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Crossing the Other World to Build Gundam
Chapter 1014: The second phase of the plan begins

While Pani's group was fighting hard, the fleet commanded by Lieutenant General Wu Wenyuan watched as Akdilla transformed meteorites and exploded one after another to separate rocks of different sizes.

Everyone at the scene felt puzzled. Before the double destruction cannon and the satellite microwave cannon hit Akdilla to transform the meteorite, the surface exploded directly.

It is not known whether it was the explosion caused by the destruction of the nuclear engine of the meteorite by the internal colleagues, or the self-destruction process started by the other party.

Suddenly, countless meteorites of different sizes rushed forward.

Moreover, many amethysts and violet holy machines suddenly rushed out of the holes of many meteorite blocks.

This shocked many people.

Dikla, who was still inside one of the meteorites, sneered: "The second phase of the plan begins."

The violets and amethysts that flew out of the hole in the meteorite block either rushed into another meteorite block or rushed towards the enemy.

Moreover, these holy machines are like a swarm of bees flying out of a honeycomb.

The Sky Winged Army fleet immediately took corresponding measures to deal with these swarm-like holy planes.

Suddenly, three huge beams of energy emerged from the countless meteorite blocks.

The pilots of the Flying Wing 0 and GX9900 driven by Aviana dodged one step earlier with their intuition, and only then dodged the huge beam.

"It's dangerous!" A trace of fear flashed in the hearts of the two Gundam pilots. If it wasn't for their intuition, they would have died long ago.

Moreover, the three huge light beams can sweep across for a short time, and many of the machines and warships in the swept places are swallowed or turned into fireworks.

However, several GXBITs were also destroyed in the three huge beams.

"General, there are three destroying warships in total!"

Lieutenant General Wu Wenyuan took pictures from his fellow warships on the video screen. It turned out that the three destroying warships that appeared had been transforming the interior of the meteorite in Akdilla, and they were in relatively deep parts.

"It seems that Akdilla transformed the meteorite and then appeared after it was separated, but from the appearance point of view, it is slightly different, and the volume is slightly larger."

"The destroying laser cannon of the destroying warship does not have the sweeping function. Is it an improved version? This model is slightly larger. It seems that some extra devices are added inside, which leads to the larger size of the battleship." Lieutenant General Wu Wenyuan thought.

"General, our encirclement formation has just been hit by a destructive laser cannon, and there is some panic."

Lieutenant General Wu Wenyuan looked at the three-dimensional map of the battlefield, and found that some meteorites rushed in different directions, and some of the meteorites protruded from the amethyst and violet holy machine.

Some fleets couldn't react to such a sudden tactic.

Some captains of the battleship fleet of the Skywing Army reacted quickly and responded immediately, firing at the meteorite block, and ordering the Ms troop or the mobile fortress team to deal with the enemy planes emerging from the meteorite block.

Upon seeing this, Lieutenant General Wu Wenyuan immediately made some command adjustments to make those fleets that were in chaos or unable to react immediately act immediately.

Lieutenant General Wu Wenyuan has received a damage report from the following news. In the previous three attacks of destroying laser cannons, a total of 60 warships of various types were damaged, including a warship called Yagama. More than 400 Ms were destroyed regardless of the type. Nearly 150 mobile fortresses of various models were destroyed.

Lieutenant General Wu Wenyuan felt a headache. This is the most damaging battle since the founding of the Tianyi Empire.

On the other side, Aviana used the remote camera function to discover one of the destruction warships.

They wanted to rush to the target and prepared to fire a double destruction cannon to the destroyer, but as a result, many Amethyst and Violet Holy Machines rushed towards the Wing Type 0.

Aviana could only give up temporarily, to deal with the holy opportunity from these attacks first, split the double destruction rifle into a single destruction rifle.

Although the destruction cannon destroyed several amethyst and violet holy machines, but the destruction cannon just now also caused many holy machines to scatter.

The scattered holy planes encircled and pursued, and the rear propellers of the Flying Wing 0 were turned on, trying to avoid the opponent's encirclement at an extremely fast speed.

Another shot of the Destroyer Cannon also shot down a few Amethysts or Violets, but even though it shot down a few Holy Machines, its power just hit a meteorite block with a diameter of 1 km, which directly turned into dust in the universe .

Although the Flying Wing Type 0 has powerful firepower and can be regarded as a strategic weapon, it may not be able to cope with siege.

Moreover, Aviana's skills are not among the top among the Ms trump cards of the Sky Winged Army, the ranking is only in the middle.

The main reason why Aviana can become the pilot of the Flying Wing Type 0 is that besides Long Fei, she is the only one who can withstand the terrifying calculation ability of the Type 0 system, and the fact that she can look at the results of different options from various calculations without thinking about it. A woman who would have a nervous breakdown.

The destructive cannon that Aviana fired just now was the tactical suggestion given by the Type 0 system. Under the relationship of the Type 0 system, Aviana and the body seemed to be integrated into one.

Although there are 30 holy planes trying to surround the Flying Wing Type 0, the Flying Wing Type 0 is not the only one on the battlefield.

Other troops rescued the Flying Wing Type 0 and intercepted these holy planes.

The Type 0 system performs a series of multi-party calculations on the information received from the environment where the Type 0 flying wing is located.

Aviana selected the most suitable tactics from the many calculations of the Type 0 system. Aviana immediately contacted all the troops that could be contacted and issued a series of command and combat orders.

Aviana received a special authorization order, once she issued a combat command order to any unit (except Long Fei's eight directly subordinate units), all units must obey unconditionally.

Aviana fired several destructive cannons, destroying several meteorite blocks, and a group of 20 Ms teams moved towards the destroyed meteorite blocks.

The Flying Wing Type 0 followed closely behind.

On the other hand, GX9900 also encountered siege. Except for the satellite microwave cannon, the basic firepower of GX9900 is not strong.

Fortunately, there are other Ms for protection, and the remaining 7 GXBITs have returned to the mothership.

After GX9900 held a beam saber in his right hand and cut down an amethyst holy machine, he immediately returned to the mothership after receiving the order from his superiors.

At this time, the battlefield has shown a situation of chaos, and countless meteorites spread from the position of Mars.

Moreover, these meteorites almost all have propellers, large or small, which made the Tianyi Army at the scene feel puzzled. Could it be that there is an engine inside each meteorite to drive the propellers?

The Tianyi army surrounding the formation not only had to deal with the holy planes that emerged, but also had to destroy those meteorites.

Some larger meteorites cannot be destroyed in a short time, and some battleships can only dodge urgently against these oncoming meteorites.

The emergency evasion also allowed some meteorites to break through the encirclement, and a holy machine appeared at the hole of the meteorite that broke through the encirclement, attacking the Tianyi Army warship.

Fortunately, the battleship still had some Ms left as a team to protect the battleship, so they wouldn't be caught off guard.

Apart from being in a hurry, the battleship troops attacked by the Holy Plane, there is one more thing they want to do, but they may not be able to do it.

It is to receive the distress or distress signal from the suppressing troops who entered the Akdilla modified meteorite before, but these signals are located in the relatively deep meteorite block group.

Even if they want to send troops to rescue, they will be intercepted by those holy planes that emerge, which makes them feel very embarrassed.

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Crossing the Other World to Build Gundam Chapter 1014: The second phase of the plan begins