundam did not suffer much damage, there were less than 30 elite units left.

At this time, Pani and his group also received information from the external fleet, and learned that the Dion Pirates had three destruction warships.

Everyone couldn't believe that the Dion Pirates would hide the Destroyer Battleship deep inside the meteorite.

The suppression forces only penetrated into the outer layer of the meteorite until the meteorite separated.

They didn't even think that there were many holy secrets hidden in the deep place inside the meteorite. If they reached the deeper place earlier, they might be surrounded by many holy secrets.

Now, the meteorite is separated into pieces of different sizes, and it is impossible to know which meteorite has an enemy.

"Lieutenant Colonel Pani, should we rescue the colleague who sent out the distress signal first, or find a way to get out of this meteorite and destroy the destroyer?" Nali asked Pani.

As the highest-ranking soldier here, Pani decided to step out of the meteorite block and destroy the destroyer after thinking for a while.

"Lieutenant Dio, your Gundam has a stealth function, and you are responsible for finding the way."

"Got it, sir."

Hell Reaper Gundam turned on the stealth function and entered a passage for pathfinding. This passage was informed by the elite troops that the enemy emerged from this passage earlier.

Dio explored the road and found that there was no base machine, even the detector or radar did not find it. As for the distress signal received, the information distance was found to be farther than before.

Moreover, some of the distress signals received were also sent out at different times and locations, and the span of locations was very huge. It is estimated that many fellow troops were besieged or besieged by most of the enemies.

Lieutenant Colonel Pani chose to destroy the destroyer instead of rescuing his colleagues. Although he was disgusted by some colleagues, he understood why Lieutenant Colonel Pani did this.

Dio is also one of the few people who understands, because the destroying laser cannon that destroys the battleship will definitely cause greater damage to our troops.

The purpose of destroying the destroying battleship is actually to prevent further damage.

Because, when we received information from our external colleagues, we learned that there are three destruction warships, and a round of destruction laser cannons had been launched before, causing considerable damage to our fleet.

That's why Pani chose to destroy the destroying warship first, and the external fleet of his colleagues had already given the approximate location information of the destroying warship.

It took Dio about tens of minutes to walk out of the passageway, using the stealth function to discover the situation outside the meteorite block, and saw one of the destroying warships, the visual distance was about 500 kilometers.

Surrounding the Destroyer Battleship was a convoy of more than two hundred Amethyst and Violet Holy Machines.

But I saw that there are still some holy machines coming out of other meteorite block passages, heading in different directions.

Deo immediately told Pani and the Outer Fleet what he had seen.

Lieutenant General Wu Wenyuan, the head of the External Fleet Combat Command, immediately asked his subordinates to calculate the location of the information transmitted from the Hell Reaper Gundam and the location of the destroying warship found by calculation.

Get ready to give the destroyer battleship a one-hit kill.

After Dio received the instructions from his superiors, he reported to Pani and carried out the orders given to him by his superiors.

After Pani received the notification, he changed his mind to all his teammates and carried out the orders of his superiors.

Pani's group headed towards the route that Dio had walked, and soon reached the entrance of the passage.

And the Hell Reaper Gundam has long since disappeared.

Pani looked at the countless meteorite blocks around him from the entrance of the passage, the intervals were different, and sporadic battles took place in various places.

At the entrance of the passage, Pani and his team received distress signals one after another. The distress signals they received from time to time before were now continuously received.

And this distress signal will advance with time, causing the distance to get farther and farther away.

Now there are some sporadic battles, and the Dion Pirates' Holy Machine Force wants to break down the Skywing Army squads one by one.

Pani decided to divide the troops into three teams, each with 12 units, and divide the troops into three groups to help other colleagues.

A team of 8 Richels led by full armor MKIII and MkIV was attacked by a team of 5 Amethysts led by 1 Violet Sanji.

Although the number of the former is dominant, the performance of the body is not as good as the latter. The performance of the Amethyst Holy Machine is comparable to that of the full armor MkIII and MkIV (mainly mixed with AS technology electromagnetic muscle modules and synchronous action recognition systems).

The combination of full armor MkIII and MkIV was suppressed by the Violet Holy Machine with a slight advantage.

Whether it is A or B, Richer is suppressed by Amethyst in all directions.

Although Richel dodged the floating cannon launched by the amethyst with the instantaneous explosive power of the electromagnetic muscle module, the electromagnetic muscle module cannot be activated continuously indefinitely.

Continuously launching it will also cause the body to overload. Once the critical point is reached, the electromagnetic muscle module will temporarily stop working.

Several floating cannons were penetrated, but 3 Richels were destroyed.

The fourth Richel was pierced by Amethyst's beam cannon, and suddenly a red and white phase energy cannon swallowed the Amethyst that had just shot down Richel.

The sudden attack made the fighting troops on both sides pause for a moment.

The pilot of the Violet Holy Machine did not expect that when he was besieging a team, he would encounter a team led by several specially made Gundams attacking him.

The team on the side of the Full Armor MkIII was originally in an unfavorable situation, which led to poor morale. Suddenly, they received help from their colleagues, and even a special-made Gundam appeared, and the morale of the entire team soared.

The other two teams also rescued their colleagues in different locations, and immediately formed a temporary group to expand their scale and went to the next distress signal location.

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Crossing the Other World to Build Gundam Chapter 1015: Change your mind and follow orders from your superiors